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Ok, I hate this (please don't flame me, I am not complaining about my weight!) . I cannot find scrubs that fit me! I am 4 11 (barely) and around 95-100lbs (depending on the day LOL). Seems that they... Read More

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  3. by   climbingkp
    this post is a little late, but im basically the same size as you. im 4'11 (4'11 1/2 on a good day) and 95 lbs. i have such trouble finding scrubs that look nice on me that i dont swim in and that fit length. Most of the pants i still have to hem. I just use the hemming tape that you iron on. Its really quick and fool-proof. heres what i love:

    Greys Anatomy Line (size XS)

    Life Uniform Tops, the V-Neck with the empire waist wrap, this makes it more fitting and they seem to be cut shorter length, so they dont go down to your knees

    Fresh Scrubs Line

    And for my days i need to be comfortable/have PMS, am sick...etc..
    (i roll the waist 3 times, and i dont worry about hemming the bottoms, i just roll them up 3 times. they pants are a little big, but it gives me a little more moving room. i just match it up with one of my bigger scrub tops and im set to go)

    hope this helps out some, i know its not easy being so small! let me know if you have any other good brands. I also know the dickies hip flip is nice
  4. by   Ang_RN
    Seriously Dickies are made for skinny people. Even short ones.
  5. by   LilonewRN
    I tried the Grey's Anotomy brand, and they were much too big. The XS was more like a medium in some of the other brands. I like the feel of the material, but they just looked terrible! I agree Barco tends to run small and they even have a 'juniors' line, which is what I often buy for tops. Peaches tops tend to run small as well. The boot cut bottoms look nice on on shorter women, they make the legs look longer. I almost always have to take in the sides, and hem my pants. Really easy to do, just a few straight stiches with a sewing machine. I forget sometimes how little I am, until I am trying to buy clothes! :wink2:
  6. by   Hulagirl4321

    I am constantly searching for great looking scrubs! I absolutely detest sloppy scrubs! It sounds like you would really like Koi scrubs. They are tailored and run on the smaller side.

    Good luck!
  7. by   Hulagirl4321
    i also love izzy scrubs, urbane petite scrubs, and greys anatomy!
  8. by   CT Pixie
    Quote from queenbee1230
    ii found this fairly new brand of scrubs called best ever scrubs.. they are probably the most expensive but they fit way way better than any others out there!
    thanks but at price: $52.00 on sale for [color=#ff797c]$41.60 .. i'll pass!

    i started this thread a while back and finally found a few brands that fit me for my small size and short stature i found the izzy brand that fits me but i have the lady where i buy them hem them for me. (she does it for free if i buy the bottoms there, if i buy them else where she only charges me $2.50 a pair). i try to buy everything from her because she's so good to me, but she is a small store and only carries limited colors etc so i go to other bigger scrub stores for the variety of color.
  9. by   bostongirl86
    hey CT PIXIE,

    I am 5 ft and 95 lbs and have the same issue with scrubs. I see that you are from Connecticut. Any chance you live around the Danbury area? If so, which is the store that you buy the Izzy brand and get them hemmed for free? Please let me know!

  10. by   CT Pixie
    Sorry, no I am not near Danbury. I am about 10-15 minutes from New Haven.

    You might be able to get away with not hemming the Izzy brand scrub bottoms, my lady really didn't have to take too much off mine and you are an inch taller than I am.
  11. by   bostongirl86
    Thanks! I will try them out :wink2:
  12. by   Sponkie
    I just got a catalogue in the mail today from tafford uniforms ( They have xxs. I planned on giving it to my SIL who is just as petite as you. The smallest size they carry is size0: Bust 32"; Waist 23" and Hip 33"....they also come in petite inseam at 28". They have a good range of colors and a few cute patterns. Hope this helps!

  13. by   lflyew
    great website