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July 31 2017, guy fleeing police crosses median and slams into truck and dies. The truck catches fire severely burning the innocent driver, Mr. Gray, who was taken to SLC University. Police later... Read More

  1. by   Wuzzie
    Her demeanor during the incident was spot on. She was calm and professional with the police officer. She followed policy. Had she not it would have opened her up to potential charges/litigation by the patient. That officer was a total richard. You can bet your sweet bippy had he laid hands on me I would have screamed too. I hope he loses his job and his supervisor too. He lost his cool in a situation that was not and should not have been heated. and to think he carries a gun. Scary.
  2. by   Wuzzie
    Quote from RNNPICU
    Great job to her for being an advocate for the patient and ensuring the policy is adhered to. Her leadersip and attention to details and due process is amazing.
    From the article it does appear that her employer has her back, at least I hope so.

    She is right, an unconsious patient still has rights
    They'd better have her back because their lack of response during the situation was egregious. They're on very shaky ground.
  3. by   Pepper The Cat
    That is truly horrifying. Good for her for protecting her pt.
  4. by   jetsy62
    The police officer's supervisor needs some education. He is the one that instructed him to arrest her.
  5. by   Gary Mendoza
    What I'm waiting to see is if the officer is charged. Assaulting a healthcare worker in Utah is a felony. If she decides to bring a lawsuit she'll be able to make at least two claims:

    1. False arrest
    2. Assault of a healthcare worker

    I'm keeping a close eye on this situation and have already alerted travel nurses that I recommend not taking an assignment in that area because that officer is still on-duty.
  6. by   sirI
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  7. by   Pepper The Cat
    Quote from Wuzzie
    They'd better have her back because their lack of response during the situation was egregious. They're on very shaky ground.
    I thought I heard someone in the background saying that Administration was on their way in so it sounds like they were trying to support her.
  8. by   Gampopa
    I hope she sues the pants of that cop. He should be off the force.
  9. by   morte
    Quote from AtomicWoman
    I just read this story in the Washington Post and it horrified me. That nurse was doing exactly what we are all taught to do: protect the patient. She was exactly right and knew the law, unlike the police. I came to AN to express my support for her. I'd call her "my hero" (and she is), but I'll bet she would say she was just doing her job. Sister, we nurses have your back. This is an outrage!
    I believe the cops knew/know the law, they don't care. They want what they want, WHEN they want it.
  10. by   morte
    Quote from Lil Nel
    It is a complete outrage. The offending police officer has been removed from the blood collection unit (according to the Washington Post article), but he is not FIRED or even on administrative leave.

    Watching this video, it is no wonder to me why the general public doesn't trust interactions with police officers. When they rough up and arrest a nurse who is simply doing her job under the LAW, why should anybody trust the cops?

    The WP article also said the nurse hasn't decided yet as to whether or not take legal action against the Salt Lake City PD. I hope she does. This individual police officer needs to learn a lesson and get a refresher course in his job duties.
    No, he needs to be fired, arrested and prosecuted for knowing false arrest/kidnapping, along with his Lt.
  11. by   SuburbsGirl
    A few years ago, a nurse was arrested for refusing a blood draw on suspected DUI. She was arrested. The police department had to pay her $75,000.
  12. by   Wuzzie
    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I believe it will have far-reaching implications for nurses everywhere. I'm also extremely impressed with her demeanor even after. She is a wonderful representation of nursing. Officer Payne...not so much. He's an embarrassment to LEOs.
  13. by   SobreRN
    I would be not only speaking to an attorney I would want to see this officer removed from the Utah PD and charged with assault under the color of authority. He does not belong on any police force and good for this nurse standing up for her patients' rights. The patient in this case was the victim, not the perpetrator!