If the shoe fits

  1. Hello my fellow nurses... my feet hurts a lot since I run, pace, brisk walk and barely sit for 12 hours.. (that's how the beast operates, so I was told) working at a trauma center is not a walk in the park lol..so just wanted to check if anybody could suggest a good pair of shoes for work.. thanks! 😊
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Whichever brand you do select, and after making absolutely 100% SURE they're comfortable, consider buying 2 pairs.

    Alternate their use - allows for aeration and better 'spring back-ability'.
  4. by   JKL33
    What kind of shoes are you currently wearing?
  5. by   adventure_rn
    It depends on your preferences. I started out with Dansko clogs, but after switching to sneakers I never looked back. Now on the rare occasion that I wear my clogs, my calves are always more sore than with sneakers.

    I've used Nike, Adidas, and Ryka, always with an added insole (the ones they come with are never cushioned or supportive enough for me). This is my favorite buyers guide.
    The Best Insoles for Running and Walking | The Sweethome

    Using quality compression socks makes a huge difference, too.

    This topic comes up all of the time on the Scrubs/Uniform/Gear forums; you can find some specific brands if you look back through the old posts.
  6. by   KeeperMom
    Every foot is different so it is really hard to give you one solid answer. For me, however, it is ALL about the socks. I wear Balega or SwiftWick socks. I wear running shoes with inserts for my high arches. I also have wide feet so not just any shoe works for me. I highly recommend going to a running store and have them watch you walk and fir you from there. You may be surprised what they put you in.

    I used to wear Danskos too but once they changed how they were made, they aren't so great anymore. Running shoes is what works best for me.
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    I wear my "retired" Brooks running shoes to work. Once I get about 250-300 running miles on them, they become work shoes.
  8. by   m0lasses
    I also changed to running shoes. I like Altras, especially the Torin, for work. I have wide feet so these work well for me. My doc suggested them years ago and I've never owned another brand of running shoe since.
  9. by   nurse2033
    Running shoes, always and forever.
  10. by   TriciaJ
    When I started working med-surg I promptly bought a pair of Danskos, because everyone else wore them. They must be good, right? Not for me. I got a plantar fasciitis from hell. I switched to New Balance with custom inserts and did a lot better. I'm not working med-surg anymore, and my current job is not nearly as foot-intensive. But years of nursing must have caught up with me because my arches have fallen and my feet ache chronically.

    My new go-to shoes are UnderArmour. I love them. My feet feel good in them all day.
  11. by   LPNgoingonRN
    I have high arches and bone spurs. Allegrias are my go-to shoe. They're the only shoes I can wear without my prescription orthotics.