Best cardiac arrhythmia resources?

  1. Hi all,

    i am going into my fourth semester this fall and am extremely nervous for both clinical, SIM and class. Last semester students and all previous students before them, said fourth semester was extremely hard and the professors are impatient, have attitudes, etc. and I've met both that truly are that way. They get so irritated when you ask questions and give you attitudes about it.

    Anywho, first 8 weeks is over cardiac like arrhythmias, cardiac diseases, etc. and disasters, spinal injuries, idk what else. Some more med-surg again I believe.

    i have about 2 weeks before classes start and I kind of reviewed normal sinus rhythm, tried to understand the EKG strip itself.

    can anyone tell me some helpful resources to prepare for fourth? For cardiac and everything else? Something free online, or some good books?

    For the arrythmias, I'd like a source that's easy to understand and starts from how to read EKG from normal rhythms, to arrythmias, and what diseases causes them, the patho, s/s, how to treat it, meds for them, nursing considerations and interventions, etc.

    I've found some sites but they're either confusing or they don't explain what causes these arrhythmias and how to treat them and the mess etc.

    also resources for the other topics I've mentioned. I'd really appreciate it!

    im also hearing impaired, and I learn visually. So any sites with good videos besides YouTube, is helpful
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    The ECG Made Incredibly Easy book helped me.
  4. by   xmilkncookiesx
    Thanks! Is it pretty detailed? Or straight to the point?
  5. by   Rose_Queen
  6. by   dianah
    I have used Acadoodle
  7. by   kaylee.
    I like 'Rapid Interpretation of EKGs'. Its an older book but the subject matter is basically timeless as ekgs have not changed fundamentally since their invention.

    It takes you from very simple to complex and breaks it down so its not intimidating. Its a must if you really want to go for a deeper understanding.
  8. by   Castiela
    When you get to the point of practicing interpreting , I highly recommend googling "skill stat ecg" it has a learning and test mode to practice real moving ecg rhythms
  9. by   mtnbiker
    Ekgs made easy, skill stat, and really take the time to understand the "p,q,r,s, and t waves and what they each represent and whats going on with the lengthening of each of these wave forms. (atria and venticles) At first I learned the rhythms graphically, because I too, learn by the visual process. It was not until I recently became a telemetry nurse, and have to monitor cardiac rhythms quickly, did I really grasp the concept of the certain rhythms and whats really going on. Understanding a 12 lead EKG is another story...At a glance I can notice ST elevation, still trying to get better at bundle branch blocks! baby steps...lifetime of learning!...keep plugging away!
  10. by   rileowski
    I would recommend professor fink's cardiac physiology playlist. I'd suggest to watch all the videos on the cardiac system for complete clarity and for a good refresher on basics, but part 3-5 is where he talks a lot about EKGs. Here is part three: CARDIAC PHYSIOLOGY; PART 3 by Professor Fink.wmv - YouTube
  11. by   hopefulRN'17
    Rapid Interpretation of EKG's, Sixth Edition: Dale Dubin: 97891291266: Books

    I highly recommend this book. My husband used it in paramedic school and passed it down to me for nursing school. =)
  12. by   hopefulRN'17
    Dale Dubin is the best!!
  13. by   chare
  14. by   bellini
    Basic Arrhythmias, by Gail Walraven. Hundreds of strips to interpret, which is what you need when you are learning.