UK Nursing and European Resources

  1. I started this thread to list websites that can be used as resources for those working in or looking to work in the United Kingdom. I have added the potential to list European sites that may be useful as well especially for any who might want to go on a working holiday.

    I will start the thread but will rely on everyone to add to the thread

    I hope this will grow to be a valuable resource for all.

    Here is the Uk registration board

    Here is a nursing resources search engine.

    Here is another site
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  3. by   Kaylesh
    Heres some more you can do a search for almost any job including nursing)
    Those are the ones i remember off the top of my head.:-)
    I know i've got more so i'll post again.
  4. by   Whisper
    The national electronic libary for health, with some great links:

    BMA, you can get some free articles and use the serahc engine:

    mixture of info on nursing, incluiding a great link for a students help guide to writing essays:

    A &P site:

    Info from Liverpool uni:

    M.A.D. changes, and the new information:

    Free on line medical dictionary:

    I have loads more, Ill try and track down the URLs and post them later.
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  5. by   Silverdragon102
    if you have interest in respiratory disease here are a few web sites I frequent.

    and here are some more reference sites National Assosiation of Theatre Nurses

    Anna :kiss
  6. by   suehp
  7. by   bulletproofbarb
    A new one that has recently started up for nurses wanting to work in London
  8. by   chrisrob
  9. by   Whisper

    This is a really good Burn journal, but I think you need athens to get more than just the summary.
  10. by   Janey
    Here's a couple I've found useful

    (Various nursing jobs in the NE England. Berwick - Leeds)

    (Nursing body publications)

    (Scottish Agency nursing)

    Hope they can help
  11. by   gwenith
    Just found this one.

    More medical than nursing but what the heck still some good info.
  12. by   sharon-sp
    hi gwenith,
    I just need to compliment you on the fabulous input you have on these threads. I am amazed on the abundance of links/websites you are able to provide. I don't really spend much time online, and so alot of this is new to me. I'm one of the recent threads with a request for info due to a college project related to global nursing, and I have read so many significant threads in the last few days. I am so inspired that I am corresponding with a nurse student from Canada that is in need of same help for her course.
    Hats off to you, and everyone else that is so helpful. I've worked with blinders on for 15 years- only seeing bedside care in my environment. It truly is important, as well as interesting to understand other sides of the nursing workforce- especially when many of my coworkers have worked in other countries.
    Thank you again for being so gracious with the replies.
  13. by   Rozhinitsy
    I'm interested in woundcare and find that this site is good for finding the different dressings available.
  14. by   Mwene karani
    [QUOTE=bulletproofbarb]A new one that has recently started up for nurses wanting to work in London[/QUOTE]

    thanx 4 the site above.
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