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jeanbeth has 8 years experience as a MSN, DNP, RN and specializes in Gerontology, Education.

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  1. I had that experience also, so I began to prepare my "responses" ahead of time. You can usually predict what issue or topic someone will include in their response and so I would prepare a rather generic idea with citation and post it like this: You make a good point, Karen, that the inclusion of ____ in your care plan will help prevent adverse reactions. In addition, you might consider...[insert response here] I seldom had a problem inserting my idea in my response to peers
  2. We are so hopeful that our BON will offer alternatives for clinical hours since our sites are closed to us. Per our NPA, LPN students can't use simulation as an alternative although RN students can. Our seniors are scheduled to graduate in mid-April and at this rate they will not have the number of clinical hours required to sit for boards. Has your state's BON offered alternatives?
  3. jeanbeth

    Work hours per week for nursing instructor?

    I had no education experience other than leading in-services in my clinical setting (LTC) when I decided to switch to education. I found an opportunity in a technical school LPN program and I love it. It is a good way to get your feet wet and gain experience as an instructor. Most require an instructor to have an MSN or to have a BSN and enroll in an MSN program. My goal was to teach in a university nursing program, but I just can't leave my LPNs. Oh, and I work 8-4:30, 5 days a week. No weekends.
  4. jeanbeth

    Touro University - Nevada DNP Program - anyone???

    trauma RUs, "If your MSN was in an area of advanced practice nursing, you will not be required to take any extra practicum hours, only the practicum hours incorporated into the standard curriculum." per their website. My MSN was not in an area of advanced practice nursing, it was in nursing administration so I had only 120 practicum hours when I entered the DNP program. Still I managed to complete this program in 1 year.
  5. jeanbeth

    Touro University - Nevada DNP Program - anyone???

    sushii, no costs for me. I just needed the sign-on by the DON of the facility.
  6. jeanbeth

    Touro University DNP

    Accredited by CCNE
  7. jeanbeth

    PhD or DNP to become Faculty?

    I went from an MSN with a specialty in Patient Administration to a DNP. I was a charge nurse in a LTC facility and was not an APRN or NP. I wanted to get into education and that's what I do today.
  8. I agree with JKL33 that "just not showing up for class is not setting a good example of professional behavior." You are a professional and should not be prohibited from modeling professional behavior for your students. I also agree with JKL that a final appeal is a good idea. Your option #1 is not fair to you or the students.
  9. jeanbeth

    Sex/Growth Ed for Middle School

    Access! Information on which sites (like CDC) are reputable if they have questions that they can't/won't ask adults. There is so much misinformation out there.
  10. jeanbeth

    RN to MSN? Can you skip the BSN?

    I had a bachelors degree in Economics when I pursued my ADN to become an RN. I went right to an RN-to-MSN program because I was in my 50s and looked ahead to a non-bedside-nursing position in 10 years or so. The cost savings of the RN-MSN program were not insignificant compared to going the RN-BSN and then MSN route. Not having a BSN did not hinder my job search at all and I am teaching nursing now (my back thanks me).
  11. jeanbeth

    Touro University DNP

    I'm in the program now, and will complete by 6/22/18 (if all goes well). It is leadership focused and I'm pretty sure you can't focus on education. I am currently a nursing instructor so most of my discussion topics and assignments focused on the clinical rotations I do with my students. Likewise my DNP project. I found it do-able with my instructor position because my hours were school hours (no double shifts or weekends). Lots of work, of course, but my DNP project was in a LTC facility so I could go there after work and compile hours around the clock. I started in July 2017 and will finish in June 2018, so you can see the appeal of this intense program. The hardest part was finding a DNP to be my project mentor in Connecticut. There are not a lot in LTC. But Touro had some suggestions if I needed them.
  12. jeanbeth

    BYOB at work?

    But it's not our job to investigate motives or accuracy. Others are required to take over that function. Mandated reporters are legally required to ensure a report is made when abuse, neglect, or at-risk situations are observed or SUSPECTED. (Elder Abuse and Neglect Reporting - Connecticut. Mandated Reporters of Child and Elder Abuse)
  13. jeanbeth

    BYOB at work?

    How many nurses are giving him a beer? How many meds is he getting that should not be mixed with alcohol? Wow! Way too many reasons to let this go unreported. CYA CYA! What if he falls? What if in the fall report a CNA reports that she let you know that he's been getting alcohol? CYA CYA! Patient safety is paramount here. If there is no MD order this should not be happening. Report this suspected unsafe practice. You are mandated to do so.
  14. jeanbeth

    What would you be in another life?

    My first career was in accounting/finance because math is beautiful to me. Nursing as a career came to me after my boys were in the NICU for 8 weeks - those nurses always looked exhausted but fulfilled. But as a teenager I was sure I'd be a translator at the UN, the US ambassador to Peru, or an NFL owner (Buffalo Bills, please).
  15. jeanbeth

    Seeking overseas nursing program contacts

    Hello - this sounds interesting and useful. I remember this sort of interaction when I was in nursing school at a community college, but it was with the ESL class at the same school. ESL students who were interested in practicing their English with nursing students signed up to meet with us and we asked similar questions. It was eye-opening for us and apparently a useful conversational experience for the ESL students. It became a popular activity.
  16. jeanbeth

    BSN is a joke

    "The data need to show the organization's progress toward 80 percent of registered nurses obtaining a baccalaureate or graduate degree in nursing by 2020. An explanation should be included in the assessment narrative when data do not demonstrate progress toward this 2020 goal." From ANCC Magnet site. Sounds like they require BSN nurses. http://www.nursecredentialing.org/Magnet2016FAQ

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