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kejRN88 has 6 years experience and specializes in Orthopedics, Observation/ED, L&D.

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  1. kejRN88

    Class 170 Frontier University MSN

    Congrats to all who are looking into FNU! I am looking into it. I have been looking for programs for the last year or so, and I keep coming back to FNU. What made you all decide on this program? I have heard nothing but good things. I'm going to try to get all of my ducks in a row for the summer term of 2018!
  2. kejRN88

    University of Cincinnati FNP Spring 2018

    Congrats! What made you choose UC? I have been looking into their program. I have had a lot going on the last few months, so I missed the deadline to start in January. Maybe in the fall. What other programs did you consider?
  3. I have only used McKesson with Centricity and Epic with Obix (which my hospital currently uses). I don't mind Obix, I like some of the tools that can be used on the strip (baseline, accelerations, decelerations, etc). The thing that I loved about Centricity that Obix doesn't have, is that you cannot chart directly on the strip. That made things so much easier when charting at the bedside.
  4. kejRN88

    Designated delivery team

    I have only worked on Labor and Delivery, so I am only used to having this team. They usually stay in the room the assign the apgars, they also do the computer work to admit the baby. Once they are confident that the baby has transitioned well, they go and we take care of mom and baby until we transfer them to mother/baby. If need be, they also take the baby to the nursery. I have a job interview today with a different L&D unit in a different state. This is definitely one thing I am going to ask.
  5. kejRN88

    Designated delivery team

    Our infant abduction is a "code Adam".
  6. kejRN88

    Designated delivery team

    Hey everyone, I was just curious what the practice was of having a designated delivery team for Labor and Delivery? On the unit I work on, when we are ready for delivery (when baby is crowning or just before) we call the "code pink team" to the delivery. We also give plenty of heads up for meconium, or forceps/vacuum deliveries. The "code pink" team consists of the nursery nurse and a respiratory therapist. They come to every vaginal delivery and C-section. If we have premature delivery, we always let the NICU know before hand and they come as well. I am just interested to see how other facilities practice.
  7. kejRN88

    Moving reimbursement

    Hey everyone, I am from Virginia and I have a phone interview next week with a hospital in Savannah, Georgia. I was hoping to discuss moving reimbursement, if I get offered the job. Does anyone have any experience with this. Are a lot of hospitals offering this still? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. kejRN88

    Tips for phone interview

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to see if anyone could give me any advice on doing a phone interview. I am currently in Virginia but I have a phone interview with the director of a Labor and Delivery unit in Savannah, Georgia next Tuesday. I have never done a phone interview before and I am a little nervous. Any tips would be much appreciated!
  9. kejRN88

    First day on my own- now scared to go back

    Wow! Sounds like a rough first day. First of all, take a BIG, DEEP breath. Not every day will be like this. I do agree with having a check list of what needs to be done. When I worked on the Ortho unit, I wrote things in different colors and used a highlighter to remind myself of what I had done and what needed to be done. It really did make a big difference. And, please do use your charge nurse as a resource! Usually the have been where you are and they can be a big help. Best of luck to you!
  10. I work on Labor and Delivery now and I do not carry nearly as much stuff as when I was on Ortho/Bariatrics/Med-surg. When I was there, I carried pens, dry-erase marker, Kelly clamps, bandage scissors, pen light, stethoscope, saline flushed, alcohol wipes, portable phone, and a pager. Being on Labor and Delivery, I travel a little lighter, with alcohol wipes, pens, marker, and my portable phone, everything else is in the room.
  11. kejRN88

    Charting in patient rooms

    I work on a Labor and Delivery unit where we have computers attached to the wall in every labor room and a small counter with a computer on it in each triage room. Plus, we have two nurses stations with three computers each. For the most part, I do not document things at the bedside, except admission stuff and during deliveries. I would much rather have my face-to-face time with the patient and then go out and document it. I think it is kind of rude to be talking to the patient and having my eyes glued to a computer screen (besides that, I have a difficult time listening/talking and typing at the same time...:). I don't think we have a lot of patients/families that complain about us sitting at the nurses stations while on the computers. And as for the physicians, they have two designated "dictation" areas and computers in their call rooms that they have been told to use if they need a computer :).
  12. kejRN88

    Afraid of loosing my job

    OP, I think at times I have the same issue that you do. I have been pulled aside by a fellow staff nurse once and by my manager a few times. I have had complaints from patients and/of family members that I am not "warm and fuzzy" enough. I have always been an introverted person. I have to try really hard at times to be more extroverted at work, even if it means plastering on a fake smile. I have realized over time that sometimes my problem is that I get to focused on what I am doing and the steps I need to take next when caring for a patient that I forget to smile. I think I suffer from "resting b***h face" at times.
  13. kejRN88

    Do you mix your own pit?

    Wow! At the hospital I work at, we cannot mix our own Pit...I think it is actually a policy. We do have a fridge attached to the med Pyxis where we usually have about 10 or so bags at a time that we can get for our inductions/augmentations/deliveries. We also have vials of Pit in the Pyxis that we pretty much only use for precipitous deliveries who do not have time to get an IV before delivering. I believe our Pit bags are 20units/1000mL. I think that it is pretty interesting that some hospitals allow the nurses to mix their own Pit (not that nurses aren't completely capable of doing it :)).
  14. kejRN88

    How to handle a verbally abusive MD

    Wow! I had a recent experience with a new physician on my unit. The physician was very unprofessional towards me, ot like in your situation, but unprofessional nonetheless. I agree with klone, you should keep a record of all instances. And speak up for yourself. I did not do that in my situation, one of the reasons was that I was so flabbergasted that the MD did it. She is new to our hospital and I have only had one other OB talk to me that way. I spoke to my charge nurse and she reported it to our manager. I ended up speaking to my manager at length about it. She said that she would speak to this doctor. I have not worked with this physician since this occurred, so I am kind of nervous about it. I am glad that I have a manager and unit director that is willing to stand up for us. I believe that nurses and physicians should be able to work together in a collaborative manner. I am sorry that you do not have a manager to support you! Good luck to you!
  15. kejRN88

    New L&D RN, transitioning from medsurg

    Congrats! I was in your position two years ago when I transferred from Ortho/Bariatrics/Med-Surg to Labor and Delivery. I was so excited and overwhelmed at the same time during my orientation. I am sure you will do awesome. Just keep asking your more experience peers questions and for advice. After two years, I still feel unsure of myself sometimes, but I have awesome co-workers that help me all the time. I think that having a medical-surgical background will be really beneficial to you, especially when you have patients that come in with other medical issues. As for a routine, I don't really have one because I find that every shift is different, some are much busier than others, some nights I am the triage nurse, some nights I start off in the OR, and some nights I have two laboring patients. Once you start working, you will find what works for you. Congrats and good luck!
  16. kejRN88

    New Grad scared to be in L&D

    Hey there! I know exactly how you feel! I was not a new grad on L&D though. I switched to Labor and Delivery after 4.5 years of Orthopedics/Bariatrics/Med-Surg! It was quite the difference! I am approaching my two year anniversary on Labor and Delivery. There were and still are times where I feel low in confidence myself. I was terrified to be off orientation and taking patients by myself. I am very fortunate that I work with some awesome nurses. They stepped back and let me do my thing, but the moment I need help, they are right there! If you pay attention to your more experience peers and ask questions (even if you think it is a stupid question), you will learn a lot. I still find myself asking questions all the time. I am sure you will feel comfortable in no time!