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  1. jeanbeth

    Work hours per week for nursing instructor?

    I had no education experience other than leading in-services in my clinical setting (LTC) when I decided to switch to education. I found an opportunity in a technical school LPN program and I love it. It is a good way to get your feet wet and gain experience as an instructor. Most require an instructor to have an MSN or to have a BSN and enroll in an MSN program. My goal was to teach in a university nursing program, but I just can't leave my LPNs. Oh, and I work 8-4:30, 5 days a week. No weekends.
  2. jeanbeth

    Touro University - Nevada DNP Program - anyone???

    trauma RUs, "If your MSN was in an area of advanced practice nursing, you will not be required to take any extra practicum hours, only the practicum hours incorporated into the standard curriculum." per their website. My MSN was not in an area of advanced practice nursing, it was in nursing administration so I had only 120 practicum hours when I entered the DNP program. Still I managed to complete this program in 1 year.
  3. jeanbeth

    Touro University - Nevada DNP Program - anyone???

    sushii, no costs for me. I just needed the sign-on by the DON of the facility.
  4. jeanbeth

    Touro University DNP

    Accredited by CCNE
  5. jeanbeth

    PhD or DNP to become Faculty?

    I went from an MSN with a specialty in Patient Administration to a DNP. I was a charge nurse in a LTC facility and was not an APRN or NP. I wanted to get into education and that's what I do today.
  6. I agree with JKL33 that "just not showing up for class is not setting a good example of professional behavior." You are a professional and should not be prohibited from modeling professional behavior for your students. I also agree with JKL that a final appeal is a good idea. Your option #1 is not fair to you or the students.
  7. jeanbeth

    BSN is a joke

    "The data need to show the organization's progress toward 80 percent of registered nurses obtaining a baccalaureate or graduate degree in nursing by 2020. An explanation should be included in the assessment narrative when data do not demonstrate progress toward this 2020 goal." From ANCC Magnet site. Sounds like they require BSN nurses. http://www.nursecredentialing.org/Magnet2016FAQ
  8. jeanbeth

    NP Career Questions

    "DNP is worthless IMHO unless you want to teach." Define worthless. It's certainly worth it to me, and has been a valuable educational and collaborative experience. Maybe you mean $$, not my end goal, although the job postings here lead me to believe I'll recoup my tuition pretty quickly.
  9. jeanbeth

    What is involved in DNP clinical?

    I'm working on my DNP and the whole point at my school is that we are attempting to bring the results of quality research into clinical practice. The research that has been carried out by others (PhDs for example) and has been peer-reviewed can sometimes take 10 years or more to be introduced into clinical practice . It requires the collaboration of facility administration, caregivers including the DONs and MDs, and the leadership of you, the DNP, to pull it all together. The practicum is basically you identifying a problem that has been researched thoroughly, with interventions that have proved empirically to be effective. You locate the research, identify a practicum site that you would like to develop a protocol for (or improve on a current protocol) or in some way bring the research to practice, develop the cooperation/collaboration/enthusiasm of the facility leadership, and go to it. Goal - improve healthcare outcomes. You spend your clinical hours with experts in your topic field, you must have a mentor who is a doctoral-prepared nurse, you collaborate with the administration (meetings, meetings), attend webinars/seminars if applicable, work with caregivers to determine how you'll implement your plan, etc. No care-giving or patient interaction and the only research I have done so far is qualitative - interviews and focus groups to see why staff thinks current protocol is not efficient /effective. I'm only a third of the way through my program but this is what I'm doing so far with my school. I hesitate to shout out the name of my school in case I got this all wrong, but this is what I've been working on since July!
  10. jeanbeth

    I Passed!!!

    Congratulations! I'm a student hoping to finish my DNP in 2018. I look forward to reading for pleasure again soon...
  11. jeanbeth

    Touro - BEWARE

    Miki, yes, it would be easy if there was such a list as you have in your state, but as I mentioned in my post my state does not publish a list. Of course it's my responsibility, thank you. I did contact my BON - they specifically state they do not accept OR reject DNP programs and recommend that applicants check for accreditation, which I did, so I knew I could work with this program. The school still lists 38 states (including my state) and DC that they accept applicants from and so other students will be wasting their time when they find out that really only applicants from 5 states will be admitted.
  12. jeanbeth

    "Smart" students make bad nurses?

    I can only speak for myself and the nurses I graduated with and currently work with. I was an A student and the work in class and even clinical rotations came easily to me. I had the book and professor right there if I had questions, but I seldom did. When I got to the floor I was unaccustomed to the non-book learning that didn't just click on first encounter. Answers had always just clicked for me. I didn't know how to ask for/search for answers or keep trying until I figured it out. I was lucky to work on the floor with a couple of former B/C students who already knew how to persist, prod, and pester (the patients, super, and MD) for more information until they understood the issues and could proceed from there. I am still learning how to do this. But that's just me.
  13. I learned that if I begin to read a thread started by Ixchel with comments by OrganizedChaos I will find myself glancing up a couple of hours later wondering where the time went. Time well spent. What a valuable support system all of you are - thank you!
  14. jeanbeth

    Let's Ban the Phrase "I'll Go Get Your Nurse"

    KatieMI - I so wish it were true that "... nurses do not cook, swipe floors and sew bandages anymore" but I just took a 2-hour training course in serving food because our LTC facility is changing to a "household" model where everyone pitches in to give the residents a more home-like environment. Next up is a training session on "throwing in load of laundry when you have time." When do the support staff get trained on doing my med-pass and assessments? You can bet that resumes are being updated and as quickly as possible. Two of six nurses on my unit have already given notice.
  15. jeanbeth

    Reapply a Fentanyl Patch?

    At our facility it comes down to payment. Insurance company won't pay for an additional patch unless there is a specific order for it. 1 patch Q72H is all that's covered if that's the MD's order.
  16. jeanbeth

    A Word to New Nurses

    Suggestion #8 needs exclamation points!! I was a new RN when I oriented with two LPNs who advised me to listen to my CNAs because they had so much valuable information for me. It was so helpful to me to watch and learn the techniques all of these women had developed after years of experience. I'm a better nurse because of it.