Poor selection of plus size scrubs

  1. I've read several posts from nurses looking for plus size scrubs, but most of those are about folks looking for 2x or 3x. I admit that I'm larger than I would like to be. I typically wear size 4X. I'm extremely frustrated that most scrub companies (even those that offer plus sizes) only go up to 3X. Can you help me find some good options in 4X please? I actually haven't worn scrubs in a long time. In my last job, I wore street clothes. But I'm starting a new job soon and the required dress code is scrubs. My experience wearing scrubs as a plus-size nurse is that they are boxy and unflattering and they rarely fit correctly. They are typically also uncomfortable. I'm looking for ultra-comfortable fabrics that stretch and tops that cover my big belly (I'm an apple shape)- like empire waist or wrap tops. I typically wear dark colors like Navy and charcoal and eggplant, but other color options would be great and maybe even some prints! Prints are also hard to come by in size 4X.
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Do you sew? I've seen some patterns for scrubs, and they're easy to make. That way you could make them as fitted as you want them and you'd have your choice of colors as well. Another alternative is to buy scrubs off the rack and have them altered. My dry cleaner does it for me for not very much money. Be sure and post if you find a really great option.
  4. by   beekee
    I'm pear shaped, but I really like dickies xtreme stretch. They go up to a 5x on amazon. There are drawstring and elastic style pants as well as a couple different styles for the tops. Tons of colors. I am not sure about patterns. Lots of pockets. Stretchy fabric. Don't fade in the wash.
  5. by   5228shamrock
    These are both great ideas. Thanks!
  6. by   37changes
    Yes, I was going to say, definitely check out Amazon. I don't know about 4x, because I wasn't looking for it, but I got a pair of my favorite wonder wink scrub pants shipped to my mother-in-law in a 3X and they are the more fitted kind. She loves them.
  7. by   heron
    Another large lady here. Check out Lydia's Uniforms and, my personal go-to source, Uniform Advantage. Both sites carry a good selection from multiple brands. Much better than Amazon.
  8. by   DowntheRiver
    Cherokee makes scrubs to 5x. They can be purchased on Amazon's website; I literally just looked and the Women's V-Neck Top is available in 4x and 5x. As for pants, are you tall? I like my pants fitted but my tops large so I used to purchase a 2x top but XL Tall bottom so my pants would ride high on my waist and cover my waist when I bent over. This is probably more of a personal choice, but if you purchase the Tall size you get more room in the crotch area. I happen to be 5'8.5 so I did not need to have my pants hemmed. Now that I've lost some weight trying to get pregnant I still wear a larger top (XL) and fitted bottom (Large T). When I was larger it was very difficult to purchase scrubs in store so I would say I purchased 90% of my scrubs online. I still do for the most part as I find it is cheaper to do so and all the scrub stores are in the city while I live in the suburbs, easily 50 minutes from the nearest shop.
  9. by   AnnieNP
    Check out Amazon.com scrubs!! They carry hundreds of brands / sizes.
  10. by   NurseCard
    I'm big and I feel your pain.

    What sucks the big one for me, is that I'm poor.
    I mean, even with my ENORMOUS nurse's salary, I can
    ill afford to pay full price for scrubs.

    I get jealous when I hear my smaller friends say "oh I
    just get all of my stuff at Goodwill".

    So... I buy most of my scrubs at Wal Mart. They go
    up to 3X which is about what I'm wearing these days...
    and they still don't typically fit right. Nor are they
    made to last. Ugh...
  11. by   inthecosmos
    Cherokee's Luxe run a bit big and are wonderful quality. Luckily, my job allows us to purchase uniforms and have them deducted from our pay.