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just had a unique baby name the other week....thought i'd share, and hope to continue this thread from earlier.... "strange baby names": strawberry :roll (thank goodness this was changed by the... Read More

  1. by   aathomstew
    I have one cousin who named her daughter Tomi and another cousin who named her daughter Kitten...
  2. by   IDlvrM
    Not a baby name, but (and I am not joking) my dentists name id DR. YOUCH!!!!! I think he picked the wrong profession with that name...good dentist, though.
  3. by   jkaee
    My husband has an Uncle Eck. Yep, Eck is his real name (a southern thing I assume).

    I know of a little girl named Cinnamon.

    A doctor named Richard Nutt, goes by Dick. (why, I have no idea...)

    I have heard the Lemonjello story before, but Placenta?? Meconium?? "Yes, dear, I named you after tarry, black poop."

    I have seen a Scottish name for a girl "Loaghaire", pronounced "L'heer or L'heery"

    My daughters name is Elisabeth Claire....nothing unusual with that, except when my family started calling her "Eclair".
  4. by   P_RN
    My husband's birth certificate name was Baby Boy _____. He discovered this when he needed a birth certif. when he went in the army at age 23.

    Our county sheriff is named Michael Hunt....they call him Mike.
  5. by   auctiontrisha
    I work with toddlers and have heard some interesting names. Journee, Jeslynn, Cale, Awdace (sounds like odessey), Ameerah (like a-mirra),Ireland, Lynnzie, are a few. A co-worker wants to name her baby Azriel Daymion. That is the worst! Isn't Azriel the angel of death????!! :imbar
  6. by   timewood
    What a great laugh some of these names have been (personal fave:
    Dwain Pipe)

    They have all been good or, at least, interesting.

    Firsthand experience:

    my married name:

    Deanna Wood Adcock :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar
  7. by   DZcarrie
    OB GYN named Dr. Li Ki Bum. (Leaky Bum!)

    I kid you not! lol
  8. by   wannabeL&D
    Here are mine:

    When I was a student teacher, had a child named Rah!Rah! in my class--seriously!

    My cousin and his wife named their daughter Strickland--they were going for that Southern, aristocratic last name as a first name thing--but I just don't think Strickland works...

    I had also heard of Orangejello, Lemonjello, and Placenta...

    And went to college with a guy named Kelly Green--we always used to call him Navy Blue!

    I think Emerson is pretty and they were probably thinking of Ralph Waldo rather than the appliance maker!

    My son is Lukas (dh is German and that's how they spell it there) Alexander, daughter Madeleine McClurg (after my grandmother).

    Mother-in-Law wanted us to name son Florian--are you kidding me, can you imagine the way he would be picked on???

    Very funny thread!

  9. by   RN92
    Is this break of confidentiality? Well, here goes:

    Ollie Gator....sweet old lady.
    I also had a Baby Boy ......(wont say his last name).
    My first name is...Memory. (I know of at least 3 other people with my name - not personally, though) - and NO, my middle name is not Lane.
    My daughter has a girl in her class named Tekila (pronounced Tequila).
    Life is hard enough without having to defend your name your whole life.!!
  10. by   mercyteapot
    I have a friend name Emerson. Looked it up and it means "the son of Emery". Now its being used as a girl's name, too, though.

    I've known one person, and heard of another, named Kelly, who had to retain their maiden name because they married men with the Kelly surname. Paige Davis, the former host of Trading Spaces, is married to Patrick Page, but she kept her maiden name, too.
  11. by   devi
    Pretty much normal names in my immediate family. My son is Christian Avery... and my family thought Avery was weird.

    If I ever have a girl, I'd like to name her Savannah.

    I did know a lady once who let her best friend help her name her baby in the hospital because she hadn't decided on one yet. Jaquavius Jaquis. With a best friend like that, who needs enemies...
  12. by   eb_rn
    Quote from RN2BLPN4NOW
    I had a friend who was a school nurse. She said there was a little boy named Oranjello. She kept wanted to spell it Orange jello.:chuckle
    I work at a childrens hospital, we had twins...orangejello and lemonjello.....pronounced or-ange-elo and le-mon-gelo..... :chuckle
  13. by   BucklandRN
    Oh gosh in the retail pharmacy business you see so many weird names it's ridiculous. How about this one. Urheiness
    Yes I'm telling the truth!!