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  1. kaylee.

    Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    hi! this is an old post, but if u see this, I am in the MSN pmhnp currently, I started Spring 2020. at the time I applied CA was approved, but today randomly saw that it is no longer approved! will be emailing stat but do u know if this applies to me (Spring 2020) or is it just starting as of fall 2020? thanks!
  2. kaylee.

    Does the shot mess with your DNA?

    to answer a previous question, it appears that he does believe vaccines cause autism LOL! sorry jack, but one does not get to establish whether or not they are antivax. it is a label you reveal based on what you “believe” and what u choose to read, and the kind of thinker u are. You say you believe vaccines cause autism but you are NOT an antivaxxer? you can say it over and over and over, bur it will never be true. unfortunately that ship has sailed away from reason and it has u on it.
  3. kaylee.

    My experience of trans ideology and nursing

    As a number of people stated, transgender itself is not the condition in the Dsm 5. dysphoria occurs when a person is having distress and other dysfunction as a result of NOT feeling that they are the gender they are assigned at birth. this is why a transgender person who transitions is no longer dysphoric, because they are now able to identify with the gender they feel they have. It's the un-transitioned person who may dysphoric.
  4. kaylee.

    Why Black History is Important in Nursing Education

    Well, hmm...lets see...black v white? Well white enslaved black for 250 years who then spent the next 150 years in a country that left them disadvantaged ever since. Top that off with a deep seed of racism in this country that has been present for 300 years and still exists today. So WOW! are u talking about? PS: in a thread about black history you feel the need to discuss “black vs white”. You answer your own question by posting the question.
  5. kaylee.

    I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine 😞

    “If someone reaches a conclusion NOT based on logic or reason, logic and reason are not going to talk them out of it”. -Paul Offit, the great vaccine expert and advocate. (Quote borrowed from Niel Degrass Tyson) is the earth round? Nope! Show me the data! Look at this image of the earth! It’s literally round! Its the clearest data because you can “see” it with your own eyes! Nope! I need more data! What is clearer than this? I don't know, its just not good data! OK, Here is 1000 scientific works giving you the complex science and mathematical data showing the earth is round. Well There should be at peast 1,200 science articles for it to be convincing to me grr...OK...here are 200 more articles... (After shuffling thru a few titles...) OK nope. This data is just not convincing for me. A healthy skeptic can change their views given new information. There is NO amount of science that will convince certain types of thinkers.
  6. kaylee.

    Constantly Making Mistakes

    Its important to remember though that not all mistakes are equal. I have too made little errors that in the scheme of it all do not add up to potentially harming the patient. yes, take all mistakes seriously but also use your critical thinking and put them in perspective. Like lets say I forgot to give the once a day colace due at 9 am and then realized this and gave it at noon. I would not be going into a tailspin over the actual event, because its not that big of a deal. However I would do some personal reflecting on why I forgot. Maybe I needed to improve my time management. In this way there is a path to improve yourself but with some perspective. If you made a huge deal and wrote yourself up for this the doc would just be like...um OK. Who cares.
  7. kaylee.

    Med error..... Could I lose my license?

    I Agree with this. At this point that patient is long gone and its over and he was fine. Going to the manager now will be worse because it seems like you were trying to cover it up. As sour lemon admitted, I will also be the “unethical” one and say that if this DID ever resurface say you did not realize it was q6. Odds of that happening are slim, but saying you knew would be bad. As long as you have taken stock and learned something, you can be OK with moving on.
  8. kaylee.

    pre-employment physical

    Is it considered “healed”? If so and your limb is now at full capacity, then no need to mention it, as it is not a chronic condition. That would be like listing that you had a cold once.
  9. kaylee.

    Diluting Ativan?

    It’s thick like syrup, that is why I dilute it.
  10. kaylee.

    Too early to start planning for becoming NP?

    Just an FYI to the OP: to get in to med school you will need an undergraduate degree. It’s not just prerequisites. apparently there are a handful of programs that accept students with 90 or so credits. But they are almost all 8 year programs. The 4 years of medical school then 2 of residency: add at least 2 more for you undergraduate completion.
  11. kaylee.

    Burnout, the Literature, and Understanding

    OMG thank you for saying exactly what I was about to try to articulate! Much research in the nursing literature exists that studies the CAUSES of burnout: management, work environment, etc. So if we have empiric research on the causes why would the solution be for US to cope with it! That is the problem with the whole mindfulness BS. There is actually (somewhere on the inter web) a solid critique of the “mindfulness movement” in the general workforce that it was created by business interests to get workers to decide its their problem and never to question the system that puts them in awful situations. Another great point you made was the fact that the OP’s researcher cited was from 30 years ago. Things are dramatically different now. Actually 30 years ago was a turning point: for 200 years up until 1970, basically the start of this capitalist system) real wages rose every single year across the country. People from 1770 to 1970 were realizing the American dream. Then in 1970, real wages flattened, and ever since Americans became overworked and in severe debt and profits boomed at the top. So my point is, that no, something discussing working conditions 30 years ago is not going to be the same conditions of today. Not even close. Thanks again for the great summary of the ACTUAL problem.
  12. WOW!! Did you not critically read the paper? Or did you just take WSJ’s word for it! from the PNAS: although we find no overall evidence of anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparities in fatal shootings, when focusing on different subtypes of shootings (e.g., unarmed shootings or “suicide by cop”), data are too uncertain to draw firm conclusions. ...whether a particular officer shows bias in any individual case is a different question than whether officers in general show bias. Claims of national bias in FOIS requires examining fatal force in aggregate, and not just in one incident or racial group. ....continued work on this issue will require more information about the officers, civilians, and circumstances surrounding these events. We encourage federal agencies to enforce policies that require recording information about the civilians and officers in FOIS to better understand the relationship between civilian race and police use of force. The authors clearly state that despite their findings, one cannot therefore conclude the absence of disparity. I love your claim that is hard data that somehow concludes that it is fact. you either don’t know how or you choose not to critically decipher scientific information for your own ideological agenda.
  13. kaylee.

    Non-medical friend avoiding me

    You mentioned she is a new friend, and so I am sure there are still aspects of each other’s work personally that you havent seen yet. She may be a little weird considering your sincere advice seemed to set her off and shun you for a bit. Maybe not...but the longevity is not there so you might just have to wait it out and see if reemerges. Send her a one line text saying ‘how are u’. If he doesn’t respond then oh well. I would say maybe she is an OCD germaphobe but she is cutting contact altogether so she may be passive aggressive which can be toxic in the long run.
  14. Hi, I apologize for being a ***** earlier. I was all fired up. I read the full version of the case that u provided and it makes more sense now. My arguments dont stand up too well to me anymore. Its clear that this is one of the few scenarios where BFOQ could potentially have merit but the hospital needed to have provided evidence from patients with documented issues to prove the 80% would refuse male RN. Thanks for explaining. I think this really gets at the OP’s question: which was what are the actual legal aspects of his situation. So if others choose to continue arguing they need to read some of the case linked above.
  15. Your claim flat out wrong. A hospital’s statement that most clients prefer female IS NOT a bona fide qualification for hiring. And if u took a second to actually read the legal statute u would see how this is not going to fly in court. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/29/1604.2#a_2 Thats great that You are tracking past patients gender preferences but you dont seem to grasp that past preferences do not substantiate proof for the whole of the laboring population. Here is a supreme court case of THE EXACT situation: http://www.nursinglaw.com/gender-discrimination-patient-privacy.pdfgender-discrimination-patient-privacy.pdf The hospital refused to hire a male RN on the OB unit on the grounds that “most women prefer a female RN.” This was rejected on legal grounds of discrimination. A hospital legally must accommodate If a person prefers same gender if intimate care is involved. And While a hospital can preferentially hire females, they CANNOT cannot reject males based on gender.
  16. kaylee.


    I was on reddit nurses and read this the other day, not having heard of HCA. But the opinions were pretty clear and unanimous. Check it out: https://reddit.app.link/8cgPc83OW3