What EFM software do you use, and do you love or hate it?

  1. We will be needing to upgrade our EFM software in the next year or so. Currently using old-school Centricity that does not communicate with our EMR, so it's essentially stand-alone documentation. Our facility will be upgrading to a different EMR (will be making a decision in the next few months, so 18-24 months after that point). If we go with Cerner, we will just purchase the Cerner EFM software. If we go with Epic, we will have to go with a different EFM package. From what I can tell, our options are:

    Tracevue (I think this is now called Intellispace)
    Centricity/CPM (used to be QS maybe?)
    Cerner Fetalink

    I've used Obix, Tracevue and Centricity. Haven't used Cerner or PeriGen. Would like people's opinions on what they use, if they've used more than one type, and how they like it compared to others they've used.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   BSNbeauty
    We use GE / centricity. I like it. However, we will be using epic next year.
  4. by   klone
    Quote from prnqday
    We use GE / centricity. I like it. However, we will be using epic next year.
    Epic doesn't have its own EFM. So your facility will need to use a 3rd party EFM. Centricity is compatible with Epic, though.
  5. by   ashleyisawesome
    We use PeriGen with EPIC. Before EPIC we used McKesson and PeriGen. I like it well enough, but haven't used any other program so I don't know if it's good or bad, but I haven't had any major issues with it.
  6. by   jenrninmi
    We use Centricity also, our hospital system is Epic though. Vital signs interface but nothing else. We just switched to Epic in May but had Cerner before that. Same thing, no interfacing except vitals. At least with our package. I have used OB trace vie before and I like it better than Centricity.
  7. by   labordude
    Have used FetaLink with Cerner as well as WatchChild with Epic. I happen to like FetaLink especially with some of the updates that they plan on making that were more annoying than anything else. My hospital doesn't update right away so we are always 2 packages behind. The WatchChild implementation was poorly done, though the system itself is REALLY good when fully utilized.
  8. by   kejRN88
    I have only used McKesson with Centricity and Epic with Obix (which my hospital currently uses). I don't mind Obix, I like some of the tools that can be used on the strip (baseline, accelerations, decelerations, etc). The thing that I loved about Centricity that Obix doesn't have, is that you cannot chart directly on the strip. That made things so much easier when charting at the bedside.