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  1. Belinda-wales

    UK RN/RM work as a CNM in USA?

    Easy answer NO!
  2. Belinda-wales

    Anyone in the process of applying to Frontier's class 71??

    Well I am just starting my fourth term - and although it may not be difficult it is a lot of work term three is a lot of work :)
  3. Belinda-wales

    UK Midwife moving to US seeks advice!! Please help

    OK - This is just my opinion but I think RN ADN community college will be fine with BSN in other field your case midwifery will get in to the frontier program - I got on to frontier with UK qualifications and I do not have BSN. ( I have the equivalent in a health related subject)You will need to get WES to credential your BSN Midwifery. - You could do an AND in nursing in a little over a year.
  4. Belinda-wales

    The Circumcision Discussion

    Yes do not feel guilty - its not about guilt - people the public are brain washed in to this - you believe what you are told. I am happy my boys are intact I do feel that they may stand out from their friends and will be in the minority - but is there body as informed adults should they choose to get them selves circumcised that will be their choice I I will support their free choice and informed decision 100%.
  5. Belinda-wales

    The Circumcision Discussion

    Watch this space as soon as it stops paying it will be dropped like a hot potato!
  6. Belinda-wales

    The Circumcision Discussion

    And I will say it again - it has nothing to do with anything except money!
  7. Belinda-wales

    UK Midwife moving to US seeks advice!! Please help

    OK - take a deep breath because the path is going to be difficult. I am a UK trained UK nurse midwife with tones of experience and educated up to Masters. I have been living in the USA for three years. The advice IO am going to give you is my experience. Home birth midwifery in the USA is NOTHING like home birth in the UK- it sits on the fringes of the community and misunderstood by the general population. If you want to practice midwifery in hospital your only option is to qualify as an RN - unless you can work in NY and then CM I think practice in hospitals. I am not sure how easy it will be for you to get on a RN course but you can do an accelerated course over 12 months. I am working with frontier to gain my MSN ( my original masters is not in nursing its allied to) and my CNM - USA style. Great school highly recommend it all distance learning except for two campus trips. WES is properly the best for evaluation of degree. What sort of visa is your husband coming over with as not all visa allow the spouses to work I think you will need a green card - but not 100% on that.
  8. Belinda-wales

    The Circumcision Discussion

    Been away for a while and delighted to see the debate still in full swing although the pro argument is amusing world war 11 I believe the UK was in that one no massive out break of infection affecting the status of the country and you know we old people as well and men are intact and flooding the NHS with massive problems.:wink2: In simple in UK circumcision is seen what it is barbaric. I compare it with the cutting of epitomes - why do that I know just in case they tear- and of course may save a few minutes of the providers time. Circumcision is nothing more than a money making process - plan and simple - the empire has new clothes people.
  9. Belinda-wales

    About Frontier Clinicals

    Have you ever heard the say jack of all trades expert in none - you will be fine with out the skills mentioned they are add of skills that you can prefect as you advance through your profession.
  10. Belinda-wales

    Any CNMs with families/small kids?

    I only have the three boys 11, 7 and 3 and work full time as a clinical manager and full time MSN program at frontier so far so good - I put an ad on craige list and interviewed for partime nannie live out - works great she come three days a week to be with the boys in our home some time we are there with me studing and things work out great.
  11. Belinda-wales


    I have sent you a personal reply - I think it would be very unwise to add any information about personal life to this portfolio - keep it strictly professional.
  12. Belinda-wales

    Intro and a few questions

    If I was you I would do ADN by the fast route possible and then go straight to MSN Midwifery program - you could work as a nurse whilst applying as it will take time to get on a course- Good Luck
  13. Belinda-wales

    being a mom and a student

    I did my Midwifery training the first time (thats a different thread) whilst my son was 18mths chose that time on purpose still napping bed early like playing in the garden - he had finished nursing so for me it was perfect timing - but each to there own this time I have an 11yr old 6 yr old and 3yr old - this timing is not the best for me but sometimes you go to do what you have got to do!
  14. Belinda-wales

    Question for Frontier students

    What happens at Frontier Bound stays at Frontier Bound LOL - it is a great experience and so personal I found it difficult to even share with my spouse!
  15. Belinda-wales

    Rescheduled Frontier Interview

    I would say nothing more than last min obligation came up that will be fine - the important bit is that you contacted them and rescheduled. Good luck I did mine in the middle of the day between two night shifts I set my alarm fifteen mins prior to the interview all went well they were really nice just thing of why you want this and how you are going to incorporate school in you your life and what your goals are. You will do great
  16. Belinda-wales

    "Old" vs. "New" Midwifery Books

    This is really sad IMHO Midwifery in the US has enough strugles with out infighting within the profession- I am a NURSE midwife I truely belive in the midwifery model and have worked in the home , birth units and hospitals and have pracisted differently in all three area whilst still beliving in birth and woman- should I pretend that I was never a nurse no it part of who I am it helped me start my jorney it to midwifery. Midwives come in all shapes and sizes and from meny different back grounds which is good as different people are needed for different situations plus midwives change and grow - Midwife with woman were ever that women may be.