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  1. isotao

    LVN 4.5 years just got arrested misdemeanor DUI

    Unfortunately, this summer the CA Court of Appeals ruled that a nurse can have his nursing license revoked after conviction of a first DUI, meaning the BON does not have to accept your appeal, etc. If you don't lose your license, consider yourself having missed a bullet. CA with other states continues to resort to draconian measures. I myself have a DUI from 2010, but CA did not revoke my license- they sent me a letter of reprimand only. And my license appears as 'clear'. There seems to be a unknown cause and effect in that state that randomly decided what action to take against any nursig license? Anyway- good luck. I'd like to know your outcome, but it might take six months or longe for you to find out.
  2. It matters not at all whether or not your DUI arrest results in a conviction or not. The court side of a DUI has nothing at all do with the actions a BON will take once you are arrested for DUI, or any other crime. Once you are arrested, you have a permanent RAP sheet, that will never be cleared, regardless if you win an expungement. If you have a license, you must report your arrest to your BON. The chances are very good that your license will be revoked, or that you will be unable to pay for the various programs most BONs require after a DUI arrest (regardless if convicted or not). If you are still in school, in an increasing number of states now, a DUI arrest will prevent your BON from granting you a license. In the majority of DUI arrests, a lawyer has no bearing on your outcome, other to advise you to plea to the lesser charge levied against you (most DUI arrests incur multiple charges, in fact, to increase the likelihood of your taking a plea, as if the prosecutor has granted you some sort of a favor?). Also, if you are a student- a DUI may prevent you from attending clinicals, based on your hospital rules. DUI is the number one criminal offense now in the US, 1.5 million per year. And every year the sentences are being increasingly harsh and permanent, by the courts, by the MVDs, and by the BONs, etc.
  3. Anyone with a PC can Google your name, and find out who you are, where you work(ed), your address, school(s), etc. Not to mention the Facebook, etc. It amazes me that people still post their own photos online, and whatnot. Imagine, in 2012, that people still belive they can hide their past(s), or believe in privacy? Hmm.
  4. isotao

    Dear British "Hoaxed" Nurse:

    Obviously, this nurse had a mental or emotional underlying disorder. She had done nothing wrong on the telephone. Any nurse would provide information to what appeared to be family that had a reason to expect to be informed. Suicide is in this case is clearly an indicator of something else. It does not add up.
  5. isotao

    New Grad with recent DUI; denied licensure

    Sad news for the 1000's of nurses and potential nurses in California that are arrested every year for DUI (among the total 250,000 DUI arrests statewide every year): The California Court Appeals ruled in July, 2012, that any nurse with even her first DUI conviction can have her nursing license automatically revoked by the BON. If this stands, it means that you will lose your license with no further due process from the BON, regardless of whether you hire a lawyer, etc. In my estimation, also, if this ruling stands, it means that no graduate nurse will be eligible to receive a license from the California BON is she has a DUI. On another note- if this law stands, it makes it definitive that no prospective nursing student would even consider the throught of attending nursing school with a DUI conviction, which would end the wasted time and money spent by those wondering if they graduate...WILL the BON give them a license??
  6. isotao

    Background Checks

    Since you were arrested, you were fingerprinted, and now have a permanent criminal file (RAP sheet) that is available in scores of internet locations. It doesn't matter at all the outcome, whether you were acquitted or convicted. Your arrest is a serious issue you will always have to confront, and it is available to anyone with anyone basic search, so the question is...do you admit upfront that you were arrested for DV? Tough call, since DV can preclude being employed at many types of health care facilities. You can obtain your own RAP sheet through the FBI, to determine IF your arrest was recorded. You can also go to nursys.com to see if your arrest has been recorded by a BON, and to hrs.com (search for The Date bank) to see if you have been recorded as not eligible to be employed in certain government funded health care facilities based on a complaint, or on a criminal record. There are also many other sites out there that employers use to determine backgrounds. And, alas- even if you can expunge your arrest record? You'll always to have declare that arrest to most future employers.
  7. isotao

    My success story. California brn with a dui.

    Unfortunately, the Appeals Court of California just this summer (2012) has ruled that a nurse can have her license revoked automatically upon conviction of even her first time DUI offense. The ramifications of this can't be under estimated. It means that you have lost your right to appeal to the BON, in effect- due process has been further eliminated. Naturally, if a license can now be revoked automatically, the chance of GETTING a license from the BON with a DUI has been essentially eliminated. An obvious benefit to the state is that they can drastically reduce the staff in the BON, since revocations will be automatic, eliminating the huge amount of BON staff required to process appeals from the thousands of nurses that receive DUIs every year. But we'll have to wait to see how this ruling becomes either challenged or enforced. (Also, in California- another body had made the determination that a teacher can have his certification (his livelihood) revoked also for a DUI.