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  1. kaylee.

    UCCS FNP Program Fall 2019

    I found out that I did not get in, and I emailed them and was told that it was becaise they are no longer accepting California residents! A friend of mine who also applied got the same response. I am bummed
  2. I didnt see the OP as "downplaying" errors... And I would argue that looking at "systems" for contributions to error--doesn't downplay the magnitude of a nurses individual responsibility. Recognizing and deeply feeling this responsibility compels us to grow. Part of that learning from mistakes” process is brought about through the sense of agency we feel as nurses for our actions--system or no system. I think the point is that when the hospitals investigate the root causes, they create better systems that prevent human error. This is a forward thinking approach that is moving away from blaming human error itself. Not much good was coming out of that. Its not system vs individual, its about looking at the way things are done--and moving forward...both from an organizational standpoint and as an individual.
  3. I read your article and there was no doubt in my mind what your message was. I started to tense up when reading some replies that seemed to miss the point. Lets face it, allnurses is can b a very punitive environment therefore no one is keen to reveal they are a fallible nurse. Heck I have searched many threads on errors and not once have I come across someone sharing an error that they did not disclose. Most stories say: "i made this error, and I reported it". But if nondisclosure never happened there would not be literature about it in healthcare. Because if someone told a story even if it conveyed they where they are ashamed that they made an error and didnt disclose, they would get replies like..."you are very questionable", "shouldnt be a nurse", etc. So dont feel bad about the blame game on here...its almost guaranteed if you show the slightest vulnerability...even if it was a story from a million years ago when you were 2 semesters into school. So I commend your article!
  4. kaylee.

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    Training style must generally correspond to the job itself. The OP suggests that its fitting to train people to "care" by showing them intentional unkindness and oppression? Harsh training is meant to toughen you up bc the nature of the job is harsh. The military trains you a certain way bc you are about to experience the hardships of war and potentially inflict harm on other humans. Its so difficult and distressing for people that you have to teach and "learn" these harsh realities or you literally will not survive. Even medicine has a correlation to a more rigid, "toughen up" style of training, bc docs have to learn to use less emotion in medical practice than they would in life. A doc needs learn to do painful things while feeling less. like communicating a terminal illness to a patient. That is a tough skill doctors must learn. In contrast, nursing requires us to use other skills in practice. Nurses must comfort the person and help them cope emotionally after the doc gives the terminal dx. We are allowed to care, and its a gift to comfort someone. Sorry, nursing is not a combat zone, and to train people to harden will disable what a nurse has to do: show compassion. We arent going to use military education to train kindergarten teachers to care for children are we? No.
  5. kaylee.

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    Honestly, dont let this OP lead you to expect this environment. I don't know what hospital the OP works at, where this is the culture, but mine is NOTHING like this. There should b a pole on this OP to see how many people have actually experienced a unit like this. This is not the common-place work tensions, this type of behavior and attitude of the op is extreme. It sounds like it would be a nightmare. I hope this is just the OP and not a common reality. Seek out a well-reputable hospital where this militant culture is NOT tolerated. I have to believe most places are not this way.
  6. kaylee.

    Sure to Get Flamed for This