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  1. chrisrob

    what about this for an idea

    Hello Im back! I live in glasgow but work in industry so no hospital to show you but could meet you and show you around Chris
  2. chrisrob

    were do you live?

    hi what made you choose france as opposed to US etc and what qualifications do you need? do you have occ health degree or diploma or just loads of occy health experience? just being nosy as im in occ health and like to keep my options open thanks
  3. chrisrob

    were do you live?

  4. chrisrob

    were do you live?

    whoops seems like i'm really old qualified in 1979, did lots of things mainly ended up acute medicine then cardiology, live just outside glasgow now i'm an occ health nurse work in a shipyard. Would never go back to the NHS. Have two girls 18 and 24 years both sorting out their own careers, love hill walking and at the moment sleping cause i'm so tired............
  5. chrisrob

    help with display screen users

    hoping someone can help, friend of mine works for a national newspaper (as there nurse) shes got a girl who has been diagnosed as leukemia, this girl is convinced that she has got it from being in front of a screen all day, we cant find any research that will convince her otherwise anyone help here. We know that she needs somthing to blame but shes scaring all the other D.S.E. users thanks if you have research can you quote reference and well try and get it
  6. chrisrob

    OSHA Question

    hi, i'm an occ health nurse in scotland and we dont have the litigation issue you have in the u.s recently we had an issue regarding tools that our guys use, and the fact some of the guys are not to use tools due to vibration white finger, because there not on tools there overtime is restricted so there losing money, they offered to sign wavers saying they were aware of the damage they could be doing to themselves and that they would not hold the firm responsible, disscussions took place between myself, company doc and health and safety officer we dicided that we would still be liable even if they signed wavers as we knew we would be putting the workers in situations that would be detrimental to there health and in a court of law we would be seen as the responsible person. so think i would be careful about what i would let people opt out of.
  7. chrisrob

    medical history and employment

    hi, firstly i'm sorry that you have been having problems, but dont not go an see the psychiatrist to keep it from your notes things may only get worse, people with mental health problems are protected under the DDA, somewhere in the back of my mind there is something about potential employers actually not being able to make an issue of it, but if you have lost a lot a time of work that could be another issue, i'm not in work until Wednesday so cant look it up for you till then but i'm sure if you do a search for the Disability Discrimination Act you'll find something in it to put your mind at ease.
  8. chrisrob

    Nursing in the UK....hummmm....

    aargh your a hoop fan no.........................
  9. chrisrob

    Nursing in the UK....hummmm....

    hey Karen, I never realised that you were living in such a dangerous place, i'm so grateful i live in Glasgow, I think the safest thing for you to do would be to move yourselve and Calum up here, the only thing that you have to worry bout is the colour of your shirt, blue or green, cant do anything bout reducing your hours workload would be just the same up here
  10. chrisrob

    pictures as promised (i think)

    nope think i'll leave this for karen to do
  11. ok here we go never posed pics before but gonna have a shot as promised some of the west highland way
  12. chrisrob

    How many OHN's are on these board?

    hi squeek, i'm pretty much the same with a back injury that was just getting worse and worse, where i live theres a couple of ways to get into occ health, while i was doing occ health qualifications i signed up with an agency that had some occ health contracts, and got work that way, you also meet the occ health nurse click that way and they let you know what jobs are going, also there are occ health post that will take you when you are studying they take you as treatment nurses, health screening etc, plus occ health journel that has jobs, think your best bet is agency if you can get it, hope this helps difficult though when its different countries. Good luck
  13. chrisrob

    Hi... remember me?

    ok whisper time off allowed seeing your putting it to good work MRSA but remember to include the goverments latest thoughts on hospital infection they want nurses to clean there own wards, in the olden days before you were born we did that and oops no infections, but now i wanna know how its expected to find time to do it
  14. chrisrob

    chuffed with myself

    i have a nice coat karen, and if needed i will button but as i pointed out .............roughie toughie :rotfl:
  15. chrisrob

    chuffed with myself

    i live just outside glasgow, the weather in march is probably gonna be wet and cold and maybe snow but we've had freaky weather last couple of years so you may get sun, theres plenty of things to do even if the weather is bad but then i'm a roughie toughie woman of the Clyde :chuckle (nurse in a shipyard)
  16. chrisrob

    chuffed with myself

    thanks for the link i'll maybe claim that beer it looks like a good walk