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Attention all Labor and Delivery nurses. A pt just reported that she has lost her mucous plug (at 28 weeks) and if they can't find it, her physician will have to induce her at 32 weeks. So, if... Read More

  1. by   nursenatalie
    ok, I had to respond...there is a such thing as a mucus plug. It may be a little misleading to call it a "plug" but it exists. It presides in the cervical os during pregnancy and may begin to leak out at the beginning of labor or even weeks or months before labor if there is a slight change in the length of the cervix. It serves as a "barrier to infection" Most women dont notice "losing it" and it is fair to say that it has no clinical signifigance related to labor.
  2. by   mother/babyRN
    It just seems to me that so many patients eager to have their children place a lot of credence in the "mucous plug." For that reason, I try to gently explain what really happens, and although it has been said that there is a "mucous plug" that exists, or on some level, a cervical barrier to assist in reducing the element of infection, it is just one step toward labor and delivery, and not intended to be a hallmark symptom..We did determine that some of our lay lamaze class instructors had been dwelling on this. One of those kind (and they are neat people), had never been married or had children and had been almost to the point of insisting people stay away from pain medication. She and I had a little chat at a lunch that I arranged, because there really isn't any way to accurately assess someones progress in labor until they experience it. I try to assuage guilt my patients feel at deciding they should have some medication intervention, that "natural " is any way they get here safely....Sometimes it is seemingly the most insignificant factor, which may seem silly to us, but is all too serious to the patient, that guides them to focus on things such as the "mucous plug", to just get through or to the experience...So, while we tease here, I make it my policy to never tease the pt in a way that might make them feel foolish or misinformed. It is my hope that I can turn such experiences into learning experiences, and leave the pt with the feeling that they can trust me.....
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Mother/baby, I do NOT think ANYONE here ridicules or derides patients who are uninformed or uneducated. Sometimes, we just take ourselves too damn seriously. The intent of this thread was LIGHT, for FUN, not looking for a lecture on proper patient-nurse trust-building.
  4. by   ayemmeff
    You seem such a nice person,mother/baby rn.All your posts are either kind,funny or wise,more often than not,all three!

    You just gotta be my nurse if I ever have any more children!!!!

    I'll pay your air fare and everything!!! Anything you want,just say the word
  5. by   TeresaRN2b
    OMG! That was too funny! I was in for a big surprise with my last baby. My others I lost my plug and within hours was in labor. Low and behold last one never did see that thing. I needed a good laugh! Thanks!
  6. by   shay
    Originally posted by imenid37
    my gosh i just got a call last night that a 10 wk. pregnant pt. lost the proverbial mucous plug. she thought so because that's what all of the girls at the restaurant she worked at told her. no doubt a collection of md's,do's, and phd's. she did not want to talk to me. she wanted a doctor, so she called the answering service and woke up the happy camper herself!
    No!!!!! OMG, I would have paid good money to be a witness to that phone call. :roll

    Lawd. Someone tell all the preggos out there WE DON'T GIVE A FLYING *#@!! WHEN THE STUPID MUCOUS PLUG FALLS OUT!!
  7. by   BeachNurse
    Hee hee!! Funny stuff..
  8. by   Mofe'ny
    OK, my sis-in law just delivered her baby on 1-20-03. Yep, she told me in December that she lost her mucous plug, so he would be here any time, but "it came out in pieces and not all at once." Gee, thanks just what I wanted to know. I of course tried to explain about mucous "plugs". Well, she went in for a labor check one night in early January and stops by the NICU as she was leaving to tell me that she wasn't in labor. "Oh, my nurse said she could still feel my mucous plug and that sometimes they grow back if you lose them too early." interesting huh???!!!!
  9. by   New CCU RN
  10. by   bagladyrn
    Had another of these last night -17 yr. old primip came in and stated she "felt pressure down there for the last 1/2 hour" Lost that "mucus thing(!)"and, of course, IT WAS HER DUE DATE!! Thinking of this thread the whole time made keeping a straight face very difficult! Needless to say, no UC's, thick, closed and somewhere up around her tonsils!
  11. by   mother/babyRN
    Hey, I never said anyone here ridicules patients, and certainly mean to imply that I felt that way......I was just trying to make a point.....Not intending to upset or mislead anyone....I still think its funny when someone is telling me they know they are in labor when the mucous plug comes a callin, but I would never convey my humorous thoughts to them. I cannot imagine why any one would think that I believe any of you would intentionally ridicule a pt...Poor choice of words from me I guess. Happens to the best of us! Sorry....But then, I will explain that the BP cuff gets really tight on the dinamap because i have had patients really believe their arms are going to explode. I tell them to think of it as a contraction, once it gets as tight as you can imagine, it goes away......Forgive my unintentional Fau paux, Smiling Blue Eyes! Mea Culpa!!!!
  12. by   mother/babyRN
    By the way, I was NOT giving a lecture either....Expressing my thoughts surely, but no lecture....I find that a little insulting, by the way........