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Neuro ICU, Neuro/Trauma stepdown
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all4schwa specializes in Neuro ICU, Neuro/Trauma stepdown.

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  1. all4schwa

    Spinal Cord Injuries and Turning Q2

    Rigid collar until bony cleared with films/ct, then soft collar till soft tissue clear. If they can't speak or follow commands, they'll need a flex ex film for them to clear. HOB flat and log roll only until surgical fixation and or braced, they still need turned q2 using a log roll method. Some exceptions may be transverse process fxs, or of the lumbar spine. Depends on location or severity of fx (risk of cord compression) which may he why you face conflicting orders. This is my basic understanding......
  2. all4schwa

    Does anyone else find themselves doing this...

    i was eating dinner at the bar and a LOL stumbled behind me. Instantly I was on my feet and so was she. I remember thinking that it was nurse mode, 24/7. and, I am a little compulsive about checking out peoples veins.
  3. all4schwa

    Who makes your assignments?

    We use a system that is NISS, nursing intervention scoring system which is essentially another piece of paper work. it's a long list of nursing interventions such as foley, monitor up to vent weaning yadda yadda yadda. But mostly people just poo poo the system so what we do on nights is the charge will round and verify major issues and pass around a sheet for the nurses to rate their pts on a 1-5 system. then assingments are made first according to who was there the day before and points are used to determine who gets the first admissions.
  4. all4schwa

    EPIC Computer Program

    I love it! I havent used any other computer charting systems, so I'm really just comparing it to paper charting. I love being able to access any patients chart from anywhere at anytime and by multiple people at the same time. For instance, I can look up the pt i'm getting while i'm getting report from the ER, catch up on charting while i'm waiting for transport to help me and my pt back to the floor, or pull up lab trends and xrays in the rooms to show family members. I love it!
  5. all4schwa

    Am I the only one?

    That's funny! I work 7p-7a and try to make the day I go back to work a good one. Clean, cook, do things to make the next few days smooth
  6. all4schwa

    Riddle me this

    What I find funny is how much paperwork there is for a paperless system!
  7. all4schwa

    Riddle me this

  8. all4schwa

    Riddle me this

    I work 7p-7a, and there are times that I dont get to touch that astronomical amount of charting untill 0200! And I wonder, how did I get so behind? I've been chasing my tail and am still behind, where did the last 5 hours go!!! Lucky for me, I have the notes to prove it, but it does continue to amaze me how the time flys when youre having fun!
  9. all4schwa

    My name is Tweety and I'm an Alcoholic

    Thank you Tweety. I had no idea, you continue to amaze me. Your wisdom, is invaluable and your strength considerable to be the first to step forward.
  10. all4schwa

    Nurses pushing a PCA pump for a patient?

    I was thinking something along these lines. If the pt's cognition is not enough to use a PCA, then that would be documented in your assessment. It would just take 'putting 2 and 2 together' to figure out that the pt wasnt hitting the button. The only time I hit the button for the pt is if it is totally out of the pts reach, ie. he's getting his bed changed, in transport/transfer in CT, that sort of thing. And in any instance like that I would ask the pt, 'do you want me to hit your button for you?' ....and of course, I try to premed before procedures, dsg changes, ect and have them hit the button before I move it away from them, i like to clip it to their id bracelet so it doesn't get away, always educate the family on proper use of the pca; and for my #1 pet peeve.... get them on PO meds asap!
  11. all4schwa

    12 hour shifts for students AND Med. school

    you cant just jump into a shift 2-3 hrs into it, thats not how it works in nursing. your clinicals are to prepare you for nursing in the real world, from the beginning to the end of the shift. it wouldnt be safe or smart to start your day without getting report from the previous nurse. Also, it's not fair to expect others to 'catch you up' on what's been going on both with your pts and on the unit. i'm not surprised your school wont let you around this, that's just not typical of nursing schools. and i certainly wouldn't expect an employer to flex with you. not in this profession anyway... one more thing...heart condition or not, it's not wise to be the one perceived to be receiving special attention. again, not in this culture...
  12. all4schwa

    12 hour shifts for students AND Med. school

    You are just going to have to start taking your meds when you get up, regardless of what time of day it is. Take your betablocker and then chill out before you get ready and you'll be fine. The time of the day is not what's important, apparently you've just always gotten up at 8 in the morning. I seriously doubt you would do night shift, but in the hospitals, dayshift starts at 0700 so you'd better learn to be flexible now...rather than later.
  13. all4schwa

    Told to pee in her depends

    we had a large lady that slept in an electric recliner. She would lean forward on a sturdy walker while the chair lifted, then we could ease her back down with the bedpan in place. it worked very well as there was no pivoting involved and she had the walker to help bear the weight.
  14. all4schwa

    Told to pee in her depends

    'able to lift' to assist with transfers and the situation described here are two different matters. this person needs to be assistedto the bsc with mechanical lift, and the reason that there isnt one at the facility is because it's an assisted living. if a person needs a hoyer or sara lift to transfer, then they should be in an approriate exteneded care facility. it is not excusable to force a woman to pee in her britches, nor is is right to let her go through the humiliation of a botched five person transfer.
  15. all4schwa

    All floor nurses... please help me!

    When I make the assignments for the day shift nurses before I leave in the morning, I have a pretty good idea of who is expected to be discharged that day. I take into acct that if you discharge too many, you'll get back to back admits. However, on my floor the other nurses wouldn't be sitting around and not helping with the admits...be they bloody from the ER or transfers from ICU.
  16. all4schwa

    What nursing "invention" would make you famous?

    These are both perfect, in fact, I believe we will be seeing the former in our career. You're not serious, right? crush the pills, a spoon full of applesauce makes the medicine go down. My invention? Winch at the top of the bed to crank them puppies up to the top. ...the last time I said that on this forum, I said wench my accident. And then was confused when I was told they'd have to make the bed wider to fit both the wench and the pt!! Hilarious! Still my most fav invention idea!