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First of all sorry for the miss spelling. Just noticed and can't figure out how to edit that part :( About 30 minutes before the end of my shift I had a CNA come to me and say "Ms. Smith's patch... Read More

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    Quote from Frankie Slade
    Nurses eat their own because most nurses are unhappy and really don't like themselves. Lets turn this around by helping each more, and being more understanding instead on being judgmental. We are all part of the human race. Let's always make it about the patient. If nurses are good to each other, then that will always be good for the patient.
    "Nurses eat their own because most nurses are unhappy and really don't like themselves"??? Jeez, who's being judgmental here? And, BTW, it is certainly not true that, if nurses are "good to each other, that will always be good the patient."
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    Nothing like re animating a 3 year old thread! I know regulations on narcotics have changed in 3 years
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    Adhesive spray will deactivate it. Use a bordered clear bandage 1 size larger and reapply it. wash hands well or you will test positive. it is absorbed thru skin and MM.
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    If there's no facility policy, read the manufacturer's direction's and go by that. The ziplock baggie is a good idea until you can get a witness to the waste if you need to replace it. CYA, dumplin'.
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    Quote from Forever Sunshine
    To prevent possible abuse.

    People are that desperate for drugs that they will use a patch thats been on someone elses skin for 3 days.
    When I was a student I did a placement with community alcohol and drug. I found out that people are that desperate for a fix they will pay for methadone that someone has had in their mouth but spat out