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  1. suzanne7575

    student midwife to be...

    congratulations EN great news
  2. suzanne7575

    footwear -- what's the exact requirement?

    our shoes have to be either white, black or blue, closed toe, low heel etc. we are allowed to wear trainers also. I don't think we are supposed to but a lot still wear crocs (me included) but eventually they will ban them properly.
  3. suzanne7575

    Elderly Care ward...

    I work in a community hospital which I would say was primarily elderly patients, our hospital is slightly different in that we do not generally have such acute patients as we are stuck out in a rural village with no medical cover out of hours, however I would say our elderly patients will be similar to those you will get on an elderly care ward as they don'tnormally go to one of these until acute medical conditions are sorted out. I would say our aim with our patients is rehab and promoting independence to perform ADL's as best they can. It does involve a lot more personal cares than maybe a busy acute ward might do but as a student i think placements on elderly care wards are valuable in gaining those essential skills (and call me old fashioned but i believe that basic care of patients is everyones job wether you be a HCA or a senior charge nurse). Our day mainly consists of getting our patients up and ready for the day, our patients are encouraged to wear their clothes each day to promote normality, we usually have lots of dressings to attend to and we carry on the work of OT and physio to help with the rehab of our patients. We also work closely with the multidiciplinary team and spent a lot of time planning discharge for our patients. enjoy your placement, a lot of people turn their nose up at elderly care nursing but i for one find it very rewarding
  4. I have an interview next week for a band 6 post in general surgery. Ive been reading the info on here and have a good idea what to read up on, however i also have a presentation to do on 'how do we know we are delivering a high standard of care to our patients and what is the role of the charge nurse in ensuring this?' I'm okay with the first part as I am currently involved with a lot of quality improvement such as the clinical quality indicators, productive ward etc and have done a lot about quality n the leadership course i am currently on, the second part of the part of the presentation i'm a little more shaky on, i am presuming that the charge nurse role (band 6's are called charge nurses in my health board if anyone is confused by this) is that of a leadership one, developing the team, empowring other staff to give good quality care and also ediucation of staff and being a clinical expert. Getting a bit nervous as this is my first band 6 interview and although i have some surgery experience through my bank work, icu/hdu and renal experience i have never actually worked on a general surgical ward recently. I currently work in a mainly nurse led community hospital so have gained lots of managmeent skills so i do have the transferable skills and have worked on the ward i am applying for as a bank nurse too I would appreciate and help or advice anyone can give me
  5. suzanne7575

    National Nurse Uniform

    scotland are also getting a national uniform http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Health/NHS-Scotland/uniform it has started to get rolled out and so far our SCN and CN have theirs. They are quite nice and certainly are comfy and cool. although a little conflict because band 6 are no longer distinguished from band 5's and also not many people quite sure what to do with the pockets on the combat trousers
  6. suzanne7575

    Looking for RN job options in England

    if you read the news you will see that the NHS is actually cuting nursing jobs so there will be less job vacancies rather than more, in my health board alone it has been announced there will be approx 500 jobs lost, most of which will be nursing. They will not make us redundant but they will streamline and not replace staff who leave or retire. I know of several students who have qualified and have been up against 60 or 70 other applicants for a job. Every week our jobs bulletin maybe only has 1 or 2 new vacancies for nurses.
  7. suzanne7575

    Question About The Term "Sister"

    in my health board no-one is called sister anymore. The band 7 are called senior charge nurse, and the band 6 are charge nurses and registered nurses are staff nurses. My SCN hates being called 'sister'. In fact for the most part everyone is on first name terms anyway
  8. suzanne7575

    is it worth still bothering

    as you may remeber i was started on the process of moving to the states but then came the massive stumbling block of not being able to get my transcripts from my uni or anywhere, so i had kind of come to the conclusion it wasn't happening. Now all of a sudden my transcripts have appeared and I'm undecided wether to start again or just not bother with the current visa problems. I was already with an agency but had said to them that unless i could get decent transcripts i wouldn't continue as what i had the agency were usure if they would pass the visa screen, now i have what seems to be a full transcript with breakdown of hours etc. I still have a desire to move to the states and nurse there but I'm not sure i want to put my life on hold for so many years if nothing gets resolved with regards to retrogression. also i know that without going through cgfns i will never know but my transcript has that i have only done 15 hours theory in maternity, and 30 hours theory in paediatrics, but i have done 150 hours clinical maternity and 300 hours paediatric clinical so not sure if they would think that sufficient. thanks everyone
  9. suzanne7575

    question about registration

    I've been looking into emigating to canada (us now off)and understand the basic steps needed to take. I am going to apply for the registration (with BC) and was just wondering if i get approved to take the exam/get a temp license how long will that approval be valid for. so say i got the approval and we decided to hold off looking for a job and starting the visa process for a while to save some more money how much time will i have before i have to re-apply. Also is it possible to take the exam before moving out there and working as i though if it is i might think about doing that before applying for jobs and visas thanks
  10. suzanne7575

    what to do if no transcripts available

    thanks everyone At the moment because my agency uses New Mexico for licensure they are saying that they need a full set of transcripts and nothing else will do, however if i cannot get them and my agency decide they cannot help me, then it looks like i may be able to get through CES alone as i am in contact with one of my instructors who i believe has a copy of the syllabus and the breakdown of hours and she would certainly be able to verify i completed that, and alsong with my degree certificate etc. I guess I might be okay. Hopefully the NMC will have my transcripts and I will be worrying about nothing but at least if they don't i don't now feel that all is lost. I will keep you updated on my progress
  11. suzanne7575

    what to do if no transcripts available

    I am waiting for the NMC (UK BON) to see if they have a copy of the transcripts, but they don't always seem to have everyone's and i'm not sure what to do if they don't. I don't have any transcripts myself as we were never given any, all we got was our degree certificate and our nursing license.
  12. I have posted about this on the UK forum but tought i would ask here too. Basically I have been trying for 6 months to get my transcripts from my nursing course from which i qualified from in 1997. It appears my uni has misplaced them or destroyed them. I have been working with one of my old lecturers and she has said that up until 2004 all the records were kept in the nursing department but then they changed buidlings and the records were ataken away supposedly to be put on film and haven't been seen since. I am hoping the NMC will have my transcripts as apparently everything would have been sent to them when i qualified but if they have nothing can anything be done or do i have to give up on my dream of nursing in the USA, or any other country for that matter?? I am with an agency who are doing everything they can to help me but they have said that if i cannot get my full transcripts then i will not be able to proceed any further, would there possibly be anyway of getting through CES without having full transcripts sent from my school, obviously they have it on record that i trained there and can write a letter verifing this and my final grade and i have my degree certificate, and the NMC can confirm I have met requirements to become a nurse and can verify my license. Do you think that is any way around this or not Thanks
  13. suzanne7575

    Please Help - regarding getting transcripts

    what is this letter you are referring to AZhopeful? At the moment i have just requested my transcripts or any records they have relating to the hours i did in the various areas. If there are no transcripts should i be asking for some sort of letter that will take place of the transcripts???
  14. suzanne7575

    re:fingerprinting and notary

    i have had some good news, i can get my fingerprints done in Edinburgh at the police headquaters and it will cost me £30 for 2 sets. They didn't even question it like all the other police stations I have contacted.
  15. suzanne7575

    Please Help - regarding getting transcripts

    well i have contacted the NMC this morning and spoke to the lady responsible for doing transcripts. I have to put my requestin writing and she will send any information she has to me, if they have any. I am presuming that they should have something as my uni said they would have sent all my transcripts and records of hours i did to the NMC when I qualified. I also have spoken to someone in the vice chancellors office who is going to do what she can to locate my transcripts. I can't believe that i only trained 10 years ago and someone has seen fit to get rid of my records, when people who trained a lot longer before me are having no problems. I am just really worried now that the uni won't have them, and the NMC won't have them and then that is it, no USA or any other country for that matter and it's as if i don't exist and almost like i have never done my training.