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Hello, everyone. I'm a pre-nursing student who is unsure about whether I should take a nutrition class this summer as preparation for nursing. The nursing program here doesn't require the nutrition class, but I've heard that some students say that it helps them with other subjects, such as Chemistry, but the class would be in 6 weeks, which seems like a short amount of time to me. I would like to take the class if it would help with my sciences or nursing classes, so I was wondering what any of you thought about the class: does it help with any other classes, or should I not worry about taking it at all? Thanks! :)


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I didnt really want to take it but it was a pre-req so I took it. Although I didnt really learn much cause it was one of those super speedy 6 weeks courses. But I can see now in my second semester it would have helped had I put some effort into it. Alot of questions on my tests deal with nutrition and what kind of vitamins and minerals are in certain foods and their interactions with drugs. So I would say yes you should take it.


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If you can squeeze it in, it's a great class to take. It was probably one of the most useful classes I've ever had, and it has definitely helped me to understand what's going on with other classes.

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Yes! Take the class. As a nursing student, you'll see how what we put into our bodies plays such a huge part in our health!


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SO many of our illnesses are nutritionally related. I am SAD to hear it is NOT required?!? We had nutrition out the ying yang hwere I went to school. I remember how our instructor would rant about MDs not knowing anything about nutrition...she ended up quitting her teaching position to go back to school to become ONE of the few MDS who knew the impotance of nutrition.


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Ditto, one of the best pre-reqs I ever took. It was a challenge and it was incredibly interesting and now that I'm in nursing school I can see that it was incredibly useful as well. (In fact I still have my nutrition book and pull it out occasionally when I need clarification on something...) Go for it.

grinnurse, RN

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Boy, I wish I would have had the forethought to take it before NS. I intend to take it after I graduate just b/c I think it will be helpful in my nursing career. IMO, if you have the chance to take it, I don't think that you will regret it!!


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Here Nutrition is a prereq for your BSN, so you might as well take it.

jenrninmi, MSN, RN

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Yes, I think a nutrition class is really important....that is UNLESS it was the clinical nutrition course I took 6 semesters ago. I don't really remember much that was taught to us. We needed organic and biochem as a prereq for this class. I do know a lot about nutrition, but the class I had was abosolutely rediculous and I'm glad I passed it. :uhoh3:


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Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. :) I think I will take the class, if it's not closed. The nursing program here is an associate degree one, so I guess that's why nutrition isn't required. (I know many BSN programs require it.)Since you all say it's helpful for nursing, that's a good enough reason to take it.


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While in nursing school you are going to get alot of test questions about nutrition such as which of the following would you remove from the tray and what would you tell your patient to avoid? Nutrition will help you with these kinds of questions. If you can squeez it in take it because it did help me with the nutrition nursing questions.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Don't take anything you don't have to, unless you need the hours, or have time and money to spend. I didn't take it and made A's in A&P and nursing. The tests had only material that was covered in those courses.

(I understand I'm in the minority here. But throwing in my two cents anyway.)

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