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just had a unique baby name the other week....thought i'd share, and hope to continue this thread from earlier.... "strange baby names": strawberry :roll (thank goodness this was changed by the... Read More

  1. by   BabyRN2Be
    Here's my quote from the other baby name thread about a new one. If you read the Snopes account, it's really interesting because it gives the origin of the whole "Naming-your-baby-Yahoo!" account.

    Quote from BabyRN2Be
    Ooooo! A fresh new one!! Haven't heard this one before. A couple names their child Yahoo! in celebration of meeting over the Internet. Just to give it away, like all the Lemonjellos, Orangellos, Females, Nosmo Kings out there, it's another urband legend name. Don't mean to spoil the fun, but I just wanted to nip this one in the bud as it's assured it will show up here eventually...
  2. by   allthingsbright
    just had a Cinderella w/ sis Ariel on our floor!
  3. by   oknurse320
    Quote from litebrite
    My cousin named her baby Lyric Austrea (some greek god or something). You guys have heard some cruel ones, this one is just werid.

    I worked with a lady whose new grandchild was named Lyric and she kept calling her Ear Lick!!! And not on purpose either, she just couldn't wrap her brain around Lyric!
  4. by   Nefertari1279
    Perhaps it is just where I live . . .

    I notice alot of people in my area are changing the letters of their babies names to make them sound more unique or ethnic, which I don't have a problem with.

    I think some names can be taken a bit far but in the end, what can you do? LOL

    My sister was starving after delivering her daughter, she wanted to name her "Burrita" (take the o out of burrito and replace it with an a)
  5. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    ~ my cousin named her daughters somar-lyn marie (pronounced "summer,") autumn lee rose, destiny storm and graceellen nicole. and she's due again in october. her half-sister's oldest is steven howard, but only answers to scooby. he's 19!
    ~ i went to high school with a nananamibia, who's now an er resident.
    ~ before she was married, my mom's initials were blt, now they're bs.
    ~ a former schoolmate has a daughter named odessa (which is also the town next to where we grew up!)
    ~ i graduated high school with a nicholas poore.
    ~ my middle school assistant principal was harvey harvey, and there was a student named james dean james at the same school.
    ~ i know of sisters named princess and precious.
    ~ i know this isn't really the same, but all of my male cousins on my dad's side are named john (as well as an uncle by blood, an uncle by marriage, and my late grandfather). we call the cousins jon, jc and john anthony. two of john anthony's older sisters each have a son named andrew, and one has a london chase (hey, at least it's different!) and john anthony's dad is deceased, but my dad (his older brother) didn't know his real name until he saw the obituary. it was robert christopher, but he'd been called kippy his entire life!

    i've always complained about having the name jessica lynne, but after reading these posts, i think i'll keep it!
  6. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Quote from nursenora
    one teenaged girl had undiagnosed twin boys, she had decided that if she had a boy, she wanted him to be addressed as "sir", so she had chosen to name a boy child "sir walter". but she had two boys, so she named them sir walter and sir valter.
    i knew a guy named sir robert. his sister was named lady elizabeth and his brother had a similar type of name.
    and sir robert made you call him that, sir robert...and he was in his early 20s. come on!
  7. by   godbless-yute
    Quote from KRVRN
    It's amazing how many Orangejello and Lemonjello's there are in the world...

    I was thinking the same thing!
  8. by   bassandtea
    The worst name I've seen was a kid I went to school with called Wayne Kerr.

    My grandmother was called Violet and had sisters named Lilly and Iris.
  9. by   KaroSnowQueen
    My mother's name was Daisy.
    I did not do this on a concious level, it was several years before I realized it. My oldest daughter is Heather Karolyne, and my youngest daughter is RoseMarie Autumn.
    Daisy, Heather, Rose.
    All flowers.
    Rose has a son whose name is Lucas Sage.
    She said she couldn't name a boy after a flower, so she threw in an herb to keep with the plant motif!!!!

    And my son and his wife were going to name their baby Analiece Rhiannon. But they heard on the news about Penn Jillette's baby Moxie CrimeFighter and changed it. All of the grandparents spent about two weeks talking them out of the CrimeFighter deal.

    But she is now Moxy Rhiannon.
    Rhiannon is partly after the song by Fleetwood Mac, but as my son's surname is very Irish sounding, he found out that Rhiannon is a Celtic goddess also and found it very fitting.

    Oh, and I almost forgot. My sister's girls.
    Mother's middle name was May (Daisy May just like Dogpatch, and yes we ARE in Kentucky).

    Anyhow, my sister's girls are Melody June and Tiffany April.
    April May & June. Weren't those the names of Daisy Duck's nieces in the comic books???

    And my DH's niece's kids, all with two middle names:

    Madisyn Jean Kaye
    Hadley Lilly Anne
    Sean Klayton Walker
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  10. by   ElvishDNP
    I know a lady named Rhiannon, I think it is a very cool name.
  11. by   sample24
    -Timothy Budwiser (we asked abt the mis-spelling, "yes, like the king of beers," then they still spelled it wrong. If he'd have been a girl he would have been Tequila Rosa.

    -Cleatre Keiko (how do you pronounce that?? "like Seiko with a K") BTW it's a boy

    -parents recently had a new baby Fischer (not a family name) his brother is Hunter

    -Cherry Corvette...sad I know

    -Sam Euell ("you know, Samuel")

    -my own daughter is Reaghan
  12. by   moodyred01
    Siblings with first names Godswill, Godspower and Godslove.
  13. by   sample24
    I forgot to add:

    siblings named (I'm not kidding)

    True, Imagine, and Nation (True crazy is that??) I just hope she doesn't have more..