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  1. naturalcuriosity

    Relocating to New Orleans from Florida

    Hello everyone! I am an RN from Jacksonville, FL. I graduated in December of 2007 and have been working since February. I have decided to move to New Orleans in the next couple of months. I have an interview with Ochsner and Tulane both on Monday. I am soo excited about moving to a new city. I have always loved New Orleans. I still need to get my license for Louisiana and am sort of confused about that. I don't know whether I should go ahead and apply for my temporary license or try to get my Florida one endorsed. I was told that to get it endorsed I had to have a permanent Louisiana address, which I dont have yet. Anyway, I am doing this all myself, so I probably need some advice on choosing a hospital, housing, starting a new nursing job...and everything. :) Basically, I just need some moral support and need to know that others out there have been through the same things. Sarah
  2. naturalcuriosity

    Please, Please, Please, Any Other Very Tall Nurses Out There?????

    I am 5'11", so I feel your pain! No advice on scrubs, though! Sorry!
  3. naturalcuriosity

    OB tech and doula training

    I don't agree. Being a doula means knowing about the process of birth and is all about communication with child-bearing women. I don't see how improving your communication skills and knowledge would ever be a hinderance. The nurse managers in OB that I have spoken to see it as an asset. It shows your interest in birth and dedication.
  4. naturalcuriosity

    OB tech and doula training

    I think that anyone wanting to work in OB should have doula training. I got a job interview in OB and was the top candidate out of 30 others specifically because of my doula training. Good luck!
  5. naturalcuriosity

    FCCJ Application......

    I am in 3rd term now. I would say that classes are more intense because it is Pediatrics and OB (8 weeks each) where everything is taught very quickly, but not necessarily more difficult. I personally thought Adult Health I was more difficult. As far as schedule, I am in OB first. You have 5 clinical days that are 12 hours. Some sections have 1 a week for 5 weeks. I chose a section that had clinicals every other Thursday and Friday. Which means I have had two weeks where I was in a clinical two days in a row (which is very tiring), but then a week with no clinicals. Class and test are on the same day. So it is at the most 3 days a week. Pediatrics is pretty much the same 12 hour clinical days and class/test on the same day. So that is only 2 days a week. There are projects/journal presentations, but the work outside class is really just studying. I find this semester to be much less stressful than 1st term and Adult Health. (Psych was great) Anyway, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Do you have a doula? :) (I am one.)
  6. naturalcuriosity

    H&P/Drug Screen B4 Starting School

    They didn't ask me to list anything when I went. It was pretty much "pee in a cup and sign this form. Thanks." Maybe not even the thanks. haha.
  7. naturalcuriosity

    H&P/Drug Screen B4 Starting School

    Usually the place that did the drug screen will call and tell you that you tested positive for something and then ask you the pharmacy information so that they can call and verify. If the pharmacy verifies, then it is usually not even reported to the school as a positive. I know this because it happened to me right before I started nursing school last year.
  8. naturalcuriosity

    Too old????

    Definitely NOT too old to start! I am in nursing school now and there are quite a few people (probably 30% of the people in the program where I am) that are over 40. I am sure many others here can attest to the fact that many nurses are starting older now. If you feel it is really your calling, go for it! :)
  9. naturalcuriosity

    Nurses: Who came from a dysfuntional family?

    Nope. I don't think I fit. I would say my mom with some clinical depression wouldn't be in the same category as alcoholics and abuse. I have heard that about a lot of nurses, though. Especially children of alcoholics/drug addicts. That they have grown accustomed to taking care of their parents and end up doing that as their profession.
  10. naturalcuriosity

    First Night Jitters

    Good luck! Ask lots of questions while you can!
  11. naturalcuriosity

    FCCJ Application......

    Mine was the same semester you were applying for (Fall Term) and they said the same thing. 6-8 weeks from June 1st. I got my letter on July 7th, so it was really 5 weeks! Keep holding on! I know it is excruciating! :)
  12. naturalcuriosity

    FCCJ Application......

    I disagree about the study thing. I bought the ARCO book also and I felt it really helped me. It will also get you prepared for the types of questions that you will be asked in nursing school and help you think critically. The timed part of the NAT was really tough for me. I got 98th & 99th percentile on all the sections except the math (which I got 94), but you really had to think fast with the types of questions it asked. (Particularly the nonverbal.)
  13. naturalcuriosity

    FCCJ Application......

  14. naturalcuriosity


    Congratulations on your graduation!! I will be there myself in December. Woohoo! Good luck with being a non-smoker. I am sure it will be hard, but you can do it!
  15. naturalcuriosity

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    My sisters best friend in high school was Mercedes Alain Carswell. *gag* Why do parents do that to their kids?
  16. naturalcuriosity

    Everyone starting or going back to school this week, post here...

    I am starting my first semester on Monday. Very nervous! Have already been working on the two Independent Study classes that we have in addition to the normal core classes. (Dosage Calculations & Medical Terminology) I have been studying since orientation on the 1st and still feel like I am behind. Yikes!! I am so excited about learning and practicing skills in lab, but there is soo much to learn.:nuke: