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are there any nursing students that will be starting school soon?

by Jessica86 Jessica86 (New) New

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I start for my LPN at Everest and Im really excited about it.I had to take that HESI 3 times before I made it!

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Have you checked out the student area? They have quite a bit of activity specific to nursing school. Wishing you the best on your journey! :)

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Everest does not prepare you to take any national certification test. But they will offer you "financial aid" and make you pay it back.

They are being sued by former students, do your research.


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Me! I start the RN program in August :)


I also start an RN program at my local community college. I'm excited and nervous and I can't wait!

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I will also start Nursing School this October. I'm eager to get started because I'm an Independent Home Health Provider and my position is slowly being phased out by the state. Good luck on your journey though!

I am taking my TEAS on Tuesday but looking at a start of september for my LPN program !

I start this August.....at a community college close to my area. I am happy & excited â˜ºâ˜ºí ½í¸Š:-)

Yes!!! I start on July 8th and I am entirely nervous. I cannot wait for classes to start.

I start tomorrow at Galen I'm so nervous!

I start the LPN program at Ocvts in September. Very excited.

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My first day was yesterday. Instructor is very knowledgeable and hilarious btw. First test is Thursday :(

I start at TCAT in September, and I'm so excited/ scared to death. But ready to get this ball rolling!!

I took the TEAS V on Wed, paper version, it was overnighted to ATI and I got the results this morning. I need to take an STNA (Ohio Nursing Assitant) class for pre-req that ends on a Friday, then the LPN program starts on Monday. :p Only a few more weeks!

I started on the 8th in a 1 year LPN program! Super busy already. It's going to be a crazy year!

Is everyone doing a 1year program? Mine is actually about 9mths, we start the middle of Aug and end in May.

I start my LPN program next month (August 24th) and will be done in May. The program is 1-year. However, since I am transferring Pre-Nursing courses from another school, it's only 9 months for me.