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33f with 13yrs nsg exp. 2yrs er exp

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  1. RN92

    Moral dillema

    Hi. I just started back working at a very small town hospital - you know the one, where everybody knows everybody elses personal lives, the Docs all have the buddy system and meet at the country club on Wed's for golf. I work with a lot of (much) older nurses who still think that if the Doc orders it, they have to do it. (huh?). There is one Doc known for her "euthenasia" efforts. I had an 82 yo nsg home pt who was on his last leg. Diagnosis: aspiration pneumonia, old age, etc.. she writes an order for Morphine 2mg IV q4hrs prn for pain. They guys bp stayed around 84/42 even without morphine. She convinced the family that he needed something for pain so that he could rest better. He was comatose! There was no way I was giving him morphine. the family got upset and I get called into the managers office the next day for refusing to carry out a Dr.'s order. It was just a slap on the wrist, but come on. The week before, she had made one of my elderly pts a no code. In the chart she wrote that she talked to the family and my coworker was present. I asked her about it and she got so upset, she said that she never witnessed that conversation - and when asked, the family knew nothing about it. All she could do was make a note in the chart. I cant believe this stuff still goes on.
  2. RN92

    You know its going to be a bad shift when...

    I work in Memphis TN ER. Every August during "Elvis death week", we get bombarded with Elvis "look-a-likes" - mostly intoxicated, few Diabetics out of control, etc...One in particular, is a regular. Once his blood sugar gets closer to normal, he'll sing for us and other pts (whether we want him to or not).
  3. RN92

    ER vs ICU nursing

    I've done both, too. You will learn/master different skills in each dept. Personally, I like being in the ER - kind of like solving a mystery....is this pt really sick and if so, what is it? I, also, dont care about having the same pt everyday all day as in the rest of the hospital.
  4. RN92

    withrawal from fentanyl

  5. RN92

    Demanding Patient

    Just curious what his diagnosis is. He obviously has some "mental limitations" (whether its abnormal lab related, mr related, etc..). He needs something stronger to sleep at night...talk with the Doc. Depending on what the cause is...if feasible - you need to set limitations with him. Let him know you cant be at his beck and call and that the call light does not gaurantee "speedy" service. Also, on your end...try and anticipate what his usual requests are ahead of time. I'm sure you've tried some of this - be firm, very firm with him - and get him well so he can go home.
  6. Luckily, cathing a vagina is (most of the time) not painful. One way I can tell Im in the right place is by the shriek!
  7. RN92

    trach care question?

    In the hospital, we always do it sterile tech... However, when I did home health, pts families were taught clean tech. The theory being that - teaching sterile tech for pts at home - just isnt feasible.
  8. RN92

    humor in the ER

    And to think..... we get PAID to do this!!!
  9. I know this is wandering off of the subject...I took Paxil for over 10yrs - and it worked great. Then over the last year, it just QUIT. I had forgotten how bad my depression could get. Im now on Lexapro (3mo). Not too impressed with it. How long did it take for it to help you.??
  10. RN92

    A little humor

    I saw this on another website and thought it was soo funny. New Psychiatric Hotline Callers are prompted as follows: Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline. If you are obsessive compulsive, please press 1 over and over again If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 If you have multiple personalities, please press 3,4,5 and 6 If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line while we trace you call If you are schizophrenic, listen to your voices and they will tell you which number to press If you are depressed, it doesnt matter what number you choose. No one will answer anyway If you are delusional, please be aware that that thing your holding on your ear is alive and is about to bite your ear off If you are ambivilent, please hang up and call back in a few minutes If you are comatose, stuporous or obtunded, press the numbers 9 to 1 backwards. Wait for the beep and leave a message If you would like to speak to a Doctor, please be aware that your policy requires a second opinion and a 30 day waiting period before you qualify for these services which has been diagnosed "non-essential"
  11. There are sooo many different types of emergencies!! Where I work - we have 5 er's: ob/gyn, psych, medicine, trauma, burn. This cuts down on the wait time. Also, we tell patients in triage that they are seen based on severity - not first come first serve.!!!
  12. WOW!! Here in Memphis, the paramedics/emts are no longer allowed to refuse transport. Apparantly, several years ago, they had refused transport for a seemingly non-emergent patient...and he died. Now, they have to bring any and everybody that calls for an ambulance. We've seen pts call an ambulance because they ran out of refills. Basically, some people use it because they have no other means of transportation.
  13. "My girlfriend said her Doctor told her she had herpes".."I wanna see if I got Herpes, too."
  14. RN92

    About a LTC MD who is BAD NEWS

    :rotfl: tell the weirdo that colon powell just placed a call to his military superior and sent word that he (the doctor) was to report to afghanistan in 2 days at 0600. he would need to bring one hand pistol, one automatic weapon and two pair of underwear - nothing else.!! he was to report to a captain kangaroo (or just make up a name) and tell no one where he was going...keep your fingers crossed and hope he takes the bait. type it up and make it look official. he'll either get tied up in the airport with weapons or he'll realize that you all know he's a fruit loop. :rotfl: :chuckle undefined
  15. RN92

    Stealing drugs!! what's your opinion?????

    I have to respectfully disagree with your statement that we not judge our peers. There has to be some level of accountability in any profession. Otherwise, you would have many more nurses abusing the system and trust that our patients and doctors have placed in us. We do have the right to Judge each others abilities, skills, addictions, etc. That doesnt give us the right to mistreat them - but it definitely keeps the standard of care for which we ourselves would expect to receive if we were the pt
  16. RN92

    My nurse tied a resident in here wheelchair

    I worked in a charity hospital emergency room...we had pts come in high on "something" (no telling what). It would take 4-6 firemen/paramedics to hold him down on the stretcher - they'd get them transferred to our stretcher and LEAVE!!! We werent allowed to use posey vests. We'd use 4pt leather restraints and the pts can still wiggle/fight and get out of them. Sometimes we'd have to use a sheet in addition to the restraints to keep them from raising their chest off of the bed. There is a FINE LINE between restraint safety and pt safety. Truth is - if someone wants to sue, they're going to do it anyway. Check out http://WWW.NURSINGLAW.COM One nursing home was sued for not restraining a pt who had fallen out of the bed in the middle of the night at least 3 times over the past several years. The nursing home and nurse was found at fault for not maintaining pt safety. Also, to CHAD - you could have also written an incident report that night - just to make sure they got your version of the story in writing. Anyone can write an incident report. There can be more than just one. Actually, the more versions of the incident the better. GOOD LUCK