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Does anyone know Excelsior's passing rate? Just curious. tia Kelly... Read More

  1. by   jerbear315
    I appreciate any positive thoughts. I know everyone has anxiety, but I have dysautonomia. Most of my panic attacks are all 4:00 a.m. in the dead of sleep but if I stress myself out it can happen. I think everyone is right, the more support and sense of community of doing it with others will help. I just can't bear the thought of spending so much money again and feeling the pressure. I do great on my own under pressure, just when someone is staring waiting for me to screw up!

    I am currently under review and waiting for them to tell me when to start and what to take, and have talked another ex- co worker into doing it with me. So, if anyone can tell me where all the threads are for excelsior...I'll appreciate it.

  2. by   ladside
    I have an excellent connection for the CPNE when you are ready to prepare for it. She is a former Clinical Evaluator for Excelsior (17 years) and she prepares you well. I passed my CPNE on the first try! Also, I have great study tips...went through the program from start to finish in 6 months, which included 2 months of doing nothing after meeting all of the requirements but waiting for Excelsior to process the graduation paperwork and official diploma. But you have to be prepared to study hard and study fast (or at whatever pace you choose) because even though Excelsior College is a wonderful college to attend, not even they are GIVING away degrees. You will definitely earn it! Feel free to email me at lynda300@hotmail.com if you decide to go with EC and their CPNE. Good luck in any case!