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  1. mtnbiker

    PMHNP advice

    Good to know. Thank you for the input. I can understand how the FNP would be beneficial up front to get a basic medical foundation then branch off into a specialty such as mental health. I am a new RN of 2 years, I have not worked in the psych setting. My areas of interest are suicidality, forensic nursing, substance abuse, and medication assistive therapy for recovering addicts. I would like to shadow a PMHNP for a week to see what their work week and job responsibilities looks like.
  2. mtnbiker

    PMHNP advice

    I am frozen with indecision on my choice to pursue PMHNP or FNP. Are there any PMHNPs out there that could weigh in? What does your average day/patient population look like? What type of facility do you work at? Are you glad you chose this field of work?
  3. mtnbiker

    Masters in forensic nursing?

    I also was going to do the masters in forensic nursing at Aspen as well, but then thought to myself where would I work? I did a 40 hour web based SANE training for free through tribal forensic healthcare but am struggling finding a place to do the clinical training. I live in rural Northern Arizona and the only Forensic Nursing Department is in Pheonix. I believe I am changing my educational route to PMHNP so I know I can get a job with that degree. If Im going to put the money out for a masters I got to have good financial return.