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I have to write a paper on a nursing theorist and it made me wonder who is everyone's favourite nursing theorist or what theory do you find helpful in your practice or learning?

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Have you looked up any? There are a lot of different theorists out there with a variety of theories. Look for one that speaks to you.

Personally, I like Jean Watson's Caring Theory.

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My preferences tend to change with my mood. But I tend towards Swanson's Caring Theory, Benner, Meleis, Henderson, and Nightengale.

I have written a paper about Ida Orlando and the Deliberative Nursing Process.

I work psych, so I've become fond of Phil Barker's Tidal Model of Mental Health Nursing. Apparently Phil is pretty anti-psychiatry and since I'm going for my APN in psych I really want to take a different, more nurse-like stance to practice than the docs and PAs I'll be working with...I plan on ordering some of his writings and picking his brain for sure sometime between now and graduation.

I did a bit of reading on Martha Rogers, she's interesting lol. As cliche as it is I think nightingale is going to win haha.

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Benner's Novice to Expert is a leading force behind my practice.

Flo (Nightingale), Peplau, Rogers.

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Esme12 & grntea are my current favorite theorists who follow the philosophy of that sage, daytonite, which is basically: the more you know and understand, the better you will be as a nurse.

Wow! Esme! We're being mentioned in the same electron stream as Benner, Peplau, Rogers, Watson, and ... Flo? OMG, I am getting the vapors just thinking about it.


I've always been partial to Orem -- we do for people what they cannot do for themselves, until they can.

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I've always been partial to Orem -- we do for people what they cannot do for themselves, until they can.

Hi, my friend. I know Orem was the "self care" guru ... but don't forget that Henderson published her definition of nursing first -- in 1955. It was Henderson who defined nursing as doing for people what they would do for themselves if they had the knowledge, ability, etc. Her theory that included 3 levels of care based on how much a patient could do for himself was published in the early 60's, a few years before Orem. Most people forget that about Henderson as they focus on her 1955 definition of nursing and other aspects of her work.

I've always wondered about the similarity between Henderson's and Orem's theories and wonder why more people don't write about that similarity. As they were of the same generation of nursing students, I have always wondered if they were both influenced by some textbook or teacher early in their careers that caused them to view nursing in such similar ways.

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I like Watson's idea on caring moments!

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