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chtzu has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. chtzu

    nursing credentials question

    Hello! Just wondering if people list their nursing credentials at the top of the resume with their name? Or do you just add them along in your resume? My resume only has my name at the top. Not “Name, BSN, RN, PCCN.” It feels a little obnoxious to add all that but I don’t know if it would make you stand out more.
  2. chtzu

    NYP Hiring Process

    The person that hired me was the Patient Care Director (PCD). And yes, I work at CU campus.
  3. chtzu

    NYP Hiring Process

    In my experience, HR will ask more behavioral questions like tell me about a time you went above and beyond, tell me about a time you has conflict with coworker and how you resolved it, etc. PCD asked questions about my experience and things relevant to the unit I applied to. After interview, they will send you and email for your references. Then you will get a call if you’re hired. Good luck!
  4. chtzu


    NYP-CU. I work on a tele unit. 4-5 patients.
  5. chtzu

    NYP Hiring Process

    Which NYP? Are all your references done?
  6. chtzu

    NYP Hiring Process

    The easiest exam you’ll ever take. Just follow the RN study guide floating around this site. You don’t need anything else.
  7. chtzu

    NYP Hiring Process

    I got a call back, interviewed and hired all within a month. Not sure if the timing was good or I was just lucky.
  8. chtzu

    NY license by endorsement

    Have you tried calling? The whole process took about 7 weeks for me. From time I applied to time they posted my license. I called every week and was very persistent cause I had a job lined up.
  9. chtzu

    Don’t know which position to take...

    I’m sure you made you choice by now but as someone part of both systems, I would go with the latter. But good luck wherever you go.
  10. chtzu

    NY license by endorsement

    Hello, all! This is mostly directed at anyone who has been through the process but any input is appreciated. I called NY BON and they stated they have all my paperwork and could be another 3-4 weeks before they begin to process it. 2 weeks ago I was told the same thing also 3-4 weeks so the numbers don't seem to change. And I'm sure they is even more wait after that. The problem is I have a job lined up for second week of June and now I'm getting nervous I won't have my license by then.
  11. chtzu

    Where were you...9/11

    I was in 2nd grade living in uptown NYC. I remember the teachers whispering and saying things like volcano A just erupted, looking pretty upset and shocked etc. I got picked up early by neighbor, which didn't happen often and she didn't say much on what was happening. It wasn't until I got home that I saw the towers full of smoke on TV. My grandmother took me out for a little after that, not wanting to stare at the TV too long and I just remember seeing hundreds of people walking towards uptown. I was too young to really understand what was happening. I knew something was wrong but it didn't really hit me. My mom worked downtown and I don't remember feeling overly worried. She was safe thankfully (even though she had to walk over 150 blocks to get home.) Very scary and heartbreaking with every year that passes. It's just a day that you can't forget.
  12. chtzu

    DNR Turning Into Do Not Treat?

    I remember wanting to get an ABG on a patient who was really short of breath and when I managed to get the stat order from the hospitalist, I call the respiratory tech to make them aware and he literally yelled at me "well, isn't the patient dnr/dni?!" I was so bothered by it. Just because they're a DNR doesnt mean you don't help relieve their s/s.
  13. chtzu

    My husband wakes me up!

    I started waking up my mom and brother in the middle of the night. And really early on the weekend. Sounds childish but it was the only way I could get them to understand to leave me alone when I sleep during the day. It's not just a nap.
  14. I'm a new grad and I work at a cardiologist office, Mon-Fri... 8-4. Let me tell you. The pay is not that great but it's good enough for me for someone who still lives with their mom and doesn't have much responsibility other than my loans. But I can't imagine having a family and accepting the salary that I do. I'm desperately looking for hospital jobs.
  15. chtzu

    Would it be annoying if I sent another email?

    Thank you for all the wonderful responses. I'm going to be persistent until I at least know the position is filled. I will update if I hear anything back!
  16. I had an interview back in December with a hospital for new grad residency. She said she would set me up for a second interview with the nurse manager and it would probably be around February. I sent thank you email about 2 days later and another email in January to follow up but no responses so far. Anyway, it's March now and I'm wondering if would annoying to send another email now. It feels like a lost cause but my status still says interview stage. Any advice?