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I am just wondering if anyone while doing pre-reqs prior to Nursing school ever got discouraged. Right now I am doing A&P1 in a summer term and it is going so fast. My grade right now is a 'C' and I am getting kind of down. I am doing really well in lab, but in lecture I suck! In order to get into Nursing school I need at least a 'B'. So I am getting pretty nervous. We only have two weeks left, but 2 more lecture tests and 2 lab practicals. :eek:


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Make sure you drop before the deadline if you think you're not going to make that B. Good luck.

SOMEONE remind me next year to post warning and discourage folks from taking science classes during summer, especially condensed summer classes. LOL


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I'm in the same boat you're in, except I had to take Biol1406 because I haven't had Biology within the last 5 years. I am doing great in the lab, but I am not doing so well in lecture. We had our mid-term on Friday, I was absolutely sick to my stomache that morning(my class is from 8am-10am, lab 1pm-3pm). Monday will be the deciding factor. I was going to withdraw on Wednesday, of the first week, because the book was more than I anticipated. I got the book on Thursday, had to read the first 4 chapters by 1030am on Saturday to take the first exam. I read as much as I could by 10am and got a 40 on the exam. :eek: If my grade isn't better for the mid-term, I'm withdrawing from that class and will wait until it comes around again, or in the fall. I'm a good student, but missing the first 3 classes and falling so far behind really did it for me.

Are you going to CCCC? Have you applied for Nursing school yet?


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A&P Lectures are really tough and summer material is even tougher to retain. Unless you could develop a strategy for the next tests I would also drop and take it during the regular semester.

Most schools in my area require a "C" or better in A&P.

Good Luck and keep us posted.



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Thanks for the replies. I do have a strong 'C' on the verge of being a 'B'. It is just really starting to stress me out because we only have two weeks left. I hope to start nursing school Spring of 2003. I will have all my pre-reqs finished end of Fall 2002, as long as nothing goes wrong!:confused:


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I hear ya! I'm taking A&P II this summer and I am soooo depressed!:o It's tough cramming a 16-week course into just 8 short weeks. I don't feel like I'm learning anything and just regurgitating information!

Ask your instructor about extra credit! It can't hurt and all he/she can say is NO!:rolleyes: It's worth a shot! Especially if you are on the high end of a C. Fortunately I've already been accepted into the nursing program, so I just need to get a C in A&P II to continue, but that's a real blow to me considering I got an A in A&P I.

Good Luck to you, hang in there, and try your best - that's all you can expect - right?:)

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I took A&P II in a summer course. Boy~ was it weird!

I did make it through, only because I had enough riding on me....if I didn't, I wouldn't have gotten into nursing school!

It is hard, granted, but remember that "I can do all things thru Christ which strengthens me."

Good Luck!



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My school will not even offer A&PI or II in the summer because they know how condensed it is. I took II last semester and I barely got a B, very frustrating class, but doable.


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I agree with the other posters...if you aren't holding on to a solid B by drop-time, then drop the class. I just finished my pre-reqs and so many of my friends did not make it into their programs because they didn't have the gpa they needed-to be accepted over the other students who applied with better GPA's.


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I thought I wasn't making it either. Talk to your proffessor first. You might be doing better than you think. alot of times your teacher may be giving you a higher grade than you think. Please don't drop until you do this.

take care


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I also took A&P 1 & 2,but I took them in the regular semester,it was tough enough then with 16 weeks,I can;t imagine only 8 weeks allowed,ask your professor what you need to recieve on your next exams in order to pass,there just might be that strong possibility that you would pull through,if not you said that you would be entering the program in the fall of 2003,if your grades aren't going to be good enough then i would say to drop and then retake it in the fall,it is better to drop the class then to not pass it.I am in this fall's nursing program,after your pre-requites are done it will be a relief.Good luck and i am thinking of you.I know what you are going through.

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I took A&P 1 during fall semester and found that it was much easier since there was more time given. It also depends on the teacher!!! Good luck to you!

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