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nursing student in science classes vs nursing student in nursing classes


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Have you guys made many friends in nursing school? I'm not really popular at all. I used to hide that I got decent grades. Then I saw people who got good grades were respected so in the sciences I didn't hide it, I didn't gloat either, but and suddenly I had a lot of people liking me. In nursing classes....ohhhhhh nooooooooooooooo. Why is it so competitive? I mean we've all made it in the program. I didn't announce my grades but everyone asks everyone what they got!! I answered honestly at first. Then I lied. I saw a major difference. When I lied people were still friendly to me, even sympathetic. When I was honest and received a good grade, suddenly I'm informed people talked about me behind my back in a negative way.

I am a little disappointed, I wanted to be friends with everyone haha. Since we're in this program for a lot of semesters together. It's easy to think "stick to yourself anyway, you'll never see these people again when you graduate" but like when you are in the classes every week it is hard to know you are kind of unpopular!

Anyway how are your experiences with your classmates?

Some people don't know how to feel excitement for others' achievements when they compare their grades. I like to keep my score to myself. I'll just indicate that I passed the exam, and that's it.

And I'm not there to make friends. I know that it can be lonely, but I have no problem putting myself and grades first. I have made friends along the way, and they have been awesome. And if I had friends who were a distraction, I would be spending less time with them.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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I lied about my grades all the time. Especially to the know it all nosy wench who nearly got a black eye trying to eavesdrop while I was in the office getting my NLN scores.

The young gal who sat in front of me could not believe how obsessed others were with my grades until they started asking HER what I scored.

I'd either tell them a ridiculous value like 982 on an ATI. Or make up a ridiculous answer using doublespeak & mathematical jargon so they would just give up and walk away

I would not share my study guides as they were highly personalized but I would help classmates create their own if asked.

I had no desire to make friends in nursing school. Classmates ranged from an 18 year old recent HS graduate who thought she'd coast through on good looks (she did not and flunked out, took a year off to grow up and did fine later) to classmates older than my parents. And everyone in between. I'm not one to hang out in bars or clubs. I didn't have cash to waste going out to lunch daily and I study better alone. Plus I was a parent to a struggling elementary school child. Everyone had different priorities.

In a former life when I first went to college as a hard science major things were different. We praised high grades. Worked together to bust the bell curve. Were innovative and worked together towards a common goal. We weren't into the party scene but socialized in ways that worked for us. I guess very like minded in that we all attended nursing school not to make friends but to do well, graduate and become the best nurse possible

Ironically I only have contact with two former classmates, one I see occasionally and we're pleasant. The two I'm still in contact with? Both parents. Both had common outside interests. And not one of us cared for each other during nursing school but we were pleasant and respectful

I think those that go to nursing school, especially if it's a diverse classroom population, hoping to find their lifelong BFF are the most disappointed in the social aspects of nursing school.

I found that for the most part, anyone in school who displayed interest in befriending me had something of their own self interest in consideration. As far as genuine friendship, only two, and both of those friendships dissipated once the school connection was over. While I did not approach school as a place to make friends, I would not have minded it if I had found friends there. After all, that could have provided benefits going in both directions. Job leads often come from our friends. But it never bothered me that people did not go out of their way to make my acquaintance unless they wanted something from me. That is true in many aspects of life.

I'm sort of experiencing this. I'm a nerd. I own it. I got 100% on my first fundamentals exam. Only one is the class. My friend told me that she heard someone call me a know it all. I sit front and center in the classroom and I don't shy away from answering questions. And I could give a less ****. Maybe it because I'm 28 and have 2 kids. I don't have time in my life for petty jealousy.

If you want to act like that because I get good grades, then you are not worth my time, either as a friend or to be worried about what you think. Good people who will be worth your company will remain your friend regardless.

For those who don't mind it, one of the ways I actually learn is by teaching, so our friendship is mutually beneficial.

I'm guessing they know nursing students drop like flies and don't know how to handle the insecurity of not making it. I had a friend in nursing program, we used to take our hour lunch breaks together. We never asked eachother about grades or anything, although some people did.

I wouldn't worry about making friends or taking it personal. In our class the friendships didn't start until we had case studies to complete and present to class and clinical groups. By cardiac med-surg our classmates already formed groups.

quiltynurse56, LPN, LVN

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I have one good friend from nursing school. It is competitive everywhere is seems, well, the 2 I went to anyway. You would think each would want to help each other, but no, it has to be competitive. We are all there for the same goal, yet when we graduate, we do have different goals. I never understood it either.

direw0lf, BSN

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Thanks all. These replies help me see that I might have been afraid of not making it through nursing school without maybe any friends or maybe it was all something wrong with me! I mean I'm not worrying about it soooo much, but we are together a lot. I just want to make it and do this and yes help each other out! Maybe in the coming semesters I'll get some friends or maybe not. Right now I've been concentrating on the cardiac system so right now I feel like "no time for friends anyways!"

I do not share my grades with anyone other than my study buddies. From my limited experience, people in nursing school do NOT like it when someone ruins the curve (well, my instructors don't curve, but it ruins everyone else's arguments that the test was too hard or unfair. I also have a very whiny class). Also, people shouldn't be asking you what you got on a test. That's just rude. When people ask me, I simply answer, "I did well," and leave it at that. If I didn't do well, I'll say, "I wish I'd have done better."

ETA: JustBeachy brings up a great point--do not share your study materials with others. I can't tell you how many classmates have asked for my guides and flashcards, and I do not give it to them. It's usually the classmates bragging about how they haven't read any of the book yet. No. I spend hours upon hours studying and creating these things. No way I'm handing those out like candy.