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I've had it. My feet hate me. After another long day in the OR they are ready to sue for divorce. I need some new shoes!! This time I'm prepared to spend some money to get a really decent... Read More

  1. by   steelcityrn
    I like S.A.S. freetime's...Come in white, black and tan. Very nice shoe. I believe they have petite, med and wide width.
  2. by   gizelda196
    I love Klogs. Dansko does not fit me ,and crocs killed my knees. I also end up going back to klogs.
  3. by   hikernurse
    Quote from Penguin67
    Danskos! Hands down! After much throbbing in the legs/calves after a shift, a friend recommended Danskos, and I've worn them for two eyars now. You can buy them online cheaper than probably in town at a store. The sizes are European, so you may want to get sized in a local store, then look online for a cheap price. Some friends have bought them on Ebay. One caveat: you need to learn how to walk in them, as they are like a ski boot, tilted downward, but with a flat overall shoe.
    I swear, though, that different style Danskos are sized differently, so make sure you try on the style you intend to buy .
  4. by   sunny261
    I have spent too much money on nursing shoes...I used to swear by SAS but then I started getting corns..ugh..I spent money on birkenstocks and I have to admit the professional crocs are the ones that never never bother my feet. I used to wear the beach crocs but the professional ones seem more sturdy. You have to be careful and replace them when the bottoms get worn cuz they can be slippery. Just an opinion from an nurse who has a pile of shoes in her closet and her crocs on her feet....
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  5. by   AMR21
    i too am in love with dansko professionals. they do take some breaking in- don't wear them to work when you get a new pair. i wore mine around for more and more time each day. actually now i'm pretty much obsessed with them.
    a bonus is that i'm a bit on the short side and i don't have to hem my scrubs anymore b/c of the little extra lift
  6. by   GadgetRN71
    Just added a pair of Nike Shox to my shoe collection-I still like my red Sanita shoes but our traumas are really starting to pick up and I need something I can move very quickly in.

    They're pricey but comfortable..I also wanted ones with primarily leather uppers, because the mesh tops aren't so nice when the blood, pee and poop starts to fly!

    Z-coils look like they'd be good for your feet, but I just know the heel spring would catch on all the tubes and plugs we have in our rooms and I'd end up on the floor. Plus, I think they're kind of ugly.
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  7. by   mimi1jb
    Ok you guys have convinced me to get the Dansko's Are they the Occupational kind? Is there a good and inexpenive web site...Im in my last semester and im paying for so many things in school its driving me into the poor house.

    Thank you in advance
  8. by   SunnyCaRN
    I can't wear Dansko's because they are too wide. Crocs are not allowed so I think I'm going to go try on the Nike Shox. This thread has been very helpful.
  9. by   jajwalker05
    Quote from suzy253
    Something like these Dansko's perhaps?
    Where can I find these??
  10. by   yousoldtheworld
    My favorite are Klogs. So comfortable, and there's a wide variety of styles.
  11. by   bettyboop_nurse
    I dont know how much you plan on spending, but I really like Zcoils. My feet feel so good when I get off of a 12 hour shift. And lets just say I am over weight. My boyfriend showed me these and its all I will wear. They are a bit $$ at $250 but so worth it. Can you put a price on your feet?? I CANT!
  12. by   heron
    Another plug for Z-Coils:

    The good:
    -The way your feet feel at the end of the day.
    -The fact that once you invest in a pair, you only have to replace the coils every year or two ... much cheaper than a whole new pair of shoes.
    -If you don't like the exposed coils, you can have them enclosed for an additional fee.

    The bad:
    -The price ... pretty high ... worth it, IMHO ... I don't work in anything else.
    -Tripping hazard unless you get the coils enclosed ... they really do catch on phone cords, power cords, etc.
    -They're heavy ... a bit like wearing steel toed boots. Not a walking issue due to the coil, but some just don't like the extra weight.

    The ugly:
    -Well, they are!

    They're not for everyone, but for those who like them, irreplaceable.
  13. by   MickyB-RN
    Quote from all4schwa
    if you like crocs, you'll love comfort clogs by allheart. i love 'em!

    My comfort clogs from allheart "squeak" while I walk, it's the most annoying noise. Did you have that trouble?