OB T-shirt slogans?

  1. Help! I'm having a creative block. We are designing shirts (along with the rest of maternal-child) for our L&D unit and I am trying to come up with a cute slogan. We WILL be wearing these at work so of course it has to be appropriate for that purpose... (personally I like "OB RN - at your cervix).

    Ideas? We call ourselves the FBC (family birth center) so that could be incorporated.

    Thanks all!

    Happy Veteran's Day and thanks to all those who have, and are serving.
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  3. by   BabyRN2Be
    There were a few cutes ones on cafepress.com. You may want to check there for some ideas (without ripping off the copyright, of course. ).

    Here's one, that may or may not be overused:
    [Your hospital] OB RN's: We Deliver
  4. by   babynurselsa
    OR how about....More stirrups than the IFR......
  5. by   Obnurseamber06
    How about something like, (Whatever the name of your hospital is) open 24/7 and we deliver!
  6. by   allthingsbright
    In school, for OB finals, we used "Meconium Happens!" Everyone LOVED it!!!!

    Even the instructors wore these--now for business, I don't know?? It depends on how loosey-goosey things are where YOU work! LOLO!
  7. by   JaneyW
    I have a sweatshirt with the oldie but goodie "You labor, we deliver!" I get a lot of positive comments.
  8. by   deehaverrn
    I think you should stick with something professional , cause nurses don't get enough respect as it is.. Also, you have to remember that sometimes people have poor outcomes, so you don't want to make them feel worse, unless that nurse for that patient has to wear something different? I know when my sister had a fetal demise, it was kind of hard to be in a room with cutesy pictures of moms and babies on the walls..I mean you have to face the world sooner or later but when you're laboring to deliver a stillborn...well you know i'm sure. Sorry to be such a downer.
    If its just for a happy area then maybe.."there's always room at our Inn" at christmas time would be good, or "caring for new moms is our specialty"
  9. by   jill48
    My sister had twins and she had a maternity shirt that said "womb-mates".
  10. by   NurseNora
    "Home delivery is for pizzas"
  11. by   Yin Yang
    I love that slogan "OB RN - at your cervix". I'll try to put my thinking cap on, but that would be hard to beat!

  12. by   Belinda-wales
    any place any time any where
  13. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Push with your tush and maybe we'll catch a baby

    hmm maybe that one might be bad for business... the maybe part anyway
  14. by   leannek90
    One of the Midwives where I work had a mug that said "Midwives help people out". I thought that was really cute. I realize that you are not a group of midwives looking for a slogan, but I wanted to share it!