NYC DOH School Nurse - Anyone get start date after April interview day?



I applied for (and was offered!) a School Nurse job with the NYC DOH. I received a verbal offer after the interview in April. I have submitted all the requested paperwork and am just waiting for an official start date. Did anyone else attend the April interview day? Have you received a start date yet?> I am very excited to start this job, but am anxious to receive an actual start date!

Any current NYC School RN's have any feedback/advice about the actual job??

Thank you!!


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I'm no where near NYC but just wanted to say welcome and congrats on the job!


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Thanks for the welcome! I'll feel better once I have the official start date. In nursing school I knew I wanted to be a school nurse and after working two years in med-surg I am more than ready for the change. :-)

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Well, hang out with us, we are way fun, and wicked smart!

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Welcome NYC ! Keep us posted on how that goes for you. We would love to have you in our SN Family !


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Hi! Did you get a start date?


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I got my start date! September 12th! I'm very excited/nervous. Apparently I won't get assigned a school until after orientation? Anyone been through this with the NYC DOH??


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No idea NYCNurse81, but please keep us posted or send me a PM about your experiences. I wanted to work as a school nurse in NY, but didn't have the 2 years of experience. I'm interested to hear what it's like there.

Good luck to you!


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Hi NYC.I received the verbal offer a while back but just received the official letter via email today! Have you received/heard any new info on the process?

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Woohoo! Congrats, and welcome to the party! I am a NYC school nurse. I work under the Dept. of Education, but was oriented alongside DOH school nurses. I went through orientation back in 2013. When I was hired the orientation process was about a month and a half long. You'll watch a bunch of power point presentations and eventually be sent to a school to precept. When that's all done and over with, they send you to your assigned school, but I was given my assigned school before orientation so maybe they changed things around. If you have any questions, you can always PM me :)


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Thank you for the feedback! I am super excited to start (and nervous). I have two years of med-surg/step down experience. Can anyone who is a current NYC DOH nurse give me an idea of how much you make annually? We are paid hourly and so just want to get an idea of what the actual annual pay really works out to.


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Thank you!!! I'm excited to start. :up: