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just had a unique baby name the other week....thought i'd share, and hope to continue this thread from earlier.... "strange baby names": strawberry :roll (thank goodness this was changed by the... Read More

  1. by   okie2
    just from the family: Os, Jenola, Verbie, Coys, Mertyle, Houston, & Lake Okabogee !!!

    and down here in OK we see the occasional Winter Wheat or Prairie
  2. by   AmyB
    I knew a family once who named kids Babbi and Texas, both girls. All the kids in this family were given mom's maiden name as a middle name. Eleven kids all with the same middle name. Wow!
  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from AmyB
    I knew a family once who named kids Babbi and Texas, both girls. All the kids in this family were given mom's maiden name as a middle name. Eleven kids all with the same middle name. Wow!
    I had a friend whose mother named all her girls Maria and all of her boys Mario. So there was Maria Consuelo, Maria Amanda, Maria Laura, Maria Lydia . . . there were 13 of them! Nine Marias and four Marios.
  4. by   NurseforPreggers
    I have run into many strange names in my lifetime...

    When I was young I had a babysitter named Kandy Kane.

    Had a friend in 2nd grade named Tarji.

    Went to school with sisters, December and October.

    Went to nursing school with a girl named Starr .. last name ... Light.

    My husband wants to name our first born son Angus. I pray to god we have a girl!!!
  5. by   EmilyCCRN
    I once knew of a family with the last name 'Baum'. Two of the kids were Adam and Cherry. I also once knew of a girl named Holly Wood, and another one named Brandy Alexander. Yeesh!
  6. by   ERRN1028
    Quote from RN2BLPN4NOW
    I had a friend who was a school nurse. She said there was a little boy named Oranjello. She kept wanted to spell it Orange jello.:chuckle
    Twin boys, Oranjello, and Lemonjello

    pronounced oron- jello/ le-mon-jello .....seriously, downtown new orleans

    Did mamma crave jello during pregnancy????:chuckle
  7. by   ERRN1028
    Quote from Tabatha C.
    My cousin lives in Mississippi and she knows these twin boys at her school and there names are orangejello and lemonjello. I am not weird is that..spelled orange jello and lemon jello. I thought that was kind of weird. And at a middle school that i went to there was this kid his name was shampoo. Just for kicks everyone called his cousin conditioner.
    I live in mississippi, and have seen them in new orleans !!! haha:chuckle
  8. by   Mimi2RN
    Michelle Pumpkin.......poor baby.

    We also had one with the middle name of "Baby". Daddy said "She'll always be MY baby.

    Some names are fine as nicknames, but don't need to be on the birth certificate!
  9. by   Catma63
    Someone else may have remembered this and posted this in thier response but I can recall reading an article in the paper (and it seems to me it was along the time or a little before the time my eldest son was born 21 years ago) about a couple who's last name was DuDah naming their newborn Zippity.
  10. by   EmilyCCRN
    Quote from hippienurse
    Interesting names! I had a friend growing up whose name was Shannon Dick, her father was named Harold. No kidding, and he WENT BY HARRY!!!!!

    So what do you think of Savannah Rayne and Sahara Blue, weird?
    There was a 'Harry Wong' at my old company. One of my most embarassing 'work moments' happened because of this guy. I received a requisition to install some software for 'Ed Wong'. I then received a phone call shortly thereafter from the requestor who said that she accidentally put the wrong first name for Mr. Wong; it should be Harry instead of Ed. I grabbed the requisition out of my coworker's inbox, scratched out 'Ed' and wrote in 'Harry', without noticing how the name sounded. Pretty soon, my coworker came over to me with the requisition and said, "Is this some kind of prank?" as he handed me the piece of paper with the guy's name on it. Well, it was at that moment that I read the name back to myself, and I blushed! :imbar I stammered, "The requestor called me and told me to change it!" It was a joke around the office for a long time.
  11. by   laurakoko
    Knew this guy, name- Lincoln Kennedy Washington ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    This girl- named June, it's ok, if her last name wasn't Bugg.
  12. by   kastas
    We had one this week.... Cyn'Cere (pronounced sincere).
  13. by   okie2
    On their 3rd try for a male, our neighbors learned they would have another girl, they named her JOHNETTA. Yes, after her Dad. she was the last one and they wanted a JR!!!
    I didn't think it translated to the female version very well......

    A friend had soooo many Braxton-hicks contractions that she actually named her son "Braxton Hicks" HA HA. although, it is kinda cute.