nursing clothes, t-shirts,pants, etc

  1. I see all kinds of cute nursing related t-shirts and pants, watches and socks. I also hear a lot of nurses say "I'll never wear a t-shirt that shows I'm a nurse". I'm curious. Why is that? It seems like lots of nurses want to hide the fact that they are nurses or even related to the medical field. I worked hard for my nursing education and I actually still enjoy what I do so why all the secrecy? Anyone have any insight? Is there something I'm missing?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I do have several nursing t-shirts that I wear as night shirts. I don't advertise the fact that I'm a nurse simply because there are some real creeps out there and I am not working 24/7. There's nothing WRONG with it, just an individual choice. I admit that I did wear nursing t-shirts on the streets when I was a new nurse, but now, nope never.
  4. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I am totally cheesy when it comes to this. I have several nursing tees that I wear around the house and to the stable where I keep my horses (everyone there knows I'm a nurse). I wear them to work on casual Fridays (well, I don't wear the one that says "I'm a nurse, I'm here to save your @$$ not kiss it")

    I avoid wearing them out and about, just because I do not really enjoy conversations with strangers about my personal life. When I am shopping at the mall, leave me alone and let me shop! But, I do love the shirts!
  5. by   bratt8781
    I am a nursing student and I also think a lot of the clothes and things are cute. I will probably get some, but there is another reply that brings up a good point. I know that I also would not want to be bothered most of the time by people who want to pry into my personal life. It's too bad it has to be like this, but don't let it stop you if you really like them. I will be right there with you, because I won't be able to help myself! LOL
  6. by   terrydane
    Interesting insights. I guess it all comes down to choice.

    I admit though that if it's cute and/or funny, I would wear it in a heartbeat. Why? Because that's just who I am. I'm an outgoing person and it does not dampen my mood if some people would "try" to pry into my personal life.
  7. by   NeoNurseTX
    I had some from school but never wore them anywhere but there. I won't wear any nurse-y things in public either because 1) I don't care that you're an *insert profession here* so why would anyone care that I'm a nurse and 2) I don't want to see your foot fungus/boil/rash.
  8. by   JavaMama98
    I have never had anyone try to "pry" into my personal life when wearing a t-shirt related to nursing. I've gotten a couple of "That's cute" comments but nothing further. I've also never had anyone tell me that tey don't care that I'm a nurse nor have I ever had that thought regarding someone else's when I've seen "teacher", "therapist", or "Army" t-shirts. I like my nursing t-shirts and I'll continue wearing them. Thanks for all the responses.
  9. by   neil007evans
    Hi Im new here and wondered where to buy nursing clothes from? Any favorite or prefered shops online?
  10. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I would imagine maybe it has to do with people always asking advice? it seems like as soon as some people found out I was pursuing a nursing education I always have family and friends asking me advice, I wasn't even in nursing school yet, just pre reqs when this started.
  11. by   sharpeimom
    i wear them around the house but not shopping or places like that because there are just too many weirdos running around -- some with nurse fetishes ... <shudder> i'll play any nurse/patient game my husband might want to play (he never has, thank heaven!) but some stranger? just plain ick!

  12. by   SuesquatchRN
    Quote from neil007evans
    Hi Im new here and wondered where to buy nursing clothes from? Any favorite or prefered shops online?

    I have one tee that has a picture of a nurse hooked up to an IV with coffee. It says "night nurse." I wear it to run.

  13. by   sharpeimom and are two sites i've bought t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, etc. from.