Dazed and confussed

  1. OK all, you have welcomed me so nicely, but now I need your help.

    I am writing this to vent and ask for any and all help with my dilema. I started this week as a new grad in L&D. I really like woman's health so I paid extra attention during my clinical rotations in school. I loved them. So why is this so dissapointing?

    First off, I was told I was hired for L&D, I find out that where we work will be discussed at the end of our first leg of rotation, about six weeks from now.

    Second off, I was told orrientation would last three months. I find out I will not be taking care of patients on my own, no preceptor untill January next year.

    Third, I was told that I would be given indepth orientation in my area, L&D. I find out that after it is decided where I will go I will be given a seven week orientation there, then float for 3 weeks for more orientation MBU, 2 weeks nursery then back to MBU for another two weeks. This is after a three week class room experience learning about adult health basic new grad orientation, which again is after a two week orientation in each area including NICU. sounds a bit different from what I was originnally told.

    Told they don't hire for 10 and 12 hour shifts. Find out another new grad has a 12 hour shift agreement. Of course her mom is an nursing administrator, and she mentions this at least every hour and to evey new person she runs into. Very competative with me as well. Also says the educator we are with is like her aunt, known her all her life. So any time I ask intelegent questions they look an smirk at eachother. Other new grad, my friend noticed this, she felt I was being singled out.

    Told that they support education. Find out they discourage new grads from attending conferences and lectures. They don't want us picking up any extra info.

    And the kicker!!!! Before we are officially RNLPs (we don't have the letter stating we can practice under a RN yet) we are to start doing assessments (as a tech) and a RN will log on to the computer so we can chart it. Ummm a little illegal, impersonating a nurse????

    This is on top of an obviously undereducated staff, heard many horror stories, staff looks like they are so unhappy no one says hello, or even looks like they like their job, mandatory OT, educator doesn't even have BSN and complained most of the day about someone or something. They actually did a delivery in the hallway, lack of space. Has been threatened by health dept for close down. Very unfriendly. Questionable policies and safety.

    I turned down a better opportunity in a city hospital for this.
    And of course didn't know about all this, until I started working there.

    This is all in one week. Should i give it more time, am I being too idealistic?

    Or how fast should I get out???? and do I ever mention working at this place???
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    Umm, I was reading other posts and came back to re read mine, kinda to make sure it made sence since I am pretty upset about this and saw the answer to my dilema staring me in the face:


    It felt good to just write it out, helps get my thoughts straight. But I would love to hear from anyone who has been here or has any words of encouragement and or advice, I could really use them right now. I thought being a new grad was going to be fun, stressful and hard, but not like this.

    Anyways, now that I have replied to my own post, I am going to visit the psych boards
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    Originally posted by acuteobrn
    Exactly what I was thinking!
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    How fast can you make it to the door. They out right lied to you! The only question you really have left to answer is just how fast can you get yourself out the door!
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    Yep...sounds scary to me ! "bye bye" !
  8. by   colleen10
    Hi Acute,

    Boy! What a mess. My advice is the advice you gave yourself, RUN don't walk away from that place.

    I used to work HR and Recruiting in the IT Industry and you would not believe the out right LIES the recruiters and managers would give new potential employees just to get them to take a job. They're betting that you'll sign on and just never take the time to try find another job once you realize they won't deliver on the promises made to you.

    Like all good nurses, follow your GUT INSTINCT and if it tells you to head for the hills, follow it. You're only a week in so if you back out now you won't have wasted too much time and being a new grad hopefully you'll find something else quickly.

    Good Luck!

  9. by   cindylouwho
    welcome to hospital nursing.......get out now if it's that bad..you'll be glad you did and you'll let them all know that you're not going to fall for their lies and rude ways they treat you.....24 years and I'm still putting up with it....good luck and take that job in the city if you can..
  10. by   katscan
    sSounds like a bait and switch to me. Terrible. Misleading and dishonest. Something better will come up. You are no meant to be there!!
  11. by   BBFRN
    RUN! Run like your scrubs are on fire!
  12. by   luvbug
    Well, first of all, I'm wondering are these things that you've mentioned based on rumor or fact? I mean, work places are notorious for being rumor mills. But, if you have heard this all from somebody who is reliable and knows what they are talking about, I would agree that you should fly far, far away. RUN FOREST!! You may want to stick it out for a few weeks, though, since it may look better on a new job application if you have been there longer Just some thoughts. You do really have to do what feels right in your heart. The people who walk around belittling other people to make themselves feel superior drive me NUTS!! :angryfire I feel for you and hope things work out-and fast!!!
  13. by   Zinnia
    Coleen said it best. Use that gut instinct. It is not necessarily true that nurses eat their young.
    Find a place that treasures you and nurtures you. Get written agreements as to your orientation etc.
    It is difficult to orientate when the census is so high you are using the hallways...........
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    I don't like the sound of what you are saying. See if you can secure a better deal elsewhere and move on. That is what I WOULD DO...good luck!