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Taking my 1st ADN-BSN class. Thinking of dropping it with only 1 week left. 1st class and already a 6 to 8 page paper. A concept analysis of 1 of the following 4 words: Caring, Hope, Trust, or... Read More

  1. by   PalmHarborMom
    Quote from PMFB-RN
    *** The BSN IS easy but not worth having. At least not worth the amount of time I wasted on it.
    Maybe where you live a BSN doesn't get you much but in the area that I live there are lots of magnet hospitals which pay great. They do not hire ADN's. And have given their ADN nurses a timeline to get their BSN.

    I know that with the plethora of nursing schools popping up some have better curriculum than others. But there are great BSN programs out there.
  2. by   Tait
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    OMG! Tait's first day in class, the instructor says, "Let's begin with a little reprogramming for all you heathens" LOL.
    It definitely felt like that to start, but it all eventually made sense. I known many people who have gone the ADN-BSN-MSN and beyond route. Honestly I think the flexibility is great. Get the technical skills, work a bit, integrate the theory into practice that makes sense, then decide if you want to advance it further or not. I know my writing has definitely improved since I started my advanced degree. Patrica Benner's book through the Carnegie Foundation on nursing education change (Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Change) sees the benefit in all forms of nursing education, from ADN-diploma-BSN and states there needs to be an integration of the strengths of each program to create on cohesive path. I am excited to see where this leads in the next 10-20 years.
  3. by   chelseafm
    my BSN program had a writing requirement so every class had a paper, but almost all were research based. i would have a hard time with the topic you described
    good luck!
  4. by   Futterwacken
    I feel your pain OP. I'm currently enrolled at the local state university's ADN to BSN program. The writing does feel like alot of BS- I have to go over the vague and lengthy instructions at least four times to understand what the instructor is rambling about, but I have learned to fight fire with fire . It gets exponentially worse when your instructor is a stickler for APA.
  5. by   DoeRN
    I had a ton of papers too when I went back for my BSN. That's the worst for me and is a mild form of torture for me to write and present in front of class. I swear in my nutrition class for only 8 weeks I had to write 6 papers and present 4 in front of the class. I almost dropped the class but I was almost done with my BSN. I understand where you are coming from but I thought it will be over before I know it and I will have something useful that I can use to further my career.

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  6. by   michigansapphire
    Quote from Tait
    by the end I took away an understanding that education wasn't something I was using against other people, but in order to make my life and practice better.
    Thank you for saying this. I am tired of hiding my education light under a bushel because I don't want to upset people who seem to feel threatened by it!
  7. by   opdahlamber
    A 6-8 page paper instead of a test? Sign me up! Here I will write the paper for you. Caring: We become nurses because we care. We care abut people, we care about their health.... etc etc. Seriously? College requires you to write papers. If you can't hack it, don't go.
  8. by   Violach
    Why give up on an entire goal because of one dumb assignment? I would take a 6-8 page B.S. paper over an exam any day.
  9. by   MN-Nurse
    Get used to it. I am in an online ADN-BSN program and find that that vast majority of nursing "research" is self-aggrandizing, inferiority complex ridden, Captain Obvious drivel.

    Of course, "more research is needed on this subject."
  10. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    I have mixed feelings about this topic.

    My MSN program was laden with papers and I often found it frustrating. I entered nursing expecting to invest the bulk of my time on hard-science topics and was disappointed when I realized that nursing education is primarily a social science rather than a physical/natural science.

    The professional development classes I take, however, are much more clinical and hard-science based.

    Nursing is something of a hybrid - neither purely a hard-science nor purely a social science. The challenge for educators is to find an appropriate blend of the two.

    Of interest to me is the oft-repeated comparison made herein between nursing and other programs, considering nursing to be much more rigorous, time-intensive, and challenging than other majors. When such are made, they seem primarily made against liberal arts and social science programs... having been through BS programs in engineering and chemistry, with open-ended problems and NO MULTIPLE CHOICE exams, I can state that I found nursing to be quite the easiest course of study that I pursued - in large part *because* it was so dependent on writing social-science papers and multiple-choice tests.

    While I think it would be a mistake to abandon all of the intellectual exercise of papers such as the one described by the OP, I do think that the soft assignments are in excess and should be better balanced by more math and hard science.

    I could envision parallel baccalaureate pathways: BA vs BS with the former being more what it presently seen in BSN programs while the latter incorporated more foundational science such as that found in traditional hard-science programs.

    I'm personally of the opinion that a graduate of a BSN program should have completed the basic prerequisites of medical school.
  11. by   chevyv
    For me, it's not just the one paper; it's the 3 papers plus 2 projects! In an 8wk course! I have no idea how so many do it. Between work, family, and the amount of coursework, I'm burning out! I hate it more and more every time I sign up to take another BSN completion course. Why oh why do I have to take Womens Health? Why Physical Assessment? I've been doing physical assessments since day one at my job and also throughout the ADN program (which we had to take a similar class then as well) before passing the nclex and landing that job.
  12. by   bebbercorn
    Starting your paper is the hardest part. Sorry it's not your favorite topic, you can make it through, half of what we do in nursing school is not exactly helping prepare for the workforce... nursing dx? Seriously?
  13. by   MotherRN
    Quote from adnrnstudent
    I didn't have to do anything like this for my B.S. or MBA.

    I find no educational value in writing a 6-8 page paper on a word.

    The number 1 reason ADN students say they resist ADN-BSN is the papers, so I'm not alone. My spouse is in room now and read assignment and just said it's the dumbest assignment she's ever seen.
    Think of it as a 'creative writing' exercise. Not to date myself or anything...but 'get jiggy with it' know, loosen up. Define the word from it's dictionary definition; say what it means in different cultures; mention how it's used in literature and pop culture; find first hand quotes from famous people on what it means; etc, etc, and apply it all back to nursing. That should fill some pages. Elaborate. Yeah, it's stupid, but think of it as writing practice. If you can't, then maybe a different program is needed for you, but don't give up on the RN-BSN. I will be right there with you this fall! Best wishes!