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I heard on the news this morning that the Triboro Bridge was shut down because of a woman giving birth on the bridge. Made me wonder--what are some of the most interesting places you've heard of or... Read More

  1. by   JeanettePNP
    Quote from nurse_nan
    And on the floor is a screaming baby, still attached by cord to the mother. My wonderful coworker pointed at the baby and said "Just where did THAT come from?" I had to back out of the room and compose myself.

    Everyone was fine, grandpa recovered without any ill effects at seeing his granddaughter born in front of him, momma called baby's daddy and said "Guess what".
    And the baby survived that? I read a story of a woman whose baby shot out headfirst onto the floor while the nurse's back was turned... unfortunately not a very happy ending.
  2. by   beanie29
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    The pics from the outdoor delivery were just beautiful. It was a beautiful birth and beautiful family.
    That sounds so amazing
    Many of my friends have had homebirths, but I don't think any of them have given birth outdoors. Although we are in CT, so it's cold a good portion of the year..
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    it was a warm and sunny summer's day. the big sib who was 2 was there, too. the whole family was w/o clothing, so it's something many would not be comfortable with. the pics were VERY tasteful, however. No close-ups of any "private parts" on anyone. At the end, both children were nursing, newborn and 2 year old. it was very beautiful in my mind.
  4. by   strn96
    I work LDRP at a small hospital in a booming county. We are rapidly outgrowing our hospital. One night several months ago our dept was completely full. ER rushed a 17y/o G2 back to us in a WC (she was on meth) BOW is already visible externally. We have no bed for her and can't deliver in a WC, so we threw a couple of blankets and a sterile drape down on the breakroom floor and delivered her there. Delivery time was 7min after she hit the hospital front door. Good thing she made it, because we had to give baby BMV for a couple minutes (36 weeker).
    One of my friends helped deliver a baby in the back of a van. Man comes into the ER screaming she's in labor. They get out there and the baby's crowning. Guy is trapped in the van by the medical staff and is trying to get out, but can't before the baby gets there. Turns out he doesn't even really know the woman. She had just moved in next door and had come over asking him to give her a ride to the hospital. What a way to get acquainted!
    One of our OB docs turned his head to say something to the husband of our patient (G1, had been pushing awhile) and the baby slipped out into the trash bucket (Baby was just fine!)
  5. by   TinyNurse
    I gave birth to my son at home in my bedroom. It was a planned homebirth. I would definitely do it again.
  6. by   Jo Dirt
    there are quite a few people choosing not just homebirth now but unassisted home birth. i looked up this website and it is kind of interesting, but some of those women are kind of strange. [color=#ffffff]
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    Quote from motorcycle mama
    there are quite a few people choosing not just homebirth now but unassisted home birth. i looked up this website and it is kind of interesting, but some of those women are kind of strange. [color=#ffffff]

    ok, i strongly urge you guys to check this website out. yes, some of these women are strange. my favorite was at the bottom of the main page, a section entitled, "orgasmic childbirth." what!! i know i will offend some people, but the people on that website seem off their rocker. i thought about quoting a post from the orgasmic section, but i think it is probably against the tos.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    to each her own. In other countries, we are considered strange for having the majority of normal, healthy women go to a hospital ( a place for SICK people) to give birth. Who am I to call what is strange or not?
  9. by   Katnip
    DH had one of the women he works with call out because she was in labor.

    Ended up delivering in the middle of a highway in rush hour. Traffic was backed up for miles because of it because the husband stopped right in the middle and panicked, lol.
  10. by   KellNY
    i plan on doing a uc. :d

    here are some quotes that i'm sure aren't against the ua
    [color=#993399]"in 1968, i gave birth to robert kirkpatrick. i was prepared, conscious, and in charge. after 4 hours from the onset of labour, i experienced an orgasm when my baby emerged from my body."
    -from "ecstatic birth: the conscious evolution of a possibility to a present reality," by binnie a. dansby; paper delivered at congress of the international society for pre- and peri- natal psychology and medicine, jerusalem, 1989
    [color=#993399]this birth was not only painless, but very pleasurable. we had never read about this aspect, and it took us by surprise. as the baby crowned, i knew from jean's look and sounds that she was having an explosive orgasm, which rolled on and on. what a long way from the pain and agony of conventional myth! years later we asked a sympathetic doctor about this. 'yes,' he said, 'i've seen it a few times.
    [color=#993399]"birth has much in common with orgasm; the hormone oxytocin is released, there are uterine contractions, nipple erection, and under the best circumstances for birth, an orgasmic feeling."
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  11. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]my cousin elle delivered her first in the bathroom. she had bad cramps, and thought she must be about to have diarrhea from eating her mother's cooking. (my aunt mary is a wonderful woman, but a cook she is not!) she got a nice ambulance ride to the hospital.

    the second time, she realized what was happening, woke her husband up and had him drive her to the hospital. they got all the way to the hospital, her second daughter was born on the front lawn of the hospital, delivered by a couple of respiratory therapists and a nurse on a smoke break.

    the third time, she made it all the way to the er chairs -- where her third daughter was born before the triage nurse even got around to triaging her. "i'm so embarrassed," my cousin moaned.

    "don't be embarassed," the triage nurse told her. "these things happen. why, a couple of years ago we had a woman deliver on the front lawn of the hospital!"

    elle had her tubes tied after that, but the family always said she should have gone for a fourth child, just to see if she could have at least made it to a guerney this time!

  12. by   beanie29
    Quote from KellNY
    I plan on doing a UC.

    Here are some quotes that I'm sure aren't against the UA
    Good quotes
    A good friend of mine had a UC recently. Her friend taped it and it was such a beautiful birth. My SIL is due next week and also planning a UC. It's not as uncommon as some would think.
    But, yes, homebirth in general is becoming more and more popular. I think more women are taking control of their birth experiences and realizing how tough it can be in a hospital.
  13. by   prowlingMA
    Maybe I'm just old fashion but if ( when) I have a baby i want to be in the syrups with LOTS of drugs! More power to those that can go it without assistance, but I am a wimp.