have you delivered a baby on the ob unit you work on?

  1. while you worked there?
    i delivered my 3 on the same unit i now work on-but i wasn't a nurse then. it is interesting, knowing what i know now, to look back on my situations. and one of the nurses who was my labor nurse was my preceptor on night shift.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    nope. delivered in military hospitals and one civilian in Wisconsin.
  4. by   jrring1019
    yes, I delivered all 3 with the staff I worked with. It was great. I received wonderful care and the best rooms I was shy before I went in with my first, but I got over that real fast!!
  5. by   canoehead
    I delivered one on the OB unit and one on an ambulance.
  6. by   Justhere
    Yes, I delivered my first in the very small hospital I worked at. At one time I think every RN I worked with had checked my cervix. They were even the one's that talked me into having my c-section after I wouldn't let the doctor in the room without flailing a whole bunch of curse words at him everytime he entered the room after the first time he said "Baby, we might have to do a ....." "Oh the h#ll you are not, I'll push all night if I have too."
    Just about did was complete at 0100 and son was born via c-section at 0510. The nurses told me once I came back to work about all my cussing episodes at the Doc, I didn't remember it. I just remember when I finially told he he could do the c-section him walking in the room a wide distance away from me to check the monitor on the other side of the room from the doorway.
    Later that day when he came to check on me he apoligized for having to do the c-section, but we would have still been trying to push if we hadn't because my son was very well stuck.
  7. by   klone
    No, I had homebirth.
  8. by   mitchsmom
    2 of my 3 were born at the hospital across town, BUT my OB MD and two nurses that I had for the births there work at our hospital now. I have a picture of one of the nurses from 7 years ago... when she came to work on our unit I thought "she looks familiar.. I think she's in one of my birth pics" and sure enough, she was the baby nurse for my second baby.
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  9. by   at your cervix
    Two of my four! The first time I went into labor at work-had to call in the on call nurse to take my patients....and me!!! Second time I was on call and I was the patient that sent them over the edge to needing the call nurse (me) luckily, a friend had agreed to come in and take care of me so she just took my call for the night and got paid time and a half to care for me!!!!
  10. by   klone
    Quote from at your cervix
    Two of my four! The first time I went into labor at work-had to call in the on call nurse to take my patients....and me!!!
    Wow, how weird that must have been!
  11. by   33-weeker
    Had my daughter and twin sons at home.

    The nurses I work with are divided about 40/60... 40% here where they work and 60% at other hospitals. Some that go elsewhere did so because there doc dosen't deliver here, but would have come if s/he did. (A handful of us delivered at home)

    One nurse-mom labored while she worked in nsy. and then just walked over to L&D when she was getting close to transition and couldn't work anymore. LOL That would have been me, too, if I'd have delviered at work. I was making the bed and setting out birth supplies both times at about 6-7 cm.

    You have to deliver wherever you are comfortable.
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  12. by   babynurselsa
    Yep, I had my third where I worked in the NICU. I worked 10 of my 12 then went down and checked in.
    My last one I had in the driveway of one of the hospitals that I did a lot of shifts in the nursery there.
  13. by   babycatcher2B
    Quote from klone
    No, I had homebirth.
    Me, too. But I did my OB clinicals at the same hospital where I did some doula work. It was very interesting seeing things from a different perspective.
  14. by   Spidey's mom
    I completely misread this . . . .. I thought it meant did you deliver a baby as a nurse.

    Ok - I did have two of my children at the hospital I work at now but I was not a nurse yet. I had my last child, on purpose, at another hospital after I became a nurse because I was NOT comfortable with my colleagues becoming familiar with my nether regions. . . . .no way.