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I am a RN working in the US. I am just beginning to look into the comparison of pay and cost of living. If I moved to the UK, can I expect to make more or less? Can anyone give me any information... Read More

  1. by   suzanne7575
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    To be honest if it wasn't for reading forums like these and learning about the problems people have faced i would have just accepted the health care provided without looking into it. However even though i am just starting the process of moving over I have done very extensive research into all aspects of living in the USA eg, health care, car costs and insurances, housng costs etc. Hopefully be peopl continuing to share their experiences on here we can make better decisions when we eventualy get over.
    sorry just re-read that and I meant better personal decisions, i didn't mean to imply and of you had made bad decisions which i what it sounds like i was saying.

    Sorry, i was on a nights shift last night on the ward from hell, and i haven't been able to sleep today.
  2. by   cariad
    didnt take it any particular way, i think that although you know that we have to pay for medical stuff, we presumed that we had cover without really looking into it.
    very naive of us, and lucky that we have been here so long without having to access it.
    it was such an upheaval and a lot to get used to when you get here that some things just get overlooked, when the agency tell you that they will give you free medical coverage and you only have to pay for the rest of the family, you dont realise thats its not to be taken literally.
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  3. by   madwife2002
    This thread has certainly taken a life of it's own but I for one am pleased that it will help others to make an informed decision by providing such important emphasis on such a complicated subject. It is like a mindfield health insurance and even now I feel I am still getting to grips with it.
    From my own car accident I still owe over $40,000 but I dont have any insurance covering mine, not because I didnt have insurance but because we have liens, which means we havent paid for anything yet!!!!!
    I have however paid thousands of dollars out of my own pocket.
  4. by   geordiegirl2
    Quote from cariad
    the coverage that ogp provide is just like bulk buying, they get discounts and you get the cover cheaper, they should provide it free for you and you pay for your family.
    its difficult to come direct from the uk and to get coverage, and usually if you do then its more expensive as you dont get the company discounts.
    because i am not working the government provided health care has taken over, so i have gone from paying $150 a month for dh to paying over $640 for both of us each month, but the care is still provided by great west who we were with anyway.
    theres always a catch, because most health care insurers wont pay for pre-existing conditions, if you havent had 11 months continuous cover prior top a claim, thats why you really have to take what they offer you, but be sure to take disability cover with them as well.

    my youngest child has a renal condition and we were told if he became sick in the first 6 months they would have to asess their liability, knowing the syatem a bit better now i know they would have refused and we were very lucky he has been well, the only issue when it came to his labs he has had them checked mostly six monthly, at least yearly since he was born and while the company would pay for his labs they questioned me asking for emla asking if he had a needle phobia, no i told them as we've always used emla, they did eventually give in.
    suzanne as far the yearly well child checks, my kids are not allowed to participate in school sports without a physical each year so we are left with little choice.
    it truly is a minefield and thats my worry that there are many people who go from very wealthy to bankrupt due to serious illness or accident.
    cariad i like you, though nowhere near as bad had some medical issues while i was still with great west, had a ct and ultrasound etc, i was amazed when the bills started to come in at times i paid more than the insurance company.
    the other awful part of greatwest for those of you with kids is their dental coverage, the pay for very little, my oldest son had his crown knocked out playing football and the covered none of it we ended up spending the best part of $1500.
  5. by   janelola
    you know what strikes me when reading this thread? Well, it seems that they very system we are trying to get away from ie: the NHS - isn't actually that bad from the patient side of things! At least we don't have to worry if, god forbid, we get knocked over or in a car crash and don't have the added worry that as well as feeling physically awful, mentally fretting as well that it may make you bankrupt! Hmm. Although, it's great that you guys are sharing these things as I now know I will be very careful in looking at our medical cover.
    I have read somewhere that the US is going to try some sort of NHS scheme - has anyone heard anything about this??
  6. by   madwife2002
    You know the biggest shock is that you have health insurance so you think great I am covered, so you dont expect to have to pay anything extra after that, you think that it should be all covered by the health insurance that you pay monthly a bit like when we go on holiday to Spain or abroad somwhere it is all covered by the insurance. So when these bills start rolling in you think where have these bills come from and you realise OMG I owe thousands, now the best bit is the insurance companies get a discount on their share but you dont get a discount on your share -work that one out .
    As this is thread has gone way off subject but is discussing a very relevent important subject I have re stickied a thread on health insurance and hopefully we can discuss health insurance issues there and I will stick this thread too so valuable information from here will not be lost in time.
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    Back to pay the other thing you dont realise is that you have the potential to have two pay rises a year or least you do here in AZ. One is the yearly rise and the other rise is the one you get for personnal progression and attending ward mettings etc.
  8. by   geordiegirl2
    Quote from madwife2002
    Back to pay the other thing you dont realise is that you have the potential to have two pay rises a year or least you do here in AZ. One is the yearly rise and the other rise is the one you get for personnal progression and attending ward mettings etc.

    At our hospital there was also two bonus checks, one if you recieved an outstanding evaluation and a small incentive bonus based on how the hospital had performed.
  9. by   english_nurse
    bit od a difference to the 2 staged, rubbish payrise we got in the UK this year
    GG, did OGP pass this payrise onto you while you were under their contract?
  10. by   geordiegirl2
    Quote from english_nurse
    bit od a difference to the 2 staged, rubbish payrise we got in the UK this year
    GG, did OGP pass this payrise onto you while you were under their contract?
    Not a chance we were travellers so not subject to any of that, I did get an extra dollar an hour each year I was with OGP.
  11. by   misswoosie
    Hi everyone
    Have to say I am jealous of you lot out there inthe sun, although Cariad you sound like you have had a dreadful time. Was it that you had huge co pays and then OGP dumped you when you couldn't work?
    I have been offered a job as Stroke Co-ordinator in North Carolina. They are offering $30 an hour, which is more than my mid band 6 post here which I thinkis around $25 /hour. they are quoting $400 per month for family health insurance or $200 for the one with higher co pays. I still need to find out more about the co pays for both.
    The house we have bought has an acre and a boat dock and it cost us less than our 3 bed semi here in England is worth (around 190,000). We are renting it out as a vacation rental to hrlp pay the mortgage. We have a website at (not trying to advertise as we are fully booked for the summer anyway-just thought it might give people an idea)
    We have a well and septic tank so no bills for that. Here we pay $250 per month for council tax and water rates.Our property tax NC is $2000 per year but we are on a double lot so house on 1/2 acre would be around $900. think electric will be around $50 winter and $150 summer with air con. We have LPG central heat which we think will be $100 per month in the winter if we use the wood stove as well which produces so much heat it drives you out of the house.
    When we look at the cost of most things here it seems like something that is 10 here is $10 in NC. Groceries seem around the same or slightly more for dairy and bread and cereal but we have found that to buy organic isn't twice the price of non -organic like here in the UK.
    Days out for the family are soooo much cheaper (sometimes free for kids). We played mini golf at the local park for $1.50
    I guess wages and cost of living varies so much from state to state that its a question of getting them in the same proportion- and maybe not using OGP who were offering me $20 an hour! Our house in NC would rent for $1200 per month. It has good schools and is 5 minutes from shopping etc so not out in the middle of nowhere. You can buy a new 3 bed townhome for around $160,000.We are 30 mins from biggest city in NC Charlotte which is a banking center. Of course I have not got there yet! The neuro ward has 4 patients to one RN compared to 15 to 1 on our acute stroke unit (ha ha)
    I have just got my Visa screen but of course -there are no blooming visas!

    Anyone know anyone who got H1B visa? My attorney has suggested this as an option for me.

  12. by   madwife2002
    You have a beautiful home in NC my cousin form OH goes to NC every year on vacation she will be there next week
  13. by   misswoosie
    Thanks very much-we love it there but are so despondant with the visa situation at the moment and so very tired of life in the UK.
    Fingers crossed anyway.