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  1. bunsterj

    Relocating to Minot, ND

    Taking an RN job at Trinity seems appealing, but from what I can see rental housing is slim pickens, and finding a place that would accept me and my cat is out of the question. Am I looking in the wrong areas?...Craigslist, different rental; websites, etc. It seems that most of the rentals are tied up with oil crews all they up to more than an hour away. Any suggestions on dealing with this? I'm willing to pack up my snow shovel and go, but I need a place to do to.
  2. bunsterj

    RN Refresher Programs in Virginia

    I took the GMU course in January of 2009. I thought it was a good review of med-surg info. We did our clinicals on the weekends at INOVA Fairoaks, but I think they might be doing them at INOVA Fairfax now. I think most of the people from my group that actively persued employment eventually found it. We "graduated" at one of the worst possible times. Sadly, I have not found a job...yet. I think being in a class with a group of people that are in the same boat as you is helpful, I don't think you would get that with NVCC. We also received a lot of encouragement and support from our instructor and each other.
  3. Is this residency program the same as the "Ryan Residency" that is referred to on one of their job postings?
  4. Is this residency program the same as the "Ryan Residency" that is referred to on one of their job postings?
  5. bunsterj

    Civilian Nurses at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

    I am not a civilian nurse at Walter Redd, but there is information about civilian opportunities here: Welcome to the Walter Reed Army Medical Check the top right column of the page. Walter Reed is closing in about 400 days, and services will be split between Naval Hospital Bethesda, and DeWitt at Ft. Belvior which is in the process of building a new hospital. I've been a patient there, and think it would be an excellent place to work. The staffing was good on the unit I was on (a general post surgical unit). My nurse, the floor supervisor, and the interns and docs were all great. I've also been to several of their clinics, and the staff did not seem overwhelmed. If I lived closer, I would definitely want to work there.
  6. bunsterj

    pt pass out after IM ceftriaxone inj

    My 18 yr. old son did this with a PPD skin test...not sure what the deal was as he has had plenty of injections, and has also donated blood without incident. He said "the bubble freaked (him) out." He had a bit of seizure type activity when he went down, less than 5 seconds. No one seemed concerned by that. I haven't had fainters do that--is it normal?
  7. bunsterj

    Cough - send home?

    I guess I was incorrect in assuming that the cough was as a result or a cold or the flu. If that didn't seem to be the case, I would let the parents know.
  8. bunsterj

    Are cardiology Stethoscopes harder to uses?

    I had a similar stethoscope when I first started in nursing. The one shown might be a bit lighter due to PVC vs. latex tubing, but mine was heavy...I would have liked to have kept it draped over my neck, as that's what I did in those days, but about halfway into the shift, I would get a bit swoony from it pressing on my carotids. It was too bulky to keep in a pocket (once again the PVC version might not be that way). I ended up getting a much cheaper, sleeker, and lighter model that I could easily coil up and slip into my pocket. Beware that stethoscopes can disappear in a moment if left at the desk, on the cart outside of an isolation room, etc.. Sometimes it might be actual theft, but our docs would sometimes just grab a scope laying about to check someone and walk off with it, perhaps leaving it on a different unit. Make sure it is labeled and engraved if you can. I believe a jeweler can engrave them for you.
  9. bunsterj

    Menstrual talks, tampons/pads the only option?

    There is also the Diva Cup which is made of silicone as well.
  10. bunsterj

    Cough - send home?

    If they were afebrile, not coughing up something ugly, and not coughing to the point of emesis I gave them some water and the coughing into elbow and hand washing lecture and sent them back to class. This usually didn't sit well with the sending teachers, who commonly felt that the child should go home, take some cough syrup so they will "get better", or go to the doctor for "some antibiotics." I repeatedly reinforced that antibiotics do not help colds or other viruses, cough syrup and other cold products do not cure colds..and likely don't help a cough any better than water, and that students cannot stay home for as long as they are coughing as it could last for a few weeks. I reinforce that everyone should wash/sanitize their hands frequently and keep their hands away from their mouth/nose/eyes. Every year the same teachers send students to the office with a note of "John needs to go home, he is coughing," or "John is coughing, he needs a cough drop"--we did not stock any over the counter meds, and John would need a note from his physician for any cough drops he might bring in, and would have to stay in the office while it dissolved. Never utilized a face mask.
  11. bunsterj

    IPhone, etc. applications

    I was wondering what IPhone, etc.applications for work do school nurses use besides a drug guide? Thanks
  12. bunsterj

    Do RN's need special training to read PPD tests?

    I used to give and read them all of the time. Many years ago, My doctor's office used to give you the test, then send you home with an embossed post card to return after you read your own test...the embossing represented different types of reaction, you circled the image that corresponded with "My test site looks like this."
  13. bunsterj

    Um, problem....

    Are you talking Mag Citrate, or Golytely? If it is Mag Citrate, have you iced it or tried the other flavor? We used to drop a NG or feeding tube in, confirm with x-ray, and administer it that way. Beware though, you are going to have a huge mess. Please post what worked for you.
  14. bunsterj

    CAAN Academy of Nursing LPN Program in Matteson, IL

    Coalition Of African American Nurses - Richton Park, Illinois (IL) | Company Profile This site has a phone number, perhaps it is different than the one you have. It also indicates that it has three employees...I don't know the date of the report. Illinois has a list of nursing schools, it is listed there; it is the only one without a web address. Have you looked into Prairie state or Joliet Junior College?
  15. Thanks for responding. I just figured that I wasn't looking correctly.