1. What color are your crocs?
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  3. by   RN and Mommy
    Light pink and light blue (2 pairs)
  4. by   kyti
    navy, black, purple,[color="sandybrown"] pink and light blue!:
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  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Home pair is black. Work pair is fluorescent green, with yellow dots (from DuraPrep).
  6. by   all4schwa
    i just ordered the gold mary-jane style!!
  7. by   CityKat
    Are they comfy? I want to get some, but don't really know much about them. How many hours have you worked in them, etc? Thanks for the input
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Your best bet is to find a retailer, so you can try a pair on before you buy. This way you get a better idea of the fit you need, or if they are even the shoe for you.

    The most colors are available directly at the Crocs site, though.
  9. by   luvkitties
    Mine are off-white...I believe the color is called Pearl.

    I love my crocs! They feel like walking on pillows...I definitely want to get a few more pairs

  10. by   BeccaznRN
    I have one black pair, and I'm dying to get some more! I really want to get the yellow ones next.
  11. by   HeartsOpenWide
    We are not alowed to wear them at my school
  12. by   joyflnoyz
    Sea Blue, purple, black and red. I want a pair of green, but I don't like the lime green. I also want pink, light blue, navy, butter, khaki,

    Aww heck, I'm a color addict.

    I bought my 1st pair thru one of the uniform catalogs...wore 'em once then went to a store and bought 3 more. Color/style selection at retail stores seems to be rather limited.. the sales clerk at Dillards told me they can't keep 'em in stock
  13. by   CuriousMe
    Sea Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Bright Yellow, Sage Green and Pearl. I think red might be my next color :wink2:

    I love my Crocs....I used to be a Birkenstock die hard....but I've been converted to Crocs I've worked 12+ hours in them, and my feet didn't hurt.

  14. by   not now
    Black - no holes
    Kahki - holes on the sides
    Butter yellow - holes on top (my "yard" shoes)

    Since I'm a pink addict I'm gonna go for pink next.