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I am new to nursing, a grandma and a very happy person.

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  1. yai J, RN

    Excited for psych clinical!!

    I got my BSN 12-2008, and started my first job 5-2009. I love my work with adult psychiatric (behavioral) patients! I believe it is important to appreciate your gut feeling and follow your passion. My job is never routine and I look forward to meeting some very interesting and very vulnerable people. If you think you'd like it, you probably will!
  2. yai J, RN

    12 hours shifts

    My current workweek is 6 12hr nights in a row, then 8 off. I am in adult behavioura (psych), so I don't usually do a lot of lifting. I love it. I get to really know most of the pts on the floor and I get a very clear break twice a month. The worst part is night # one.... then i am all set.
  3. yai J, RN

    Online Master's Nursing Degree's??

    What if you want to be a NP?
  4. yai J, RN

    How do you handle bad odors in a clinic setting?

    The hospital where I work is a "no scent facility" (not meaning foul body odors!) and I wonder if there are ways to work within these limits? So far I have been able to manage the odors, but I bet there will be a day I will be challenged!
  5. yai J, RN

    Unlicensed Psych tech supervisor over R.N.???

    I think you ought to trust your instincts... and move on!
  6. yai J, RN

    Nursing and abortions

    I am impressed that you are taking your own life seriously! Good for you and good for those who love you. You will make a choice (graphic arts / nursing) and perhaps along the way do both! The one benefit from a nursing career is that you can reinvent yourself along the way. You can provide direct care, public health, management, research etc. I am less familiar with the other career path. As far as the pro-life business, you will find a way to live your life according to your values--even as a nurse. You seem to be very thoughtful, so I am pretty sure you would find a way to avoid assisting in an abortion in the future. Good luck!
  7. yai J, RN

    What steth are you using....

    I tried several and ended up investing in a PureTone Cardiology Ti-Lite. I never regretted it! My preceptor called it a "Cadillac" :dncgbby:Sure helped me to learn when I could actually HEAR!
  8. yai J, RN

    I am HORRIFIED!!

    If you could do it on the manikin, you will find it WAY easier with a real person! Honest.
  9. yai J, RN

    student loan nightmare!!!

    I am wicked tiredguess it is time for sleep
  10. yai J, RN

    student loan nightmare!!!

    I was drawn to this thread because I too have a lot to pay back...four times what you have! I did consolidate certain loans that were like your Chase loans, and left the federal ones aside. A good resource can be a University financial aid department because they have ax to grind. My personal plan is to live lean, work really hard and plug every cent I can into repayment. Good luck.
  11. yai J, RN

    interview for psychiatric assistant on monday

    I read the first question and thought about my answer; then I got to this answer and was floored... What are you thinking? This response seems mean-spirited to me. How about kindness?? Autism is a very difficult condition and we really have a lot to learn. I hope that nurses who are willing to work with people afflicted with, or affected by Autism, will get more support for such difficult work.
  12. yai J, RN

    Life just sucks sometimes.

    Thank you for your story, your grandmother was full of wisdom! Meds or no meds, life can still suck--it is what we DO about it that matters. I agree that feelings are meant to be felt, I agree that typical Americans have lost what it means to be fully present. So how can we inject a more sane approach to life in society? I personally have worked as a family therapist for a long time trying to help where I can in the hope that my small ripple matters.
  13. yai J, RN

    considering nursing school at 45 yo

    In my opinion there are aquite a few ways to evaluate a decision and financial is only one. No, I have not evaluated this decision that way, but I would think about how you want to work. How do you want to spend your life? Your energy? We only get one chance at life, and in the end there is no price tag. Good luck!
  14. yai J, RN

    considering nursing school at 45 yo

    Well.... what if I said nobody hates me... HA!
  15. yai J, RN

    considering nursing school at 45 yo

    THANK YOU! I completely agree with your statements. It has been my experience as a 50 yr old student that younger students generally had positive feelings and opinions about me and my presence.
  16. Now that I am in my last semester, , I want to update my list: get the best shoes you can find get a bag just for clinicals and put clinical stuff in it clinical stuff like: stethescope, pens of many colors unless you are colorblind, tiny sized notebook or post-its, and make your own drug cards from a good drug book--I learned that from my first clinical instructor. I finally broke down and got a palm that has internet capabilities and I love it. All those nursing books in your pocket! Way better than a backpack full of books. Best of all, you can note items you want to research later when you hook up to your desktop computer and the searches begin! NEVER lose your sense of humor. Always be kind, especially to other students. Enjoy your role as a student--it will be over before you know it. And remenber to buy the scrubs with all the pockets! Take every day as it arrives and learn what you can that day. This is a journey that does not end, it just looks different all the time. I cannot wait for my first REAL job so that I can plant myself somewhere and to really get to know how to be a nurse someday.