What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 114

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   RN4RENT
    One day at the clinic; business as usual, UNTIL..... We came across the next chart, and proceeded to call out the last name of the patient. (It was in a naval hospital, and the patient was a few ranks lower than me, therefore I could ask her the following question without worry of trouble). This black girl came back for vitals and I asked her "Is this name right on the chart. Is your first name pronounced -- Shithead??" and she replied passionatly "NO!!! MY NAME IS CHITHEAD!" (pronounced chi'-thead'). :angryfire
  2. by   Nursechick07
    Some patients and non-patients I've cross paths with...

  3. by   lovemyjob
  4. by   supernurse65
    Vodkay is a unique name I saw the other day at the license branch.
  5. by   Mimi2RN
    Twin girls, Lizeth and Lizbeth. I wonder how the girls will pronounce their names? Litheth and Lithbeth? It's hard for kids to pronounce "Z's".
  6. by   FroggieLiz
    My dad wanted to name me Roxy Roxanne...I'm so glad my mom decided to name me Elizabeth despite the scare from the inlaws of being called "lezzie"

    I went to school with a kid who name was Richard Harold Butts (for real, not lying). His mom ran the town pool. We were so mean. We called him "Dick Hairy Butt", and then expected for him to get us into the pool for free. He never acted like it bothered him, and his mom pretended not to notice. I feel so bad now. He moved away when we were in high school. If I could find him to apologize, I would.

    At Wal-Mart a few weeks ago, the cashier's name was ABC. I asked her how to pronounce her name, and she rolled her eyes (well, I guess she probably does get tired of answering that question!) and said "uh-be-see".
  7. by   bryan1983
    Whatever their mom wants to give their sons/daughters name.. lets just give them what they want.. we are living in a free country anyway hehehe
  8. by   asgirl
    And I thought my sister had weird initials. Her name Brooke Ashleigh D.... Initials BAD, and she was born on the 24th July so BAD 24/7. My Dad was going to be Michael Alan D.... (MAD) but thankfully my grandmother changed her mind on that so he was Michael Douglas D.... (MDD), My grandfather is Alan Douglas D.... (ADD) and my great-grandfather is Edward Douglas D... (EDD) and everyone calls him Eddie.
  9. by   AR_RN
    My daughter's initials are MAD. My mom hated it, but I loved the name. I threatened to name my son such that his initials would be SAD just to drive her nuts, but he ended up a nice meaningless ESD.
  10. by   Cieli
    Just getting started in prenursing so this isn't where I heard this one (previous job where we had to take loan applications w/ full legal name and ssn/dob, etc)

    Harold Pheanis (called him self Harry though)
  11. by   blissfulee
    omg!! some of these names are too funny...what were these parents thinking?!?

    it seems to be real common nowadays to name your child something really outrageous..like look at those celebrities who name their kids pilot inspektor and audio science..that's just crazy in my opinion and i feel so bad for those children...having to grow up with names like that...

    i've come across some "unique" names myself in my short career as a doula...rainbow brite (yes, after the cartoon), a little boy named "dove" and one of my clients named her son sunny day...luckily for him it was a "sunny day" when he was born...if it would have been raining, she was going to call him "rainy day"...not sure what she would have named him if he was born at night..."dark night"..."starry night"?!? i wouldn't have been surprised....
  12. by   gentlegiver
    In high school, a teacher named his daughter Candy, which is very cute except thier last nane was Kane.
    My sisters best friend in High school was Ima Houre.
    Then there was the child in my sister-in-laws 1st grade class named Female, Mom was new to the country, didn't speak english and thought the hospital named her daughter when she saw female lopez on the nursery card.
  13. by   RNandlovingit
    Okay guys I just had to add my two cents on this.

    A girl i used to work with named her daughter and i am not kidding you.. Precious Treasure Star and then her last name cant remember what it was.

    friend named her daughter Sciley(pronounced Skylee) All i could think of was the kids are gonna call her Scabby Sciley..lol

    I grew up with a girl named Stormy last name Weather! poor kid.. we grew up in kansas...lol

    I worked in a NICU.. Mom named her child Atlas..

    My brother in laws last name is Donnie Dick. My sister who married the loveable guy is named Tracey.
    Their poor children sound like porn stars..lol
    Which i pray never really happens! :spin: