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Hello, all!

This is mostly directed at anyone who has been through the process but any input is appreciated. I called NY BON and they stated they have all my paperwork and could be another 3-4 weeks before they begin to process it. 2 weeks ago I was told the same thing also 3-4 weeks so the numbers don't seem to change. And I'm sure they is even more wait after that. The problem is I have a job lined up for second week of June and now I'm getting nervous I won't have my license by then.

I applied for NY RN license in the summer & send all the paper work necessary. To the licensing team [from my job]who ensure payments and review the paperwork that everything is right. They are working so hard to get everything but when it is out of my hands its quite different. The paper work was sent on 7/26/19

I did everything correctly. The notary, filled everything, did the CEU required,

I cannot find the status of my application.

I saw on the website that they are looking at paperwork applications turned in at certain dates.

But how long does it take to get through?

chtzu, BSN, RN

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Have you tried calling? The whole process took about 7 weeks for me. From time I applied to time they posted my license. I called every week and was very persistent cause I had a job lined up.

Thanks for your response!

I finally found out my job has not sent my paperwork to the board. So now I know why my applocations are super slow. So I will give them a few months. I work telehealth so they make us have a bunch of licenses.

Have you gotten your NY licenses? I thought it says on their website that they are not able to update status of application over the phone. I have completed all my papers and course works first week of July. I haven't heard from them until now. I have a job waiting.


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I too read that we cannot call for status updates and that we must wait 6 weeks before filling out a contact us form, which will be answered in the order received (hopefully not too long). chtzu, what did they tell you when you called, since we are directed not to? Did you receive any answers? I think I will try on the 6 week mark, though it seems that 6-8 weeks is the norm. When I arrive to New York and have a new address, I'll need to contact the NY BON, but I'm hoping that won't lengthen the process! I don't have a job lined up quite yet, though I have applied to several hospitals on Long Island. There must be plenty of local new grads getting those jobs too. Praying that the process is smooth as making this move with children is stressful enough! ThinkerBelle, how did it go for you? Have a lovely day ?

I just had to wait. Apparently theyre processing a lot of applications. I waited 4 months to get my license. Hope you get yours soon!


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Hey everyone, 

I'm a new grad nurse trying to get my NC license endorsed in NY. I submitted all my paperwork 3 weeks ago and fully expect it to take another 3-8 weeks but I'm super concerned because my school never sent my transcripts after I read on the "how do I" page that Form 2 signed by the school of nursing registrar was sufficient. Now I went back through my email and clicked the link to the checklist they sent when I originally paid for the endorsement and on that list they claim that BOTH Form 2 signed by the registrar AND transcripts are needed. 


So I'm wondering if anyone has gotten their license endorsed without sending transcripts?! I don't want to send transcripts if they aren't needed and have that bump me back to the back of the line but I have no way of knowing which source of information is correct. 


I wish this were easier. 




KrysyRN, BSN

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I'm not sure I'm following your first paragraph. Have you contacted your school to have them send your official transcript to the BON? Or are you unsure if your school actually sent transcripts to the BON? If unsure, give your school registrar's office a call. You may be able to do all of this online. There's going to be a small fee most likely.  Ask the registrar if their signature will be on the transcript. On an official transcript, their signature and stamp will be on it, but it's good to confirm. You will not get licensed until your official transcripts are received by the BON, and the BON confirms you've met the educational requirements for licensure.  Good luck!

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