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  1. UK RN/RM work as a CNM in USA?

    Easy answer NO!
  2. Anyone in the process of applying to Frontier's class 71??

    Well I am just starting my fourth term - and although it may not be difficult it is a lot of work term three is a lot of work :)
  3. I did the portfolio assessment model through Frontier - I think it is individualized and all you need to do is follow the instructions given only took me a few hour to complete- good luck.
  4. ADN-MSN programs for CNM?

    and the froontier course is on line so no matter where you live.
  5. Lost Midwife

    So update Lost is on her way to being found well she got the map! Just half way through my third term at frontier pushing forward keeeping my eye on the prize. Off the seattle for the confrence - things are moveing towards my goal. :)
  6. UK Midwife moving to US seeks advice!! Please help

    OK - This is just my opinion but I think RN ADN community college will be fine with BSN in other field your case midwifery will get in to the frontier program - I got on to frontier with UK qualifications and I do not have BSN. ( I have the equivale...
  7. The Circumcision Discussion

    Yes do not feel guilty - its not about guilt - people the public are brain washed in to this - you believe what you are told. I am happy my boys are intact I do feel that they may stand out from their friends and will be in the minority - but is th...
  8. The Circumcision Discussion

    Watch this space as soon as it stops paying it will be dropped like a hot potato!
  9. The Circumcision Discussion

    And I will say it again - it has nothing to do with anything except money!
  10. UK Midwife moving to US seeks advice!! Please help

    OK - take a deep breath because the path is going to be difficult. I am a UK trained UK nurse midwife with tones of experience and educated up to Masters. I have been living in the USA for three years. The advice IO am going to give you is my experie...
  11. The Circumcision Discussion

    Been away for a while and delighted to see the debate still in full swing although the pro argument is amusing world war 11 I believe the UK was in that one no massive out break of infection affecting the status of the country and you know we old peo...
  12. About Frontier Clinicals

    Have you ever heard the say jack of all trades expert in none - you will be fine with out the skills mentioned they are add of skills that you can prefect as you advance through your profession.
  13. Any CNMs with families/small kids?

    I only have the three boys 11, 7 and 3 and work full time as a clinical manager and full time MSN program at frontier so far so good - I put an ad on craige list and interviewed for partime nannie live out - works great she come three days a week to ...
  14. portfolio

    I have sent you a personal reply - I think it would be very unwise to add any information about personal life to this portfolio - keep it strictly professional.
  15. Took the Fronteir plunge into statistics..need support

    You will be fine everyone who took the course I have meet said they did just fine and were really supported. Deep breath - Yes you can!