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Currently works as a Peds CMA. Goal is to work in peds ER, well baby nursery, NICU, or be a Pediatric NP

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  1. climbingkp

    Best Lotion for cracked hands?

    I use Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa "Look Ma, New Hands" while at work. I've got everyone hooked on it. http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2257411&cp=2073258.2083087&parentPage=category Before I go to sleep tonight, I like use A&D original ointment. Some people find the smell offensive, but I don't mind it, and it's the only thing that takes care of my cracked / dry hands.
  2. climbingkp

    Sticky removal from skin! aka Today I was the patient

    baby oil / olive oil has always been helpful at getting adhesives off the skin. let a thin coating sit on the skin for a few minutes, then rub it in a gentle circular motion (rather than scrubbing/rubbing) it in. that seems to help gather the sticky stuff up into a little ball better. good luck!
  3. climbingkp

    proper documentation....and am i over-reacting?

    I stated in my first post that I am a CMA in the office. I know that faulty documentation did not cause the patient to pass out, and im in no way saying that it did. I did not make a big deal of it in front of the patient. I would never embarress a co-worker infront of another coworker or patient, because i know how awful that would feel. When I had told the mom which sites the vaccines were given in and she expressed confusion, I told her I'd get the MA to clarify. Left the room, got the MA. That's it. I talked to the supervisor without the other MA around. Like i said earlier, its easy for me to let the small stuff go, but it does become annoying. When Im the only one pulling charts for lab reports on a daily basis (and we do have a schedule for when / who should pull them), or restocking rooms...That sort of thing its a nuisance, but it has to be done. So when i see clinical errors, but its something that doesnt harm a patient or another co-work, am i supposed to 'pretend' I didnt see it? Im not trying to be a watchdog, or the tattle-tale of the office. It's tough to watch things being done incorrectly though and not say anything. And I don't feel that its my responsibility to correct the person doing the task wrong. So what do I do?
  4. climbingkp

    Short and thin..WHERE can I get scrubs that FIT?!!

    this post is a little late, but im basically the same size as you. im 4'11 (4'11 1/2 on a good day) and 95 lbs. i have such trouble finding scrubs that look nice on me that i dont swim in and that fit length. Most of the pants i still have to hem. I just use the hemming tape that you iron on. Its really quick and fool-proof. heres what i love: Greys Anatomy Line (size XS) http://www.scrubsandbeyond.com/product/brand_name_medical_scrubs/greys_anatomy_medical_scrubs/greys-anatomy-scrubs-wrap-scrub-tops.do http://www.scrubsandbeyond.com/product/brand_name_medical_scrubs/greys_anatomy_medical_scrubs/greys-anatomy-scrubs-drawstring-scrub-pants.do Life Uniform Tops, the V-Neck with the empire waist wrap, this makes it more fitting and they seem to be cut shorter length, so they dont go down to your knees :) http://lifeuniform.com/go.asp?prog=lvl3&lastprog=&pend=lvl3&mktlvl1=1000&mktlvl2=650&mktlvl3=L6613-OT&regprc=24.99&stylcolr=&stylsize=&stokid=&bestprc=&embflag=N Fresh Scrubs Line http://lifeuniform.com/go.asp?prog=lvl3&lastprog=&pend=lvl3&mktlvl1=1000&mktlvl2=671&mktlvl3=7020&regprc=22.99&stylcolr=&stylsize=&stokid=&bestprc=&embflag=N http://lifeuniform.com/go.asp?prog=lvl3&lastprog=&pend=lvl3&mktlvl1=1000&mktlvl2=671&mktlvl3=7015-IW&regprc=12.99&stylcolr=&stylsize=&stokid=&bestprc=&embflag=N And for my days i need to be comfortable/have PMS, am sick...etc.. http://www.scrubsandbeyond.com/product/brand_name_medical_scrubs/cherokee_uniforms_medical_scrubs/cherokee-workwear-scrubs-5-pocket-scrub-pants.do (i roll the waist 3 times, and i dont worry about hemming the bottoms, i just roll them up 3 times. they pants are a little big, but it gives me a little more moving room. i just match it up with one of my bigger scrub tops and im set to go) hope this helps out some, i know its not easy being so small! let me know if you have any other good brands. I also know the dickies hip flip is nice
  5. climbingkp

    proper documentation....and am i over-reacting?

    I do choose my battles wisely. It used to be hard for me to "let the small stuff go", but im now able to. When it comes to patient safety though, i go forward. Shouldnt the Back Office Supervisor be doing more supervising of us in the back office to catch errors? (and yes, everyone makes mistakes).
  6. climbingkp

    RNs- Mostly first born? Alcoholic fathers?

    Not a nurse yet... I'm the youngest, my father was an alcoholic. He passed away from the disease when i was 13 (day before his 54th birthday). father also bipolar, my mom most likely bipolar as well. parents seperated when i was 3 or 4
  7. [sorry, this is longer than i intended. i have to vent...] I feel like i have to do a lot of "reporting" at my office, and it's getting really old (its not so much reporting, but me telling the back office manager/office manager/doctors/ things that have gone awry). The doctors ALWAYS back me up when i go to them about something , and they make sure there is the appropriate follow through. The office manager...not so much. I dont think she really understands the clinical side of things. We were without a Back Office Supervisor for a few months, and just had one come back in (shes an lpn), so we have her to report things to now....But i feel like I'm constantly having to point things out to supervisors... Earlier this week one of the MA's gave a pt 3 vaccines. I was walking down the hall and saw the Doctor was in the room with the girl. She was gray and out cold. She had passed out after the MA left the room. Once the girl came to and was stable, the mom wanted to know which shots she got in which arms. I pulled her immunization record out and told her she got (shot 1) and (shot 2) and her RA and (shot 3) LA. The mom looked really confused and asked why she got stuck twice in her LA and once in her RA. I looked at her arms and sure enough, she had 2 needle sticks in her LA and one in her RA. So I asked the MA to clarify which vaccines were given and in which sites. She scribbled out on the vaccine record and changed the sites. Still 2 for the RA. I told her there were 2 sticks on the LA and please be sure of her documentation. She takes the record and changes it again.....I told all of this to the back office supervisor. i mentioned to her that she might want to talk to the MA about being careful with documentation. this MA is new with our practice...but i feel like my supervisor totally blew it off like it was nothing. she said that everyone has had documentation errors (true, but you shouldnt change..let alone SCRIBBLE... your site 3 times.). This isnt just the only problem... The list goes on... Long story long..... the back office supervisor isnt "supervising" us. Shes in one of the offices taking triage calls and doing ordering/other manager things. I understand she has a lot of things to do, and i am appreciative we have a her to do these things again. If im seeing these errors, i cant just ignore them. I'm looking out for patient safety. But if im always "tattling" on the other MA's, not only is it creating tension between the MA's that im "pointing out", but i feel like its not my job to be having to catch their errors. The doctors tell me im doing the right thing pointing out these errors, because its their license on the line. As MA's (or CMA in my case) we're working directly under the doctor...Im not sure what im supposed to do.....Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. climbingkp

    How do you address your patients?

    I use the first name when calling the patient from the waiting room, then sometimes is sweetie, buddy, or another nickname. Working in peds the options are endless :)
  9. climbingkp

    previous employee coming back to work...and im nervous

    i don't even know if its that she was more unhappy where she was. we don't know any details of why shes coming back, and i don't expect to learn any...but the insight I've gained from one of the doctors in the practice is that the owner doctor of the practice called her to come back and she more than likely named a salary which she'd come back for. i guess i'll see how things go tomorrow
  10. I work in a peds office, and we just found out that a LPN that left about 6 mths ago is coming back. All of us back office girls dont know much of how things are going to go when she comes back, other than she will be the "back office supervisor". right now we are fully staffed, so we dont know if someone is getting cut so she can have patient interaction, or if she will just do back office manager jobs. lets just say with the way the schedule looks for next week, there are way too many hands in the pot, and one MA is on vacation. The office manager have given us no information at all on how things will be. We're all going into it blind. After she (the LPN) left, i got to take over a lot of the responsibilities she had (inventorying and helping with ordering, training new back office employees, making sure drugcloset was organized, re-organizing parts of the lab, keeping the crashcart UTD....etc), but now im not going to get to do those things anymore. im going to be back to basic patient care needs, and have no responsibilities. yes, i know im "just a (certified)Medical Assistant", but thats why i'm starting school this fall for nursing. im tired of not being able to have more responsibilities, and being the low man on the totem pole. this was a good "foot in the door for me". but i need more. I think in this whole situtation what gets me the most is that she left because she was unhappy with how the office was run. Why would they willingly bring her back, knowing she was unhappy?
  11. climbingkp

    littmann classic II SE

    has anyone ordered this recently? the description says you control the bell and diaphragm modes by pressure on the chest piece rather than turning it over... Does the bell side work when used also? I'm researching stethoscopes and have heard good things about this one (and have read good reviews from other forums on this site). I work in a pediatric office, and i work with all ages and sizes from newborns to big, bulky 22 year olds. I like the smaller bell side for infants and newborns... Any feedback would be appreciated!