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Each1Teach1 has 4 years experience and specializes in School Nursing (K-12).

A school nurse who doesn't let Lupus stop her! One day at a time with God :)

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  1. How many kids do you see in a day?

    There are about 230 students in my K-2. I see about 20-30 students per day. I get so backed up with the documentation. For every student, I have to write a quick summary in a log book, then in their permanent health record (written not electronic), I...
  2. Bed bugs

    For public schools here in NYC, the nurse's task is to assess the student, clean off any bites and apply an ice pack for comfort (swelling, itching). We have bed bug info sheets that we could send to the child's parent that includes what they are, wh...
  3. Pediatric Home Health RN taking CPN exam

    Hi! Any progress? Did you take the examination? I'm a school nurse and I've purchased a review DVD from Nurse Builders. I'm planning on purchasing a review book with practice questions as well.
  4. Hi All! I'm currently a school nurse and I feel a bit trapped. (I also have Lupus and chronic pain.) I'd like to further my education/career and I'm thinking of studying for and taking the Pediatric Nurse Certification Exam rather than the School Nur...
  5. Hi! Did you get a start date?
  6. Wet Clothes - VENT!!!

    You know....A teacher stopped by the other day with a kindergartener who peed his pants. He left a trail of urine from his class to my office. I asked the child where is spare pants were....turned out...he had it on. He was wearing two pairs of jeans...
  7. New to methadone nursing

    How is it going, Amber? I'm starting next week. School nurse switching to dispensing methadone at a clinic.
  8. School nurses making a positive impact on their community

    Wonderful article. I work in a private, special needs elementary school and as much as I love working with these children, I'm frustrated because of the lack of resources. I begged for bandaids and alcohol swabs and bandages....nothing. (I've been bu...
  9. Is Volunteering "Worth It"?

    Interesting article. Upon reading the question in the title, my answer was 'it depends'. When I graduated nursing school, many of us volunteered simply to make our resumes look better. We were volunteering to get a job. If you're volunteering to help...
  10. Hi everyone! I thought I'd post this for our BSN students entering their senior year with a 3.0 GPA or higher. I was searching for jobs when I ran across this on indeed.com. They're taking 13 students and the application ends March 15th. Good luck!!!...
  11. Kings County Hospital Pharmacology

    Thank you so much, estrellaCR! You're the best!! You've given me a fresh outlook. I'll definitely look into those places. Let me know how the KCH thing goes!! All the best!!!
  12. Kings County Hospital Pharmacology

    With the exception of socialservice.com, I've been checking those other sites multiple times per day. I'll give this one a try. That's awesome that you have those certificates. I only have BLS. I've been searching for the best IV program. Any suggest...
  13. Kings County Hospital Pharmacology

    Oh, thanks. I had to chase down the person who interviewed me. It was such a run around. I kept getting disconnected or voice mail. Finally, the interviewer calls me back saying, 'Um, no. You didn't pass'. I asked her my grade and she wouldn't tell m...
  14. Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest

    O come on. It's just like 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'. It's fun.
  15. Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest

    Come back! I need to do this in order to pass clinicals this semester!!! I've got the right needle this time!