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  1. TravelRNdreaming

    Full Time Online Instructor Schedule

    In my MSN program completed my practicum as a TA facilitating an online class. WOW!....some students honestly had never even opened the APA book nor read the simple APA free guideline given before class started. I had students honestly sending PDF files as one example. BUT with all those negatives, I would do it all over again vs dealing with real live patients (J/K, LOL).
  2. TravelRNdreaming

    Full Time Online Instructor Schedule

    That is so neat, I am gonna keep looking for a course facilitator online.
  3. TravelRNdreaming

    Master's in nursing education...now what?

    I have a Master's degree in nursing education. Every job I apply to, they want experience. Now, this is my last resort as to what else I can do as far as career choices with my degree. My interest is working online. What types of jobs are out there for MSN-ED?
  4. TravelRNdreaming

    NY license by endorsement

    Thanks for your response! I finally found out my job has not sent my paperwork to the board. So now I know why my applocations are super slow. So I will give them a few months. I work telehealth so they make us have a bunch of licenses.
  5. TravelRNdreaming

    Weight loss challenge-- starting on Monday

    Hey fellow RN's Lets start Monday a weight loss challenge. Diet: clean low-carb, high fat , tons of vegetables Fitness: BID cardio 1hr , weights 1hr Requirements: put weights and struggles here. We start 9/23/19 I will post my info here too for motivation!!!l Let's get healthy again!!!!🤾‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤽‍♀️🤼‍♀️🚵‍♂️💪🦵
  6. TravelRNdreaming

    Weight Loss for Nurses

    Anyone wanna do a weight loss group here?
  7. TravelRNdreaming

    NJ Endorsement

    I have everything for my new jersey rn endorsment aplication. I check the status and its only the fingerprint application How long does it take for everything to go tbrough. Papers turned in on 8/26
  8. TravelRNdreaming


    I applied to IL rn license by endorsement & my current job has a licensing team that handles those paperworks, paying for anything. I havent received a TCN to complete the application. How long does it take for everything to go through? The TCN what email does it come from so I do not miss it in spam If 3rd party (licensing team) is doing the paperwork. In the application do I put "yes or no" underr the question that I verified my licenses with nursys. ? Technically it was the licensing team responsible
  9. TravelRNdreaming

    NY license by endorsement

    I applied for NY RN license in the summer & send all the paper work necessary. To the licensing team [from my job]who ensure payments and review the paperwork that everything is right. They are working so hard to get everything but when it is out of my hands its quite different. The paper work was sent on 7/26/19 I did everything correctly. The notary, filled everything, did the CEU required, I cannot find the status of my application. I saw on the website that they are looking at paperwork applications turned in at certain dates. But how long does it take to get through?
  10. TravelRNdreaming

    Obesity and health issues

    Thanks! I will look into it. I cut down on over eating and fast foods & I am losing weight little by little. Currently I am 178 but still in obese category. I need to be a normal weight of 130
  11. TravelRNdreaming

    UHC work from home

    I work from home since November last year for a major insurance company and yes it is micromanaged. But I knew that coming into the job. I get audited 2-3x a month, basically a review of my job and get scores. Do I like that... No but I understand they have to make sure I am doing my job correctly. I worked in the hospital almost 10 years and I was already burned out. I love working with patients and the satisfaction I got from helping people at the bedside. However, the 12 hour night & weekend shifts plus holidays, hurricanes, & sometimes working with nasty nurses. Do I love my work at home job? Yes, I am enjoying it and it almost feels like I am a brand new grad!
  12. TravelRNdreaming

    Obesity and health issues

    Is there a weight loss support group in this forum? I am 5"1 and 190lbs I am so sad
  13. TravelRNdreaming

    After MSN-edhi

    Thank you all. I have 4 more days of my last class in my MSN-Ed program & will be studying for the CNE to take it in August. I am so happy
  14. TravelRNdreaming

    After MSN-edhi

    Hi y'all i am almost complete with msn in nursing education. But I needed advice on 2 things. 1. What did you study for the CNE? 2. To further my education.. what is the degree I should get? (I am finding only DNP) 3. What schools are recommended? Thank you in advance!
  15. TravelRNdreaming

    Took NCLEX 9 times, passed 10th time 265 questions!

    Congrats! Hard work pays off!!
  16. TravelRNdreaming

    Texas Nursing Jurisprudence Exam

    Took it!! I missed 5/50 no need to prep for it. With 2 hours and 50 questions was enough. And within the test it gives you the tabs to read information you need to get the answer.

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