Nursing students required to have health insurance?

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I was just reading through the paper-work I received alongside my acceptance letter into the ADN program.

It states, "Health insurance is required. If you do not have health insurance coverage, you need to apply as soon as possible, because there is usually a waiting period before coverage becomes effective. Nursing students may be eligible for coverage through NSNA. See for more info."

Yesterday I was thrilled to have gotten this letter, but today not so much. The more I read, the more fees I find, and now I am required to have health insurance? I can't afford insurance. Already, I have no clue where I am going to come up with the money for the background check, physical examination, drug tests, etc. Does anyone have experience with NSNA? I went to the website and all I could find was a membership fee of $35.00 for one year, and $70.00 for two years. I saw nothing about health insurance costs.

Any information you can give me will be helpful. The more, the better.

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Are you eligible for Medicaid? Many states are pretty generous in coverage, especially if you meet certain guidelines.

Yes most every nursing program requires you to keep a basic health insurance. Does the school offer any type of health insurance? normally most schools do. If you need help with the NSNA health insurance form I would call someone in the nursing department in your school. You also usually have to maintain liability or too, but sometimes they just include that in certain fees you have to pay, like my school does.

Most schools require proof of health insurance coverage for full time students, regardless of major. If you don't have health insurance, you're required to purchase the school's plan or they will refer you to a plan.

I'm sorry to tell you, nursing school can be very expensive, and I'm not talking about tuition.

Books ain't cheap - even if you buy online and go with an international version or buy them one edition older.

You will also need: clinical uniforms, a decent stethoscope, lab coat.. also try to find out if you have to buy your lab supplies. My program required us to buy a "nursing tote" for lab that was 110.00.

And I know it's down the road, but when graduation gets closer there will be fingerprinting ($80 for me), applying with your state board ($75) and NCLEX registration ($200, I think it varies by state).

Not to mention various other nickel-and-dime expenses, such as parking for clinicals, etc.

I'm sorry for veering from the original questions, and I don't want to discourage you, but I just want you to know what you may be in for.

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Health and Accident Insurance

NSNA members and their eligible spouse and dependents can purchase student injury

and sickness insurance provided by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources.

NSNA student insurance provides exceptional value for students and their dependents.

Plans include prescription drug coverage and continuation privilege for a period of up to

nine months after graduation if eligible. There are two options from which to choose –

both pay 80% of Usual and Customary Charges for each eligible injury or sickness up to

a lifetime maximum of $20,000 or $100,000, depending upon the option you choose.

Optional major medical coverage may also be purchased. Along with the sickness and

injury insurance program, you have toll free, 24/7 access to a team of registered nurses and

student assistance specialists to help you with health, personal, legal or financial issues.

Discounts on dental, vision and wellness services are also included with every policy.

Available in most states. Please visit or call 1-800-505-5450for more information. Available in most states.

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Health insurance was not required at my CC, but we were offered fairly cheap insurance through the school. I think it was like $100 a month and a ridiculously high deductible. I ended up getting insurance through my employer when school was almost done.

However, I just applied for an RN-BSN program and on the application it says, "Proof of health insurance required."

i had golden rule insurance through united healthcare for $34 a month. it wasn't the best but it was cheap since all i needed was to show i had it! good luck!

Like what kiszi said, nursing school is going to have a lot of here and there "bills."

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When I was in nursing school, a car was required for my community health clinical. I was turned down for for the usual financial aid I was receiving at that time (A BEOG, now known as a PELL grant), for that school year. I copied that page from my catalog that stated a had to have a car as well as prices for some other items I was required to have beyond the usual books...liability insurance, insurance for the car, uniform, shoes, stethoscope, as well as the miles I would have to drive each week ...the clinical took place in a town 60 miles away from the college--resubmitted it all and received an SEOG instead. It never hurts to ask.

i had golden rule insurance through united healthcare for $34 a month. it wasn't the best but it was cheap since all i needed was to show i had it! good luck!

Like what kiszi said, nursing school is going to have a lot of here and there "bills."

I just checked out their site and it looks like the cheapest one they have now is around $75...still good compared to some others out there! Thanks for sharing!

Edited to add: About Medicaid, in my state of NC you can only have medicaid if you have a child living with you full-time so it's not an option for me :(

Personally, at the RN program i'm about to start, we either have to provide proof of health ins or sign a waiver basically saying we don't care if we get hurt and won't sue/whatever

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Normally your college has discounted health insurance. It is a requirement of most colleges I know at least that is true in North Carolina. I would call the college and ask what they have available.

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