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Hello all, I am in real need of advice so if anyone is in my same book or has had a similar issue please let me know how you resolved it. Thanks! Here goes... I recently received a DUI in June... Read More

  1. by   isotao
    Sad news for the 1000's of nurses and potential nurses in California that are arrested every year for DUI (among the total 250,000 DUI arrests statewide every year): The California Court Appeals ruled in July, 2012, that any nurse with even her first DUI conviction can have her nursing license automatically revoked by the BON. If this stands, it means that you will lose your license with no further due process from the BON, regardless of whether you hire a lawyer, etc. In my estimation, also, if this ruling stands, it means that no graduate nurse will be eligible to receive a license from the California BON is she has a DUI. On another note- if this law stands, it makes it definitive that no prospective nursing student would even consider the throught of attending nursing school with a DUI conviction, which would end the wasted time and money spent by those wondering if they graduate...WILL the BON give them a license??
  2. by   donnacarol
    I got a DUI in Dec 2009, the first semester of nursing school. When it came time to sit for the NCLEX, the BRN declined my application. The next year I went back and forth between the Board and the Attorney General's Office and finally entered into a stipulated agreement regarding the status of my license. I agreed to the conditions of probation and have to submit to random urine tests (must check-in daily), attend 1 AA meeting and 1 nurse support group a week. Probation will last 3 years.
  3. by   nursingnerd25
    How did you go back and forth with the BRN and the Attorney General's Office? I can't seem to get a hold of anyone nor find out what is going on with the status of my appeal. I sent my appeal July 5, 2012 and haven't heard a thing besides the BRN receiving my paperwork. Did you still have the specific numbers you called?
  4. by   lysosome
    Hi everyone, I would like to share a similar story I have. Long story short. I have a total of 2 DUI's. One back in 2005 and the second one in 2010, right before I started nursing school. I recently graduated in December, 2012. I knew when I applied for BON that it would take sometime for them to get back to me. I started my application in the beginning of December. I provided proof of court documents along with my rehabilitation, police report surrounding my arrest (this is a must, otherwise, the BRN would not even look at your application), two reference letters from your clinical instructors or professors or even better the director of nursing, letter of explanation explaining your a change person to support your application. The BRN received my application for licensing around mid December, from there since I had prior convictions, everything stops the process. My file got moved to Enforcement Department for evaluation and get assigned to analysis. From there, it took another 3 months for approval or denial. Today, I received a letter that my application got denied. However, if I choose to appeal. They will go ahead and let me take my license once they received my appeal letter BUT my result will not be release. In the appeal, there were 2 options to choose from. Either I choose to appeal in court or go with the alternative stipulation formative appeal. I choose to do the alternative stipulation. And I will be mailing my appeal letter this week. According to what was stated from the BON. They give me permission to take my nclex once they received that appeal letter and while everything is still in process of the attorney general.
  5. by   lysosome
    Hi guys! For those who will come across this page. This is an update from my previous post above. I sent my appeal about a week and half ago, like March 22nd. Received a mail on Monday, April 1st that they received it. Yesterday, was Thursday, April 4, 2013. I received a letter from the BRN for approval to take my board. Im so happy and excited. I scheduled to take my board at the end of this month. However, my result wont be release because it's still need to go through general attorney for alternative stipulation. I'm ok with that. Most importantly, is being able to take the board since everything is still fresh in my head. I was told it can take another few months before they can release my result to me. By then, Im hoping ill get into the new grad program. At the meantime, once I hear from the general attorney. I will keep you guys posted as to what stipulation apply to me.
  6. by   SuzieVN
    .22 is aggravated DUI in many states, which is a felony. What was your final conviction?
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    Best wishes moving forward lysosome
  8. by   Jory
    Unfortunately, I don't have any advice, because you have a recent conviction.

    All I can say is that your lawyer sucked beyond belief.
  9. by   lysosome
    Update: Today I took my board. I don't really know what to think of it. I cant say it was hard nor it was easy. I had tons of SATA. It was like every 2-3 questions I was getting it. I want to say I had at least 20-25 questions that were SATA. 5 drag and drop, 10-15 prioritizing questions, 5 to 8 on infection control, a few on medication and lastly a lot on procedures and lab values. My computer shut off at 75 questions. Since I signed the waiver for the BRN not to release my result. I'm not sure if the pearson vue trick will apply to me. Now, i have to wait until the general attorney contact me with my stipulation. Once I signed that thats when the BRN will contact me if I pass or fail. I'm praying I did pass. Now, the waiting game starts.
  10. by   Meriwhen
    Best of luck, lysosome.
  11. by   crackerjoe
    Hey, thanks so much for keeping us updated. I'm wishing nothing but the best for you! I'm in the exact same scenario, just finishing up my last semester and in communication with the BRN. Please keep letting us know how it's going!
  12. by   Sunflw37
    I feel your pain. I graduated in Dec 2012 and applied in early Jan 2013 with a DUI 0.24 :-( from 2010 on my record. All fines are paid, all classes and everything else have been completed for a while. I even got it expunged but I still got denied. Signed the waiver and took the test April 4th. Waiting on the Attorney General's office to contact me with a stipulated settlement still. I have another classmate that has been waiting since February... Sucks to not know how the test went. I got 104 questions but I feel good about it. We'll see...
  13. by   MissM.RN
    OP, 0.22? after you were sleeping too?? That tells me your bac was probably higher when you put the keys in the ignition....and you still showed extremely poor judgement by getting behind the wheel in the first place. people with that kind of judgement probably shouldn't be nurses. You and other posters can kick/scream/flame me, but that is the truth. nurses are held to a higher standard. could have killed someone. or yourself. think about that.