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Gary Mendoza specializes in Emergency Department.

Founder and owner of and "Facilities Cancellation Database" on Facebook.

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  1. One Nurse’s Approach to Discussing the COVID-19 Vaccine

    mRNA is absolutely gene therapy, unless you're saying the NIH doesn't know what they're talking about. How about respecting peoples freedom of choice instead of trying to use mandates, tricke...
  2. Quit Job and Now Accused of Abandonment

    This is a new scare tactic some agencies (Sharp Medical Staffing) and some hospitals (one of the hospitals in Guam) are using to try and use fear to make you stay because nurses are quitting in high numbers for multiple reasons (burnout, vaccine mand...
  3. Nurses are Fleeing the Hospital

    As the founder and admin of one of the largest FB groups for healthcare travelers, I have seen three major reasons why nurses are currently leaving their hospitals: 1. Covid burn-out 2. Forced Covid injections 3. Leaving a low paying s...
  4. The damn flu shot and other required immunizations

    Way to cherry pick a quote, if you had actually read my entire post you would have your answer, not going to repeat it.
  5. The damn flu shot and other required immunizations

    I don't take the flu shot and I have never been mandated to take it, I always just sign a declination and wear a mask, never had a problem. I completely disagree with Ned in that if you want to work in healthcare you do it to help protect your patien...
  6. What is the real deal with Trustaff???
  7. Cynet..good or bad?

    Check out , there are tabs at the top for different databases for your review. You can choose Facilities to read about different hospital reviews, you can choose Recruiters to read about different recruiter/agency reviews. The websit...
  8. Cynet..good or bad?

    Never heard of them. Personally, I avoid unknown agencies. I suggest finding travel nursing groups and asking for recruiter suggestions. There are even websites that have recruiter ratings / reviews if you look / ask around enough.
  9. Traveling for a PNR...

    I've never seen a traveler that worked PRN, but if they did I would imagine you would be at a huge disadvantage because you wouldn't have guaranteed hours being PRN. They would have to fill the schedule with staff first, next with full-time travelers...
  10. Traveling for a PNR...

    No guarantees with a contract either. I track traveler cancellations and a traveler can be canceled for any reason or no reason at all (shift or contract). Related to contracts, many times facilities will cancel a contract and give the reason as 'low...
  11. Expect hardest assignment, no CNAs, no lunch break?

    mtnNurse, IV skills are always nice to have, but most places I've worked the Med/Surg nurses weren't very good with IV's nor were they expected to be. Most of them would call ICU or ER for hard sticks unless they had an IV team. I wouldn't fret if yo...
  12. Low Ball Offers

    Pay for California has dropped in recent years, I let my California license lapse because it's just not worth it to me anymore. If I can't make at least $2,000 / week / net after housing costs in California I'm not interested. It seems a lot of contr...
  13. Travel Agencies to use for NYC?

    Most agencies have many of the same jobs because they all pull jobs from a 'vendor' website/database. Some agencies do have exclusive relationships with hospitals and then will 'subcontract' out the jobs they can't fill to other agencies, but the bes...
  14. Never again with Cross Country TravCorps

    I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you. There's a site where you can leave reviews for your agency and recruiter as well as that facility you worked so future travelers will be aware of the situations and make informed decisions. You can leave you...
  15. Hospitals in LA

    Kaiser has a history of treating travelers unfairly. I would say peruse Facebook for the travel nursing groups and ask around. The travel nursing world is small and we love to share our experiences.